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Okay, so today we celebrated the boyo’s un-birthday (Tuesday is the big 1-0) at Busch Gardens, and I swear to fucking god I am never going back there, it’s the Big 2 parks or bust from here on out, what the hell was that customer service nightmare oh my god, BUT!

The good things:

1. The kids loved the giant climbing jungle gym things.

2. They were excited to see the gorillas–like, Scott, Z and youngest niece vaulted the stadium seating to get down to see the gorillas as they came into the enclosure.

3. The boy rode his first upside-down roller coaster.*

4. The bird feeding was over for the day, which was very disappointing for everyone. But we came back a little later in the day, and everyone got a bird that landed on them. The boy had a bird come over and tweet at him, and then had a bird buddy on his arm for a good three minutes.

5. Saw rhinos and a hippo up close.

6. The kid won a lot of stuffed animals.

7. I got to ride Kumba with the husband. It’s been years since I’ve ridden it and I do love that coaster.

8. After the giant jackass Dippin Dots vendor was a jackass, I found a Dippin Dots kiosk staffed by a nice guy who I’m pretty sure gave me a free bottle of water.

9. At lunch, Scott and I randomly decided to eat outside because it was quieter, and we chose the right patio because we sat down and looked over to find the giraffes and zebras off in the distance, wandering and eating. Also saw an emu or ostrich or cassowary or some kind of big deadly bird.

*It was Cheetah Run and he says he’s never going on another upside-down coaster ever again, but he went.

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