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Well, just like four years ago, I will be spending the daylight hours trying to ignore the election (I voted last Wednesday), and the evening hours obsessively refreshing FiveThirtyEight and, I dunno, maybe NPR. (After the Supreme Court health care decision debacle, I don't trust CNN to not call the election for the Green Party at 8:30pm.)

The differences are, this year I'll be at work until 9, so the obsessive refreshing won't be for as long, and this year the Zweeble not only knows there's an election, he has a preference in it.

Vote, vote, vote, y'all! The Zweeble compels you!
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So apparently the Russian government is DDoSing LiveJournal?

Well, hell, man, now I'm definitely not going anywhere! Bite me, anti-freedom of speech jerkwads!

I will, however, be backing up my journal as soon as the stupid site will let me. :)
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So today's NY Times has a headline: "Israel Faces Deepening Tensions With Turkey Over Raid, and Bond With U.S. Frays."

And it made me wonder--you know, the President's got a lot of stuff going on right now, the biggest being the oil spill, and while usually President Obama strikes me as being pretty cool-headed, how much of that fraying bond is due to just one more damn thing to have to deal with?

I mean, I know I'm a lot more likely to snap at my husband or my kid when I'm feeling stressed at work and the house is a mess and the computer is glitchy and my car is acting up. So how many strained alliances come from the President (or their heads of state, I mean, it can't be fun to be the head of Israel right now--or ever--and I'm sure Tony Blair had his moments) just hitting that point of total, "Really? Seriously?" irritation.

Both of the George Bushes seemed like the types to get irritated and snippy. President Obama seems like the type to speak to you really reasonably, but you'd know he was holding his temper in check and you'd be kind of freaked out. Clinton ... I have no idea. Maybe he'd yell?

I am so not a political pundit, but there you are. :)
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The President has made a few revision notes on a speech.

Obviously, I love this. But I have two words for the President's speech writers: double spacing. Seriously. Make all your lives easier.
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I was telling Scott the other day that the sheer depth of Pat Robertson's stupidity and narrow-minded evil spouting has lost its power to surprise me (this is Pat Robertson, he's been like this for years), but it is still mind-boggling.

This is just beautiful, and mind-boggling in the whole other direction.
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via BoingBoing:

"As president, I believe that robotics can inspire young people to pursue science and engineering. And I also want to keep an eye on those robots in case they try anything." --Barack Obama, speaking to Washington D.C. schoolkids on Monday as part of his science education initiative.

Okay, that's cool, but I'm still waiting for Federal and State Zombie Contingency Plans.
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Multitasking is not a good idea.

Because when I pick up the phone and say "Hello?" I do expect you to take a minute, and probably another "Hello" from me before you respond. I find it annoying, but then, I find telephone solicitors annoying, and this is one of the reasons why.

I do not, however, expect to hear you say, "Thanks, 'bye," to someone else, followed by scrabbling noises and, in response to my third, now very annoyed, "Hello," to be told "Hang on."

I'm sorry, hang on? You called me, you dumbass, and I don't know who you are! If my husband called, he could do that sort of thing--he's my husband, I know him, he gets some slack. You aren't anyone I actually want to talk to, you get no slack!

So I said, "No, I won't, you called me, and I don't know you," and I hung up.

(You're asking why I picked up in the first place, aren't you? It's because the last one of these was from Newt Gingrich's people, and I take an absurd amount of joy from telling them I'm a Democrat.)
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I have no idea if I'll be able to watch the inauguration tomorrow. The Zweeble had a very rough election night, so I spent that crouched over the laptop in the dark; I don't know how he'll be after an extended stay at his grandmother's, so ... I will either witness history tomorrow while folding laundry, or I'll half-hear it from the Zweeble's bedroom while playing with trucks. I suppose either will be a good story later on.

Barack Obama seems like the sort of person I've wanted as a President. Service-oriented, smart, and a bit of a geek. (Apparently he likes comics! We have a fanboy in the White House!) I hope it turns out he is all those things (especially the comics fan part). I hope we're headed somewhere good. And I hope we get at least a glimmer of that somewhere soon. It can be off in the distance, that's okay, but just let me see where we're going?

And because I am who I am--hey, new President on Tuesday, new Lost on Wednesday. And we better be headed somwhere good on Lost, too. Angsty and weird and creepy kind of good, though, which is not the same sort of good I want for the country. Though a glimmer of where the show is going would also be welcome. As would shirtless Sayid. :)
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The Zweeble was having a rough night last night, so I was huddling in my bedroom, next to my sleeping husband, refreshing CNN, the NY Times, Making Light, and Fivethirtyeight. Hoping, but cautious.

At 11:01, I refreshed CNN and suddenly the entire West Coast was blue, and I just ... sat there. Hands to my face. Thinking, Oh, wow. Look at us go. And also, Bruce Schneier was right--everyone was just waiting until the west coast polls closed to call it.

Then the baby was crying again, so I shut it all down and got him situated, and went to bed. And then this morning, I got up and found out that Florida went for Obama.

Amendment 2 went through. So did Prop. 8, in California. That sucks. That makes me angry and sad.

But ... I have more pride in my country right now than I have in years. I look at our President-elect, and I look forward to voting to repeal those stupid amendments. Because it'll happen. Today I'm sure of it.
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I voted Friday, so I am doing my best not to pay much attention to Election Day until sometime tonight when the polls start to close and results start coming in. An 18-month-old who didn't sleep long enough this morning is an excellent distraction, let me tell you. It's insane how much difference one hour more or less of sleep makes in this kid.

Not much else happening here--I need to figure out if I'm going to fold laundry now or later.
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Took about an hour and fifteen minutes to vote, from the time I got in line until I walked out the door with my sticker. I stood in line next to this older gentleman (I was one of the youngest people in the line, aside from the baby in a stroller ahead of me), and we'd been chatting about polling places and voting in general off and on--I mostly read my book, and he really didn't seem too bothered not to chat--oh, and we both enjoyed the drama that ensued when they moved the line.*** So we're finally at the front of the line, then glance to the left, where the bulk of the line is, and then down the street, and then back along to the parking lot, and around the other side of the building ...

Holy cats, that's a lot of damn people on a Friday morning, waiting in line to vote!

I said, kind of without thinking, "You know, the wait time is a little annoying, but it's pretty awesome that this many people want to vote." And the two people in front of me, the guy next to me, and the three people behind us all agreed with me. :)

My quote of the day, though, came when we were inside the building, waiting to get our IDs scanned, and my friend from the line started inspecting the posters on the walls.

"I didn't know I had a voter's bill of rights," he said. "I thought the first one pretty much covered that."

***They shifted us so that we weren't blocking the entrance to the sleep clinic that's in the same building. But they wound up with two lines--twelve people were on the left side of the door to the polling place, and the rest of the line was to the right, then curving around along the access road back past the entrances. Which was fine with everyone, because we all knew the twelve people had been at the head of the line before, but then six or seven people got in line behind them. And this lady calls out, "Hey! We have line cutters!" So this little old dude, who was a volunteer polling person, had to shoo those people to the back of the line, at which point half of our line applauded. In the midst of this, the guy next to me asked, "You think there'll be a riot?"
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from a bunch of the writers on my Friends List:

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage/relationship (or if you think you might be someday), and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

Anyone who wants to get married, ought to be able to. And their marriages, like any other, won't have any effect on mine--well, if I got invited to the wedding, it'd be a nice night out and those are always good for the relationship, but harm? Not so much.
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I got my sample ballot the other day, and I did not know that we had one of those "define marriage as between a man and a woman" amendments on the ballot.

I am beyond outraged. Not surprised in the least, mind you, this is the state where gay couples can be foster parents for however long a kid needs them, but can't legally adopt those kids. Apparently adoption papers transfer the gay cooties or something. I'm surprised we haven't had to vote on this already, but that's as far as the shock goes.

There are so many reasons I'm voting NO YOU MORONS! on this one. The obvious one is--hello? If you want to get married, you ought to be able to. I'd like all my friends to have the opportunity to join me in my tax breaks.

Of course, the bright side to this is that [ profile] dealio actually has to vote, now. HA!

The other thing that ... is it disturbing? Maybe? Well, it's disquieting for sure--that is the one amendment that I did not have to look up to understand. The language on all the others is extremely confusing (Amendment 1 actually reads as though it's proposing the opposite of what it's actually supposed to do), but that one? Clear as freaking crystal.
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According to, Obama's pulled ahead in Florida (among some other states). I don't remember the last time my state was even remotely leaning toward a Democrat on a presidential race. Did Florida ever go for Bill Clinton? I don't recall, probably because I was living out of state both times he ran.

There's a month to go. We'll see what happens. I need to find out about early voting, because I don't want to try wrangling the Zweeble on Election Day.

And I'm trying to find out about the gas shortage, since we're planning on driving to NC this weekend. GAH!
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So I followed a link to Things Younger Than John McCain and started kinda giggling, then sort of boggling (the ZIP code system? Really? Penecillin?!), and then I hit May 20th, read the first sentence of the entry, and had a shocking realization ...

My father is younger than John McCain.

([ profile] doggiesushi is now laughing.)

You have to understand, my father is old. He was the oldest parent out of all my friends' parents, except for John's (and his folks and my father were around the same age). It's been a running gag for most of my life that my father is older than everything besides rocks and dirt.

And yet, he's younger than John McCain. Dad may know what George Washington sounded like, but apparently John McCain remembers Good Queen Bess. :)
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Today the Lilo & Stitch cartoon crossed over with Kim Possible. Rufus apparently looks like Experiment 602. Not nearly as cool as it should have been, but I do have a favorite line: "Of course he's naked, he's a naked mole rat!"

In other news, I got a postcard from my state senator wishing me a very happy birthday. Instead of feeling cared for, I actually feel creeped out in a very 1984/Brazil sort of way. Am I the only person who feels this is a bit of a privacy violation? I admit, I have hermit-on-the-mountain tendencies. Of course, add my suspicion of politicians in general (really, suspicion of politicians is the *actual* mark of a True American) to this and I can add "cynically *and* poorly manipulated" to "creeped out."

Still no sign of the disco ball Roll-A-Round, and I emptied the entire toy box. Tonight I'll have to check under the seats of the car.
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In honor of all the people I know who use one hand as a map to show where they grew up, and Via Making Light, I present:

Michigan Democrats for Romney.

And, come on, no "Mitt" puns? How wrong.


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