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Birthday sleepover tomorrow — baking cupcakes and dyeing eggs with two 7 year old boys.

Chuck E Cheese birthday party Saturday. Loud, but with bonus I-don’t-have-to-do-anything. And Guitar Hero!

Easter on Sunday. Egg hunt!

Oh, and did I mention that he lost his first tooth today? He totally lost his first tooth today.

That’s Laura with an A, committee people.  I hope this award comes with cash.

(side note: the number of adults coming to this party is hilarious. Video games, man.  Just saying, there’s a siren song going on here.)

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(this is also over on the WP blog, just FYI)

So the reason I sort of fell off the blog over Christmas was that, about three days after I went on break [1] , I got sick.  I got nobody else sick, so I figure it was allergies, but still.  Tired, sore throat, gunk galore out my nasal cavities ... blech.  I managed to take the boy to the best-friend-in-law's Peter Pan [2], finish up all the Christmas shopping, and survive the holidays [3] ... but I was tired and living on Mucinex and Alka-Seltzer sinus.

I started feeling better the Saturday before I had to go back to work, though that gave me about four days.

Now, I had heard about Unfuck Your Habitat before, but I'd never really checked it out.  But earlier in the week, a friend had posted one of those "Things To Make Your Life Easier" memes on Facebook--you know, use nail polish on your keys so you know which is which, cord labels made out a bread ties--and once again, I saw vertical folding.  My dresser was a freaking disaster, I'd just gotten a bunch of new t-shirts and funky socks for Christmas, it was not looking promising ... so I'd thought, why not? There be photos below! )

I like the whole 'system,' thus far.  I dig the swearing--it's like cleaning a la Quentin Tarantino!--and the snarkiness of the blog, and I like feeling that it's something I can maybe maintain ('resetting' the house sounds so much more do-able than 'cleaning' every damn day, and I think it's making it easier on the husband, too).  I also like the 20/10s.  Because I sometimes feel overwhelmed and sort of defeated before I begin (like, when I look at the filing? Or the after-Xmas closet?), but this gives me a structure.

In the end, I'm hoping once the major unfucking is done, the resets will not take up a whole lot of time.  And when, inevitably in a house with an elementary-school-age child and a parent who works in a library, we all go down with the plague again and the house devolves into chaos and despair, I'll have the 20/10s and the app and the blog to fall back on.

We shall see how well it works.  So far so good.

Oh, and yes, I am totally doing paperless billing now.

[1] College library day job; I get Winter Break.

[2] David costumed it--steampunk Peter Pan!  Hook and the pirates basically stole the show, though Peter and Tiger Lily were excellent as well.  The boy loved it; it was a very late night for him, and he was desperately trying to stay awake through intermission, but he refused to fall asleep until he found out how it ended.

[3]  I hate the holidays.  I just do.  I spent a lot of my life trying to deny it, and I always ended up feeling like utter hell once they were over.  When I finally admitted it (in a hysterical monologue in the car to my husband about eleven years ago) and gave up on trying to enjoy them ... I started actually enjoying them a lot more.  I don't try to Scrooge on anyone else's enjoyment of them; I will not Grinch your holiday party.  I just want to peacefully hate getting out the decorations and ignore most of the specials on TV while debating whether a hockey stick or a cattle prod might be more effective in the damn store two days before Christmas.
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I have a lot of things I have to do this week, and today, and I am not sure how I will get them all done. (But we have been here before, many times, so I am not as panic-stricken as I could be at the prospect of All! Consuming! Work!)

One thing at a time. And a to-do list.

I also got my hair layered and made shaggy yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I had Delirium hair.
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All right, Christmas decorations are down. The rest of the day:

1. Put living room back together

2. Install and fill pet net

3. Put Z. room back together

4. Clean kitchen up

5. Work prep for tomorrow

6. Laundry throughout the day

But first, a soda and a round of Echo Bazaar.
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Well, Happy New Year.

Am I awake because of some raucous New Year's partying? Nope, just insominia, which has been an issue for me this week. So instead of lying in bed while my brain spins, I am puttering on the web and noticing how much I need to clean my office.

I was very apprehensive about 2010, because 2009 was, overall, one of the worst years ever. (Years with 9s, man--1989, 1999, and 2009. All hard ones.) But 2010 turned out really well--we got to do all the travel we wanted to do, and we got the Zweeble's adenoids fixed. The surgery and aftermath was really nasty, but it was so worth it; he is in much better shape right now than he was this time last year. Preschool was begun, and I think that's been good for him. I sold a story that I didn't even expect to write. We got to see Erin, which was another unexpected thing. Really, looking at it, 2010 was the year of Seriously Planned Fun and Unexpected Good Things.

I could have done with less money stress, and Scott's work could have been better; less stupid in general would have been nice. But really, I'm sure even Bill and Melinda Gates have money stress of some kind ("Dear god, which charitable organization should we donate to?!"), and Scott's work could always be better, and as Frank Zappa told us, stupidity is a basic building block of the universe, like hydrogen. Having those as my big problems from 2010 is not so bad.

I feel my usual trepidation about 2011. Look, I am not a chipper, optimistic person by nature. New years and birthdays, to me, mean looking at the crap I haven't managed to accomplish yet and facing a giant, yawning mass of Dark Unknown. What fetid horrors await me in the next twelve months? Will I survive with my sanity intact? Hell, will I make it through this year with all of my body parts intact (with me, you really never know, and that's not a joke. Well, it is, but it's a joke with a serious ring of truth to it)?


It's not a year that ends with a 9. And I've survived all those years that end with 9s. And this year has taught me that not all unexpected things are bad. Even 2009 had its good unexpected moments.

Still, it would be unfair to expect 2011 to outdo 2010. It might even be unfair to expect it to match up to 2010. So, 2011, I am going to give you the same set of expectations as 2010: just don't be 2009, and we will be good. If it takes you a month or so to get into a groove, that's okay--just get into it.

Happy New Year, y'all. May your 2011 have some peace in it, some good chaos, love, friends, and something unexpected and delightful.


Dec. 16th, 2009 08:31 am
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Lots to do this morning, and today:

Xmas shopping
find the boyo a pair of sneakers that fit
music class
buy milk
get an anniversary card (yes, [ profile] dealio, that's a reminder
make stroganoff
clean the kitchen
clean the Zweeble's lair
fold laundry
get ready and go to the Evil Empire's Christmas party

I am not entirely sure I will get all of this done. Plus, I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It could be allergies triggered by the cold front that's apparently on its way, or it could be the start of a cold. I'm leaning toward allergies right now, but I'm going to start the Airborne, just in case.

Oh, and I made myself a little iGoogle homepage last night, and they have comics themes! And by that, I mean actual comic book comics--one of which is Owly! The Zweeb loves Owly, and so do I, so my current hompage theme is Owly. Rock!

Dear 2009,

Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:48 pm
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I cannot WAIT until you are over.

I've never in my life had a year that just sucked overall, but here you are. We're on the fourth Zweeble-cold, the third death in the family, I have yet to surface from all the bloody work prep that started back in March ... Jesus on crutches.

Look, if you're going to have a tantrum, go over there and have it by spring of 1989 and winter of 2004-2005. Because I don't want to hear it.


At least my checkbook is finally balanced. I have that. Well, really, there are good things that have happened this year, it's just that on the whole it's been stressful and sucktastic and I'll be glad when it's over.
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Scott is back at work today, so the wild and wacky rollercoaster that has been life for just shy of a month is now rolling back to the loading platform.

Now I have to clean the kitchen, which slid quickly toward pit-hood while Scott was on vacation, finish our mountain of laundry, and get caught up on things like buying birthday presents and e-mail.

This morning the Zweeble said, very softly (and trying to work out the big word), "I think Daddy is the wonderfulest man in the whole world. And you are the wonderfulest lady, Mommy." Of course, he was also calling us Scott and Laura for most of the morning, so the sweetness is mitigated. :)

Off to the pit. Wish me luck. If you don't hear from me in two days, just burn the place and sow the ground with salt.

to do

Jun. 12th, 2009 08:27 am
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Once more unto the breach:

1. Clean Z's bathroom (I am about done with this potty-chair theory)

2. Clean kitchen

3. Pack Z for Grammie's

4. fold laundry and put away

5. work 1

6. work 2

7. clean house

Okay, let's see how far we get.
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If I ever schedule a dental appointment, a school meeting, a doctor's appointment, and a dermatologist appointment all in one week, before the Zweeble is in school, again ... just don't let me. I'm only on the third one and I'm ready to kill myself.

The dermatologist is Saturday, though, so that ought to be a little easier.

Ugh. Okay. Here I go. Once more unto the breach. Over the top, boys, nobody lives forever!
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1. It took me a week, but the office is finally re-organized and put together (except for the desktop, see below), the filing cabinet is filled (but has room for more stuff), and my art is on the walls ... and the whole room feels cozier. I still have the huge blank wall over the desk to do something with--I think I shall collect things, frame them, and make a semi-collage. I used to (back in high school and college) fill the area over my desk with postcards and pictures I liked; it was just all this stuff to inspire me and make me happy. This would be the adult, less-chaotic version of that.

2. The Zweeble is with his grandparents this weekend, so we took our iMac in for repair. "It's been acting all kinds of crazy," as the tech dude said. Apparently we've been doing the repair permissions/disk thing wrong, and there may be some hardware problems. This will be the last repair of the iMac. I've had that stupid thing in the shop way too often. The perils of buying the first generation of anything, I guess. So if it goes belly-up again, we'll be a laptop family until the Zweeble needs a computer for homework.

3. We attempted to buy Lego Batman, because we were under the assumption that it came out this week, which it did not. (September! Can you beleive that? I suppose they got Lego Indiana Jones out in time for the new Indy movie, and Dark Knight is really [maybe, I wouldn't know, see below] too dark for a Lego tie-in, but come on!) Then we tried to go and see Dark Knight, and the sound was so sucktastic we left and demanded our money back. We could hear the music and background stuff just fine, but all the dialogue sounded like it was being said inside a tin can. If all the previews and the commercials hadn't sounded the same way, I might have assumed it was just some sort of artistic choice, but ... yeah. Ow.

Anyway, we got our money back and will head out tomorrow to see the movie.

4. Watchmen. Probably not going to go see it. I don't think Alan Moore translates well to the screen, and while I'm sure it will be visually gorgeous, I'm just not excited about it being a movie. My opinion of the trailer: too much Dr. Manhattan, not enough Rorschach.

5. Yes, I did see Doctor Who last night. I loved it. Again, can you write fanfic for your own show, on your own show? But I don't care, because it was hilarious and fun, and the ending was ... well, it was a Doctor Who ending. Perfect and deadly.


Well, I hope for a season 5, or specials, or whatever. I also hope they'll film and sell David Tennant as Hamlet.
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The entire to-do list is done!!!

Lemme tell ya, there is only one way I can go from my house somewhere else that does not involve driving through road work, and sadly I don't need to get to 41 that often. Supermarket? Road work. Other supermarket? Insane road work. Gym? Insane but not related roadwork. Park? Minor road work, but road work nonetheless. Library? Two stretches of road work, both insane.

And I'm one of those people who looks at gas prices and gets the distinct feeling that the end times are nigh, so as I picked my way through my third or fourth stretch of road work and passed a gas station, I found myself picturing prices so high the state wouldn't even be able to afford gas anymore, and all of those trucks and cranes and front-end loaders and whatever those road-smoother trucks are called abandoned and rusting along the half-unfinished roads. Of course, by then I wouldn't be driving through there, myself.

In happier news, my bike is in pretty good shape for not having been ridden for ... two years? It needs some grease, a good washing, and the tires had to be inflated, but nothing too scary. The Zweeble seemed intrigued.

I feel better. Thank god.
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This week is shaping up to be a lot like last week, but where last week was all external bad events, this week it's all crud inside my own head. So I am going to spend the day Getting Stuff Done, version 2.1 (w/ toddler). Cleaning the house, returning library books (early, by god!), mailing a birthday card, and maybe--just maybe--getting my bike out and checking to see what I need to do to get it ride-ready. And also baby-seat ready. Because they've repaved all the roads in our neighborhood, and I would no longer have to avoid potholes and half-dirt roads! And [ profile] dealio, the Zweeble and I could probably do with some bike riding.

But, first things first. Gotta check the bike out. Well, first I have to get dressed, but whatever.


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