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So I have this to-do list app that I really like a lot.  And it’s part of this whole, like, organizer system that you can buy piecemeal--like, I don’t need the ‘education’ module, but I got the ‘notes’ module and the ‘events’ module and I’ve used the ‘travel’ module for our last few big trips, and it was super-handy for keeping all our hotel and ticket information in one place.

Well, I downloaded their ‘health and goals’ module back in February or March, and I seriously can’t figure out how the hell this is supposed to work.  If I’m trying to track when I’ve done yoga and for how long in the past month, I can only look at it as a graph--line, plot, or bar--and they aren’t listing all the dates, even when I drop it to, say, the last week. Also, the only option for ‘month view’ they give me is the last 30 days, so, like, I can’t specify just “July.”  The list view, which would in theory do this?  Doesn’t.  It looks like it should, but it does not.

I was using this to track exercise, medications, some of the bloodwork results I want to keep an eye on (family history of thyroid disease, the Vitamin D issues, etc), and monthly word count--but if the data is difficult to read and I can’t actually go back and find what I need later, what’s the point of it?

And when I try to search these things on their help site, all I get are articles about task management and how to organize for freelancing.

So, I need a goal tracking app, apparently.

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(this is also over on the WP blog, just FYI)

So the reason I sort of fell off the blog over Christmas was that, about three days after I went on break [1] , I got sick.  I got nobody else sick, so I figure it was allergies, but still.  Tired, sore throat, gunk galore out my nasal cavities ... blech.  I managed to take the boy to the best-friend-in-law's Peter Pan [2], finish up all the Christmas shopping, and survive the holidays [3] ... but I was tired and living on Mucinex and Alka-Seltzer sinus.

I started feeling better the Saturday before I had to go back to work, though that gave me about four days.

Now, I had heard about Unfuck Your Habitat before, but I'd never really checked it out.  But earlier in the week, a friend had posted one of those "Things To Make Your Life Easier" memes on Facebook--you know, use nail polish on your keys so you know which is which, cord labels made out a bread ties--and once again, I saw vertical folding.  My dresser was a freaking disaster, I'd just gotten a bunch of new t-shirts and funky socks for Christmas, it was not looking promising ... so I'd thought, why not? There be photos below! )

I like the whole 'system,' thus far.  I dig the swearing--it's like cleaning a la Quentin Tarantino!--and the snarkiness of the blog, and I like feeling that it's something I can maybe maintain ('resetting' the house sounds so much more do-able than 'cleaning' every damn day, and I think it's making it easier on the husband, too).  I also like the 20/10s.  Because I sometimes feel overwhelmed and sort of defeated before I begin (like, when I look at the filing? Or the after-Xmas closet?), but this gives me a structure.

In the end, I'm hoping once the major unfucking is done, the resets will not take up a whole lot of time.  And when, inevitably in a house with an elementary-school-age child and a parent who works in a library, we all go down with the plague again and the house devolves into chaos and despair, I'll have the 20/10s and the app and the blog to fall back on.

We shall see how well it works.  So far so good.

Oh, and yes, I am totally doing paperless billing now.

[1] College library day job; I get Winter Break.

[2] David costumed it--steampunk Peter Pan!  Hook and the pirates basically stole the show, though Peter and Tiger Lily were excellent as well.  The boy loved it; it was a very late night for him, and he was desperately trying to stay awake through intermission, but he refused to fall asleep until he found out how it ended.

[3]  I hate the holidays.  I just do.  I spent a lot of my life trying to deny it, and I always ended up feeling like utter hell once they were over.  When I finally admitted it (in a hysterical monologue in the car to my husband about eleven years ago) and gave up on trying to enjoy them ... I started actually enjoying them a lot more.  I don't try to Scrooge on anyone else's enjoyment of them; I will not Grinch your holiday party.  I just want to peacefully hate getting out the decorations and ignore most of the specials on TV while debating whether a hockey stick or a cattle prod might be more effective in the damn store two days before Christmas.
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Holy fuck, people, my car has no rear end anymore.

I am not even exaggerating.

BUT. The car seat didn't even shift. So while the kiddo was not in the car, I don't have to throw up every time I think about "what if?"

We got my parking tag, found his noisemaker toy, got the iPod, and found my glasses (along with other sundry items). Nothing was broken. My glasses were behind the backseat armrest, which was halfway down and so had a little crevice behind it. They were covered in broken safety glass, but were themselves untouched.

That was simultaneously the scariest and most reassuring thing I have ever seen.

I have a Ford Focus as my rental, and it's pretty nice once you figure out how to put it in gear. Also, I had to pull into a parking lot so that I could figure out how to get the seat back up, because I kind of need the back support while I drive right now.

I really hope this week is relatively quiet.


Sep. 26th, 2012 11:16 am
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This week so far has been a lot of really irritating days, and I don't like it. I've got to figure out what aspects of it I can control, and, you know, do it. I'm going to try and salvage today, but I'm not sure I can. Maybe I can make tomorrow better.

One thing I am going to do is take a Facebook hiatus. I'll do my weekly silly Glee liveblog with Erin and Tiffany, because I love connecting with my friends like that, but otherwise I'm out for a week. Too much noise.
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Quotes from my LJ:


So as 2009 ends, it leaves me with a sinus infection. Which, frankly, makes sense, considering that this has seriously been the Plague Year around these parts.


Now if I could get rid of the allergy cough, we'd be set. But really, what's New Year's around here without some sort of sinus issue?

And guess who's got the scratchy throat and sinus gunk right this second? That would be me. Tradition? Evil!
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Today has just been long, draining, and slightly demoralizing. I blame pretty much all of that on being sick--it's hard to be creative when your brain is made of snot; it's hard to do anything when you're exhausted. It's not the worst cold I've ever had, but it's basically the same damn cold I always get, and I'm looking at two or three weeks of battling it before it's gone.

Scott thinks he's getting an ear infection, so we're sending him to the doctor. Z's ears are clear.

I hate it when both Scott and I are sick.

Okay. Time to take some drugs, empty the dishwasher, and attempt to clean the living room up. In forty minutes. Excelsior!
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Things are winding down from the crazy-busy of the end of the semester, which means I am looking around the house and shuddering, looking at the scale and shuddering, and being grouchy because I haven't been writing or reading.

It's odd how you can fall out of the habit of reading if you don't do it for a while.

Anyway, on that front I have The Broken Kingdoms, Dreadnought, and Rebels & Traitors on the shelf to choose from. Funky non-traditional fantasy, steampunk, or historical novel the size of a concrete block? Feel free to suggest; I won't be starting anything until tomorrow night.

I have to go in for a meeting on Thursday, so I may be a total cliche and hit a coffeeshop to write. (I will not write in Starbucks.)

Friday is the big cleaning day, though I'll probably get started on Thursday. Mopping! Steam cleaning the couch and rugs! Bleaching the bathtub!

As for the scale, actually paying attention to how many sodas I drink a day will probably help.

I need to have some solid Zweeble and Mom time, too. Maybe the water park. Hilarity shall ensue.
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I joined Twitter. I am not sure why. No, wait, I do know why: because I kept reading the Twitter feeds on various blogs, and thought it might be easier to have them all in one place. I also hear an interview with one of the Twitter founders, and I liked what he had to say, and that pushed me over the edge.

I have no idea if I will tweet much. It seems a little redundant when I have Facebook, but whatever.
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I have a lot of things I have to do this week, and today, and I am not sure how I will get them all done. (But we have been here before, many times, so I am not as panic-stricken as I could be at the prospect of All! Consuming! Work!)

One thing at a time. And a to-do list.

I also got my hair layered and made shaggy yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I had Delirium hair.
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All right, Christmas decorations are down. The rest of the day:

1. Put living room back together

2. Install and fill pet net

3. Put Z. room back together

4. Clean kitchen up

5. Work prep for tomorrow

6. Laundry throughout the day

But first, a soda and a round of Echo Bazaar.
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I spent today thinking (since the guy was replacing the water heater, so Z. wanted to stay close and hang out more than run around causing mayhem, and god knows I don't actually want to watch Spongebob) and mulling, then wrote some notes, then wrote another scene on my sea monsters love story thing.

(sea monsters in love, there's a thought)

Last night I also did some noodling on it.

The thing is, I think one of the issues with this story is that pretty much all of the characters are like Talia (from Chirality, which needs a better title)--they're private, and they really don't talk much about the big things that are going on. And, unlike Talia, they don't tend to lose their tempers and spit out at least partial information despite themselves. These people are very controlled.

So I had a stern discussion with my idiot brain the main character, something along the lines of, "Look, I know you don't want to do this, but get the hell over it because if you don't spill something soon, I am going to shelve this story and you can wither away in my notebook with the other buttoned-up prudes. Lose some inhibitions or don't get written!"

Less whimsically, though, in terms of the narrative--the guy is really agonizing over writing things down, which is awesome, but I think he needs a good reason why he's so reluctant to do it, and I'm not sure I have it yet.
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Gel, you consarned thing, gel!


You know, there was a time I was told that I did the disjointed structure thing so well, so maybe I ought to try the more traditional approach. Well, I did, and now the disjointed structure skill is all rusty.


I will get this bloody story figured out. As god is my witness ...
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I got caught up on things tonight by sacrificing sleep. As per usual.

Tomorrow the Dish dude comes out to install our new DVR. Here is how I am made of win: when Scott called to authorize the upgrade, the woman on the other end of the phone told him the labor cost would be $95 because we didn't have a warranty. When I had called to set up the upgrade, I was told the install fee would be $15. I double-checked, even.

So I'm on my way to my therapy appointment and Scott calls and tells me this, and after a long day with a demonic child ... well, I was ticked.

But I was ticked, running early, and had my Blackberry.

I pulled into a convenient parking lot, got the email from my husband with the numbers I needed, and called the dish people to ask why, exactly, I was quoted $15 and he was quoted $95? And when I was told that we didn't have the service agreement, I said, "So because six years ago when I became your customer, I was not told I would need a service agreement for upgrades, I have to pay $95 in order for someone to switch out my box?" Because, seriously, it's not like they're installing the dish on the roof. It's there already, we're just getting more stuff off it. "I would like to speak to a supervisor."

So now I was on hold, telling myself to be polite, and expecting nothing more than to lodge a really articulate complaint and hie my ass to DirecTV as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The young lady came back on the line and proceeded to tell me that, after looking at our file and seeing that we've been customers for six years with excellent payment history, and explaining all this to her supervisor, they were going to waive $80 of the installation fee so that we'd get it done for $15.

I thanked her, got her name again, and told her bluntly that she'd managed to keep me as their customer.

Because, really, folks, you don't want me to start thinking the math through, here, and adding up the cost of DVDs, Netflix, and faster internet for streaming TV off the web. Because I think that option may be cheaper, but I am lazy. You want to keep me lazy.

So, yeah, look at me with the channeling of my aggravation into productive outcomes. Now we'll see what my bill looks like in two weeks--I may need the Zweeble to be the uber-toddler again.
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I spent pretty much all day yesterday cleaning the house, and when Scott got home, you could not tell. The joys of a clingly toddler, let me tell you.

The weird smells are both gone, though, so there's that.

Today I have to get the kitchen under control. Then the laundry. And run errands.

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It's one of those days when I start considering learning to make meat pies.

Dear 2009,

Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:48 pm
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I cannot WAIT until you are over.

I've never in my life had a year that just sucked overall, but here you are. We're on the fourth Zweeble-cold, the third death in the family, I have yet to surface from all the bloody work prep that started back in March ... Jesus on crutches.

Look, if you're going to have a tantrum, go over there and have it by spring of 1989 and winter of 2004-2005. Because I don't want to hear it.


At least my checkbook is finally balanced. I have that. Well, really, there are good things that have happened this year, it's just that on the whole it's been stressful and sucktastic and I'll be glad when it's over.
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Scott is back at work today, so the wild and wacky rollercoaster that has been life for just shy of a month is now rolling back to the loading platform.

Now I have to clean the kitchen, which slid quickly toward pit-hood while Scott was on vacation, finish our mountain of laundry, and get caught up on things like buying birthday presents and e-mail.

This morning the Zweeble said, very softly (and trying to work out the big word), "I think Daddy is the wonderfulest man in the whole world. And you are the wonderfulest lady, Mommy." Of course, he was also calling us Scott and Laura for most of the morning, so the sweetness is mitigated. :)

Off to the pit. Wish me luck. If you don't hear from me in two days, just burn the place and sow the ground with salt.
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Okay. So you're a parent, and you write a to-do list on two different days. The list stays the same, however. It lists:

clean kitchen
start laundry (note "start" and not "do." Just start it)
grocery store for small stuff
make 3 phone calls

On one of those days, you sail through that list and by 10:30am, you're looking around thinking, "Now what am I going to do?"

On the other day, at 10:30am you amend the list. All it says now is, "Survive without bloodshed."

Today is one of the latter days.
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If I ever schedule a dental appointment, a school meeting, a doctor's appointment, and a dermatologist appointment all in one week, before the Zweeble is in school, again ... just don't let me. I'm only on the third one and I'm ready to kill myself.

The dermatologist is Saturday, though, so that ought to be a little easier.

Ugh. Okay. Here I go. Once more unto the breach. Over the top, boys, nobody lives forever!
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Five things I am SO over:

1. Hurricanes (although I still love Buzz Bernard)

2. The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center webpage

3. Stupid people

4. Humidity

5. My house not cleaning itself

And I'm gonna be mean and tag [ profile] gnadige, [ profile] jkason, and [ profile] dealio. Bitch away, people! Even if I didn't tag you.


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