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1. If you had asked me when I was younger what I’d have wanted of my grandmother’s things when she died, I wouldn’t have said her double-boiler. And yet.

2. My giddy little dance whenever I take it out to use would make her laugh. (Of course, that makes me want to cry.)

3. Will I ever bake and not get kind of sad?

4. On another note, will I ever bake and not get half of the batter all over myself? This is my second shirt of the day, for god’s sake.

5. Nobody on earth needs this many cupcakes. My co-workers are going to love me. (Assuming these come out—the cupcakes should be all right, but I still have glaze and frosting to make.)

6. Whoever put this recipe together has a brain that does not organize the way mine does—if the first step is “make chocolate cake batter,” then shouldn’t the steps to do so be right there and not at the end of all the steps for the other parts?
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Birthday sleepover tomorrow — baking cupcakes and dyeing eggs with two 7 year old boys.

Chuck E Cheese birthday party Saturday. Loud, but with bonus I-don’t-have-to-do-anything. And Guitar Hero!

Easter on Sunday. Egg hunt!

Oh, and did I mention that he lost his first tooth today? He totally lost his first tooth today.

That’s Laura with an A, committee people.  I hope this award comes with cash.

(side note: the number of adults coming to this party is hilarious. Video games, man.  Just saying, there’s a siren song going on here.)

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My husband is now 42. He is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But don't tell him that; he'll get a big head.

Waiting for the family to arrive, then Jason and David. Z is currently distracted by Plants vs. Zombies on Scott's phone.

Last night was the monthly Chuck E. Cheese night for the elementary school, where they give a portion of whatever you spend back to the school. Z loves Chuck E. Cheese night. One of his little friends was there, and they ran around playing games, sharing whatever extra tickets they found, paying for each other. His friend wasn't allowed to play shooting games, and I thought this would be an issue for Z., but he just ... didn't play any shooting games.

(We don't own very many shooting games, and he doesn't play the ones we do have for a variety of reasons, so I don't get too uptight when we go to Chuck E. Cheese and he tries out the Terminator game. But I respect other parents' decisions on these things--you raise your kid how you raise your kid.)

Anyway, it was nice. We had another round of "How old is your son?" because, as usual, Z towered over his friend. There is only one boy we know who is Z's age and is taller than he is. The girls seem to be as tall as he is, but I think girls actually do grow faster than boys for a while? I remember being the tallest kid in class until about 7th grade, and being as tall or taller than a lot of boys until 9th grade. We hit high school and every guy I knew had a growth spurt. It's weird going from being called "Too-Tall" to being short.

Scott baked a Dr. Pepper cake for his birthday, and that was an adventure. It's been a while since I've baked a cake, and I don't think I've ever done one totally on my own, so I wasn't much help. One layer stayed half-in the pan. I got the other half out without totally destroying the infrastructure, so we pieced it together and Scott frosted it (I think this was supposed to be more a drizzle than a frosting, but whatever), and it's pretty good! And looks-wise, whenever Scott brings up my coco puff lump o' doom, I now have something to come back at him with.

But now I want to bake a cake myself. And we don't need another cake. And I promised Scott some hot sauce bread tomorrow as a birthday gift, so ... no cake baking for a while.
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Well, hi! I have stuff to write about! (Ack, it's April, what can I say?)


So tonight I made caramel. I tried last night and wound up burning it, so today I tried again, and my husband has been devouring it. I AM MIGHTY!

It's supposed to be used to make frosting, so that will likely be my next step. Then I may try the chocolate cupcakes it's meant to be paired with--I feel confident after the crazy science experiment that was the caramel, and may be willing to attempt to make something chocolate from scratch, though I have not always had the best results in the past.


I've been trying and failing to read lately, but The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe has managed to settle my crazy, end-of-semester brain down. It reminds me of Life As We Knew It, but (so far) without being so depressing you want to kill yourself after reading it. This is not to say Life As We Knew It was bad--just harrowing.


I actually liked the disco episode a lot more than I thought I would. It was cute, set stuff up, and for the very first time I actually got to hear the lyrics to "You Should Be Dancing." Um. Wow.

As for last night's episode, let me direct you to a .gif set of what is my favorite scene from Glee, ever: here.* (spoilery, maybe.)

I love the variety of what the hell did you do?! that is aimed at Kurt. I also love it because they've apparently adopted Blaine--they know how snotty and rude Kurt can be, and now he has apparently cheated on the adorable puppy he brought them! Dude, even Will is wondering what the hell is going on.

Plus, how many of these people have cheated on each other? It's awesome.

Anyway. Poor Blaine. I thought Darren Criss did a really nice job with the lost, sad, broken thing. And between him, and Dianna Agron's face during "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," well, angst! Kurt's number made me happy--plus Mike's glance at Blaine was hilarious (Mike Chang is easily swayed by performance). I love watching Brittany dance. Still not sure what I think of Dreadlocks Dude, but he's not as annoying as Rory, and at least he has a plotline.

Oh, and my second favorite scene in the episode: Puck and the guys in the locker room, with the shot glasses. ("Why does mine say 'Drink 'til She's Cute'?") I love Puck. I miss Puck. I'm glad he's getting some story in the next episode, and I'm glad it apparently does not involve sleeping with a damn teacher.

All that said, I felt like the texting thing was a little artificial. I mean, there's a lot of organic stress there, with Kurt's impending departure for NYC. And all the stuff they were complaining about--Blaine pulling away, Kurt being self-centered, neither of them talking, and all of that sort of feeding the cycle--are things that could have precipitated a blow-up (much like the fight they had at the bar, back in the day, which I think worked really well). However, it likely would not have fit the song they wanted Blaine to sing, and if they had not used the texting/cheating story, I would not have had my favorite scene ever ... and so I guess I will have to roll my eyes and go with it.

Ugh, Will.

Oh, and apparently Kurt is singing "Not the Boy Next Door" for his audition piece, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Everything Else

This time next week, we'll be at Disney! I have made plans, maps, and am excited.

*yes, I have a Tumblr now. And if you want to follow me, feel free, but mostly it's cat .gifs and pictures, because the Zweeble loves the cute kittens, and this gives me a nice place to put them as I find them.
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Tonight we're having friends over for homemade pizza!

So I made pizza dough. I think it turned out right, but we won't know for sure until we bake the pizza. I had to "knead" it in the food processor, which was cool and gwooshy*.

Then, in the mood for baking, I made a full batch of chocolate chip cookies. This is the first time in recent memory I had all the ingredients and didn't have to substitute! I'm giving cookies away to our friends and to my parents.

Tomorrow I'm going to bake bread.

I still have to clean up the house a bit--which may boil down to "toss all of Z's toys in his room and shut the door": a cleaning technique pioneered by my husband--and pay bills. Oh, and track down a small pink rubber ball for the boy.

And somewhere in there, I have a draft to revise.

The glamour of my life is non-stop, man.

*"gwooshy" being a technical term, of course.


May. 1st, 2011 10:20 am
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Had a nice day with the parents yesterday. I showed Dad how to do some stuff on the iBook, and Scott attempted to troubleshoot my mother's slow-ass computer. The Zweeble ran around like a nut until we took him to the park.

The park we went to is across a little foot-bridge from my old elementary school. When I was a kid, the P.E. teachers would bring us over there to use the baseball field, and there used to be a big open space (now it has shuffleboard courts) where we'd play Red Rover and such. The equipment at the playground is all "new" (as in, not the stuff I remember using--and good on that, as I was playing there about 33 years ago--but not really new stuff, either) and rearranged, but as I told my mother, the weird thing about my hometown isn't the stuff that's changed--it's all the stuff that hasn't changed. The elementary school looks basically the same. The foot-bridge is still there. The baseball field and the stands are still there.

They are, however, rebuilding my high school. The new gym looks enormous. The building that I can only assume is the cafeteria is also gigantic. Soon the school will not be dwarfed by the auditorium. It's a little weird, but that school was not only my high school, nigh 20 years ago, it was my mother's junior high school, nigh another 20 years ago. It's probably due for an upgrade.

Then we went back to the parents' and had dinner, and played with the Zweeble, who found my mother's yoga mat and proceeded to spread it out and do "yoga poses." The idea of holding a pose does not occur to my child; most of his yoga poses involve jumping and spinning. Like most 4-year-olds, he is insanely flexible, and my mother, Scott, and I pretty much proved we're not 4 anymore. :)

Z. has been very clingy lately, probably because I've been out of the house a lot this week for work, so I spent most of the day hanging out with him. I didn't expect him to stay the night with his grandparents, but he decided to without any fanfare. So Scott and I came home without him. I played with Vignette, texted people randomly, and we got the makings for some sort of hot pepper and bacon infused vodka that has to steep for a week before Scott can make Bloody Marys with it.

And then, between Doctor Who and streaming Veronica Mars, I gorged on TV until 2:30am.

Today I need to empty the dishwasher, do some laundry, and do some work. And shower. I might shower first. Scott is watching a French zombie movie. Ah, Netflix, you evil creation ...
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All right. I have made sprinkle muffins for breakfast; had a discussion with my child about your inner goodness not meaning much if your outer self is a screaming mass of naughty for two days straight; found out that Scott's laptop's iTunes is in need of some Prozac or something, because holy cats, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and early morose REM all in the space of ten minutes? Really?; and am now working on chocolate chip cookies because those are Santa's favorites.

(runs off to pull out pan #1)

Wow, those are some crispy cookies. Clearly 10 minutes was too long. Luckily, I like crispy chocolate chip cookies. Pan #2 is in for 8, and I'll probably peek at them at 5.

Next up we'll have lemon ginger muffins, and later caramel pecan bars and raspberry cheesecake bars! Updates as they happen! Or until I fall over.
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Have a happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

I got to have fun tonight baking with my husband in the kitchen (he just does not have luck with dough--it always tries to engulf him like alien sludge), and before that I got to have a good conversation with my kiddo at bedtime. On Friday one of my best friends and his partner are coming down to hang out, and while my mother is sick, I have a plan to send her all the leftovers she likes.

So that is what I am thankful for this year: Scott, the Zweeble, my friends, and contingency plans (zombie or otherwise).

Oh, and pecan caramel bars that actually look like they might be edible.
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Gingerbread Update

Came out meh. I don't think they baked all the way through--not gooey, but not quite done--and they just don't taste as good as the store-bought dough did (of course, since everything tastes better with high fructose corn syrup!). I think for my next batch I will see if Alton Brown has a gingerbread recipe, because his sugar cookies came out really well.

Scott decorated a gingerbread man-monster with fangs, a missing leg/gangrenous stump, and a bloody red boot. I did a sugar cookie snowman in the style of Jackson Pollack. Zweeble did a star with spots, and made the colors balance out and everything. His was actually the nicest of our creative endeavors.

Other News

Ohh, I have cleaning to do, as usual. After a morning of errands--post office, library, playground, gas for the car--I need to steam clean the kitchen floor, scrub toilets, wrap presents ... and collapse, maybe?

It is warming up, though, so that's good.

Pure Silliness

For all you Captain Jack fans out there, John Barrowman singing ... the theme to Doctor Who! Because it makes me laugh.

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Tonight, Team Zweeble is going to make Christmas cookies. I am very excited to see what [ profile] dealio comes up with when he decorates his cookies.

Now, I was just going to buy some more pre-made Pillsbury gingerbread dough and use it, but now I can't find it anywhere. So today during naptime I made gingerbread. And, as always, I am dubious about how it will turn out. But it's setting up in the fridge, so we will find out this evening if I am progressing in my baking skillz, or if this little project will be filed with the Cocoa Puff Mound o' Doom and the post-hurricane gingerbread house.

We're also using the last of the sugar cookie dough tonight, so the Zweeb will have sprinkle cookies. I was a tad concerned about the dough, as it's been in the fridge a while ... but I'd shoved it to the back, and Z. has been playing with the settings, so it was frozen. (We had frozen eggs Saturday morning. It was grand.)

The boyo is taking an extra-long nap today. I think it's because we upped his Zyrtec dose. He's been congested since before Halloween, so we've done the Zyrtec, the antibiotic, the Zyrtec and the Nasonex ... and while the latter is helping, it's not going away. Now we have an appointment with an ENT in January, and the congestion got worse when the weather got cold again, so I checked on the dosage and I figure we'll do this until the weather warms up again (that would be tomorrow).
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I thought, when I had a kid, that it might make me like the holidays more.


Today we made Christmas cookies. That sounds warm and cozy and very Norman Rockwell, yeah?

Well, it doesn't include the screaming fits at 8:00 last night when I wouldn't make cookies then, the nagging and mini-meltdowns while I tried to clear off the counter and find a recipe this morning, the weird smells in the kitchen and the bathroom that I needed to work on removing while the dough set up, the freakout about how the cookies didn't like being in the hot oven because it was, obviously, hot, and the mini-meltdown over letting the damn things cool for two minutes.

On the other hand, it does cover the mixing, the surprisingly calm acceptance of letting the dough set up in the fridge for 2 hours, the rolling and cutting of the dough, making and sprinkling the sprinkles, the Zweeble's blue tongue from eating the sprinkles, and the fact that he pronounced them "Very very good. Yummy yummy"

And this, just now: "Thank you for that cookie, Mom. I love it, love it, love it."

(He also just "wrote" me a note and claims it says, "You are the best hugger. Thanks." Obviously he's planning something.)

Alton Brown sugar cookies for the win, by the way.
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I'm having a friend over for lunch today because we were going to go out, but I am broke. Buying food Team Zweeble eat anyway as part of groceries is cheaper than buying a meal for me and one of Z. that he may or may not finish.

So Scott made hummus last night, and we got some roast beef and I'm attempting Cheddar French dip sandwiches. I want to learn more actual cooking, as opposed to baking, so I'm looking at it as a step on that path.

I'm trying to psych myself into it because while I like my friend, I don't know her that well yet, and right now the idea of boarding up the house and hibernating for a month or two doesn't sound bad at all. This is no one's fault; this is hormonal and weather-related (it's gray again today) and I didn't feel this way when we made the plans.

Still, all in all, I wish Scott were home and doing the cooking. You could see his good-host self yearning to be here when he went to work. It was cute. He likes to feed people. Food=love.

It'll be fun, I'm sure. I just have to get to the fun.
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I made blueberry muffins (from a mix, but whatever) for breakfast, and then the Zweeble wanted pancakes for lunch, so I made some. We were out of eggs, so I scooted online and found a recipe for egg-free pancakes!
behind the cut )

And they came out pretty much like regular pancakes, except it took me three pancakes to finally get one that looked right. Usually the first one is perfect and the rest are not. This is probably more about my only having made pancakes once before than it is about the recipe. Consistency and taste-wise, it was all the same--though I admit, I feel that pancakes are merely delivery methods for your pancake-topping of choice, and not anything that has to be amazing on its own, so bear that in mind.

But if you have a vegan friend (because I'm sure soy milk would work okay with it) or someone with an egg allergy, these are worth a try.


Sep. 25th, 2009 12:16 pm
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I went to the store and forgot that you need buttermilk for lemon ginger muffins, so I won't be making those until tonight.

Zweeble wanted blueberry muffins, so I got a mix ... And he added on red cinnamon sprinkles. I was a bit concerned, but in the end they didn't add much besides color.

I haven't managed to walk again trhis week, which I'm disappointed about. It's one thing to stay philosophical about something you don't manage to do but didn't really want to do in the first place--it's harder to stay philosophical when you wanted to do it and didn't manage it.

It's only noon, though. And dinner is cooking, the boyo ate most of an apple and 1 and a half muffins, and the house is clean. Well, if I ignore the living room.

My husband has been bagging comics for two weeks (in between making Magic decks), so my office is looking better and better, too.

I could really use a nap, though. Yawn.

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All hail Laura, Queen of Domesticity!

The Zweeble and I just made sugar sprinkle cookies. He saw them on the cover of the recipe book and had to have them. Then he refused to go to the store to get sprinkles, so I made them. I would tell you how, but it would take away the awe I want you all to feel at my domestic prowess.

Sprinkle cookies have never been my favorites. Sweeeeeeet and kinda sticky-tasting. But they came out. They don't look like the cover, but they came out.

In other Mom-and-domestic-diva news, I am trying to save the Zweeb's Phineas and Ferb shirt. It's way too big, but he loves Phineas and Ferb (it's a cartoon, and you should watch it because it's actually hilarious), so I got it for him. First I washed it and the picture bled and left orange spots on the sleeve and collar. (I was everything on cold, fergodssake.) So I had left it out so I could try and get the stain out, and someone (my mom?) put it in the washer. I thought it was just in there, not that it had actually been washed ... but it had. So now it's moldy.

The thing is, I haven't seen the shirt again, so I can't just buy a new one ... so now it's covered in color-safe bleach and Shout, being washed on hot, and I have the sinking feeling none of it is going to do any good. But we try.
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Scott: Bleah! Blugh! (various "oh-that-was-nasty" sounds) God, I need to get the taste out of my--where's the yellow Gatoraide?

Laura: What did you drink? (finds a bottle of yellow Gatoraide, offers it)

Scott: No, the half-full one.

Laura: No idea where it is. What did you drink? (opens fridge, has flash of intuition) The baby's Pedialyte? I tried it--I didn't think it really had a taste.

Scott: It does, drink more!

Laura: No.

Scott: I don't get you.


Laura: I have to post on LiveJournal.
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My day thus far:

1. Swim class with the boys, then the beach. Holy cats, this town actually has a beach! Okay, it's only as long as my driveway, but it's sandy and there's water. And half the population was there this morning. Yeesh.

2. The ritual juice-and-meat male bonding. I was told, by my two-year-old son, to stay in the car while the men got the meat and juice. Zweeble ate a whole beef stick himself (quit snickering, Jason). Also squirted himself in the face with his grape juice, so he looked like he had purple chicken pox.

3. Home to shower and get myself together to take my car in for a brake check. I figured I'd take my grading and wait. Go to print out the grade sheets I made up (so I can keep track of percentages and stuff), and the paper keeps getting drawn into the machine crooked, then the printer says something is jammed.

After lots of swearing, a lint-free cloth, the instruction manual, two sets of roller cleanings, and lots of wrinkled paper, I find the problem.

Remember those fuzzy worm things with the googly eyes? They have a long bit of clear plastic thread attached to their noses, and then you hold the thing and twitch the thread and it looks like it's moving by itself? Scott got one for the Zweeble. The Zweeble thought the worm was evil and wanted it AWAY, NOW. Mommy put it in the office, on the printer.

Well, today I found it in the printer.

A pair of tweezers, a pair of pliers, and three or four fervent prayers later, the printer is fixed and working fine. Canon Pixma MP610 all-in-one, bay-bee. Survives even fuzzy worms.

I, however, am not going to the dealership today.

4. I made myself a microwave Lo Mein thing that's been in the cabinet forever--the pantry is starting to get a little bare. Two bites in, I realize that not only does it look like Klingon food**, it also tastes like Klingon food.

I take it out and pass Scott. "Cheerios it is, then!" I say, toasting him with the carton of blech.

"That bad, huh?"

"Oh, it's nasty."

"Let me try a bite!"

(This, as many of you know, is really a cornerstone of our relationship.)

He takes a bite, chews, and his facial expression goes from an eager "Let's try the pure evil, it's an adventure!" to a slightly disappointed "That's not so bad" to a slow dawning "Wait, wait ... that is bad. Really bad. Nasty and evil bad." He swallows, and then looks both disgusted and satisfied at the same time. A sight to behold, I assure you.

We both had Cheerios for lunch.

Now I have to clean up the office and get to work. Hopefully things will be uneventful from here, but one never knows.

**Lo mein in general doesn't look Klingon, just this stuff.
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All the muffins turned out--in fact, the lemon ginger muffins turned out the best I've ever had them turn out.

The bread ... well, the loaves are *really* small. I forgot to bring my copy of the recipe, so I had my mother e-mail hers, and as I was mixing stuff I kept thinking something was hinky with it--I didn't have nearly enough liquid to justify the 6 cups of flour the recipe listed. So I think there's something up there ... possibly the conflation of the original recipe with the insane amounts of bread Grandma makes. But I have enough of everything to give it another shot later tonight, and the loaves, while small, are edible and came out just fine. I am definitely comparing the two recipes when I get home, though.

What I'm really impressed with myself for, however, is that I made the muffins in between the bread steps, and the timing was perfect. Lookit me go!
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This morning my mother-in-law made blueberry muffins from a box, and asked us how they were. [ profile] dealio and I agreed that they were fine for box muffins, pretty good. She mentioned that she was going to make them for Christmas morning, when the clan converges upon the house.

"Laura could make some from scratch," Scott said.

Um. Yes ... I could, conceivably, make blueberry muffins from scratch. I allowed as such, but added what a pain they are to make, in my opinion ([ profile] sugarcoatedlie could probably make them in her sleep). "I could make lemon ginger muffins, if I had the recipe."

Well, after a quick search and discovery of the entire cookbook on Google Books, I am now making lemon ginger muffins, chocolate chip muffins, and homemade bread. Of my own volition. All day tomorrow. Scott promised to help and be my kitchen slave.

This is, I feel, the first true test of my baking skillz.

I'm only really nervous about scalding the milk for the bread. My grandmother can scald milk by eye and nose, but I tend to get all antsy, so I like to use the kitchen thermometer and wait until it's 180 degrees. I'm more Alton Brown, I guess.

Of course, the family has been regaled for years with stories of my cooking disasters--the CoCo Puff marshmallow birthday lump, the post-hurricane gingerbread house (both of which were edible, if slightly disturbing and unattractive)--so I have to wonder if anyone will be brave enough to try my stuff. I could probably goad [ profile] nocmaar into it by impugning his manhood ...


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