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I have a post on my WP blog that's mostly links to cool stuff you can read for free online, but trying to copy that many links onto LJ is a lot of damn work. So I'm just going to link to it here, and if you're looking for some decent short fiction to read on your computer and/or tablet, then ... click here for that post.

(There's another post over at WP that I'll be mirroring here shortly.)
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So 2011 was the Year of Change, and 2012 was the year of What the Fuck?

So let's do a highlights reel:


1. I sold "The Drowned Man" to Beneath Ceaseless Skies!

2. I got a new job, which I like, working with a group of people that I like and who actually seem to get my geeky, sarcastic sense of humor. It's a steady paycheck, which is a good thing, too.

3. The Zweeble started kindergarten and has been doing really well. He doesn't seem bored, he likes his teacher, and we really like the school.

(side note: #s 2 and 3 were things I was really worried about before they happened, so there's an extra layer of good there.)

4. I got to see [ profile] doggiesushi this year! Yay!

5. Went to Disney with my parents, which was, on the whole, a good time. It's a bit of a learning curve, because there is so much there that they didn't have when I was a kid, and Z's interests are different from mine or Scott's, but we had a lot of fun. And people at EPCOT loved my "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" shirt--one girl asked if we could take a picture together; it was hilarious.

6. Got an iPhone, which ... well, the stuff it does well it does very, very well, and that's enough to make up for the stuff the Droid did better.

7. Holy cats, I'm really digging Glee this season. And the Doctor Who Christmas special. And the second season on Sherlock was made of cool. And, oh my god, The Avengers!!! Plus, did I start reading the Toby Daye books in 2012? Let's say I did, because they are really, really good and you should read them.

8. Spotify and I have begun a lovely relationship. Tumblr ... well, I have no bloody clue what the hell I'm doing with it, but my dashboard gave me a lot of stuff to think about this year, a lot of it interesting, and not all of it Glee or Who related. (In that regard it reminds me of when I first got on LJ, lo these many moons ago.) I wonder if there's an official Sherlock Tumblr?

9. Oh yeah, my mom got an iPhone, as well, and has entered into the exciting world of texting. This may be a blessing and a curse.

10. The Zweeble went to his first-ever play, starring the lovely and talented [ profile] jkason!

11. 21 years of the Scott and Laura Saga. Our relationship is now old enough to drink.

12. Four more short stories, and some odd stuff that might lead somewhere or might not, but what the hell, it's there.

13. My boys were, on the whole and as always, awesome and hilarious. As are my friends.

The Not-So-Hurrah

1. Well, my uncle died. It was not entirely surprising, considering his alcoholism, but it was a really fast decline before it happened and that sort of shocked me, and death is always a shock, whether or not you figured it was going to happen soon.

2. I got hit by a freaking truck! And I still can't quite decide if I like my new car or not.

3. You know, every year I wish I had my life more together than I do. Maybe this year I'll say to hell with that.

Looking Ahead

I have no idea. Seriously. It's going to be an interesting ride, though, because Scott graduates in May and then it's job hunting and paying back student loans. My mother-in-law retires this year, I think, so maybe we'll see the in-laws at some point. I want to see if we can go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween this year.

I have one more Corwyn story to write, and then I'm gonna embark on another novel.

So last year, I wrote:

I wish for us all some unexpected, but very welcome, stories; the chance to see old friends and meet new ones; good music, books, and TV; funny stories about small kids and/or pets; the pulling off of something cool; and the continuation of something wonderful and true.

I think I managed all that. I'll leave it for this year, too, I think. Happy New Year, y'all.
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Ugh, time change. Even if I do get my hour back, my body clock is still all messed up.

So, what's going on? I still feel like I'm playing catch-up from earlier in October, but I also feel like I'm getting there. Cleaning the house today definitely helped. I have a bunch of forms to send back to the other guy's insurance company, and some phone calls to make, and there will likely be more forms later, but I'm hoping they're tapering off.

The new car is finally starting to feel like it's mine--it's a 2010 Chevy Cobalt, and for a while there I couldn't really answer when people asked me how I liked it. Out of the roughly 8.2 million cars we test-drove, it was the best, but otherwise I was still mourning my Camry. I really liked my car. Yeah, it wasn't flashy, and it had 100,000 miles on it, and there were things starting to fall apart on it, but I wasn't at a point where I was planning to get rid of it. Anyway, now that the faux-new car smell is gone and I've gotten the seat belt scrubbed down, the Cobalt is cool. The iPod input jack makes me incredibly happy; being able to listen to David Tennant as Benedick without static is ... sigh. Actually, the whole stereo is really sweet.

It doesn't have as many hidey-holes as the Camry (seriously, Toyotas are all about the storage), and I miss the overhead lights in the front seat--oh, and there's no indicator on the dash for the headlights being on, and this irritates me out of all proportion.

I'm glad my long national nightmare of car shopping is over.

Tomorrow I start volunteering at Z's school, in the library. I figured at least this way, I sort of know what I'm doing.

My mother's been getting together with Scott every weekend to do Accounting homework; that means I've been taking Z all over the place to get him out of the house so they can work. This is exhausting, especially since Grandma has joined us in our weekly excursions. But it's also fun, and I know GeeGee loves spending time with the boy.

Got to see [ profile] doggiesushi a couple of weeks ago when he was in town, and Z kept himself occupied for a lot of the visit, which was ... really cool. He's been a lot more self-sufficient recently, which is nice. Right now, I'm not the mom who freaks out when my baby gets more independent (I reserve the right to break down later, if need be)--I'm just thrilled I get some time to myself again.

It was good to see JC. I miss him. I'm super-happy I've gotten an annual sighting the past two years!

Jason's doing a kids' show! So we're going to introduce the Zweeble to live theater! This is a very exciting prospect.
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One of the things I keep meaning to post ...

So one of theaters [ profile] jkason performs with is going to do Rent next season, and we've been idly discussion which parts Jason could play in it since we saw the touring company.

Here's the thing. I don't know if Roger is in Jason's range or not (I am not good at that sort of thing). But I kind of want him to play Roger, because I want to see if, while Scott and I are in the audience, Jason can keep a straight face as he sings, "It isn't much, but it took all year" to MiMi at the end.

I think he could do it every other night, but that night ... well, it'd be an epic struggle.
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I havn't seen Hamlet 2 yet, but I did buy "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" off iTunes. Because it's silly. And I want to learn all the words so I can serenade [ profile] jkason at inappropriate intervals.

So it's on in the car, and there's this line about a swimmer's body and I start snorting because, well, Jason swims. And then I have this vision of the cast of Jason's Godspell doing this song, particularly David and ... Stephanie? (The girl who kept doing the dance behind you once it was done, J.)

1. Nearly drive off the road cackling. Because they'd probably have kicked ass doing it!

2. Dude, I'd have *totally* gone into labor over that one.
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The Zweeble is working his way through breakfast.

I am: tired, slightly out of sorts from my bad dreams last night, and developing a sty. It's at that early stage where you can't see it but it hurts whenever you blink. I've not had a sty in ages.

I have got to get my nighttime routine back to normal. Bed by 10:30! By 11 or so, my brain begins to spin around and around, and I can't sleep. Although sometimes that happens at 10:30, too. Or at 4am, when I always freaking wake up. So I think from now on, I'm going to say to hell with it, get up, and read when this happens. Better to be tired and well-read than tired and dealing with panic attacks about stupid things like needing to mow the lawn (seriously, at 4am this becomes Most Important and Tragic in Its Consequences). Perhaps I will work through my unread stack of shame a little faster.

You know, thinking on it, 4am is paranoia and panic; 11 or so is always crazy squirrel brain. Onething, anotherthing, waitevenanotherthing, heywhataboutthisthing?! It's like popcorn in there. Still, reading will be good for that, too, I'd think.

In other news, watched the Tonys and am now impatiently awaiting Xanadu to release community theatre rights so that I can see [ profile] jkason in knee-high athletic socks and sneakers, cutoffs, a tank top, and a bandanna, singing a love song to a roller skate. Though I could see him in the production of Cry-Baby that I am sure a certain director is bound to do when the time comes ...
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Today we go to see [ profile] jkason as Rum Tum Tugger in Cats. And his young man as Gus the Theatre Cat in same. Plus, David also did the costumes, some of them dyed in my washing machine. Let it never be said I don't support my friends in their theatrical endeavors (or will do, after making sure this isn't the first time they've ever dyed something in a washing machine).

Said support, however, does not bar me from giggling when Jason swaggers onstage in full cat regalia. From third row center. With my husband. Have I mentioned that we both have distinctive laughs (his more than mine)? Yeah. We once had to leave a clogging show when they started their Erasure routine. (Ask [ profile] doggiesushi about the Debbie Gibson tribute story. If he remembers.)

Speaking (parenthetically) of [ profile] doggiesushi ... hey, check out Tom Jones and the Cardigans covering "Burning Down the House." It's in the same class as the Don Ho cover of "Shock the Monkey." Team Zweeble thinks you'll like it.
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Went to see [ profile] jkason in Little Shop of Horrors last night (he's Seymour). It was a preview, so there were some glitches,** but holy cats, the cast started doing "Skid Row" and you could just feel the entire thing fall into place and get going. And go it did. It's a rare thing for Jason to sing with someone who can belt like he can, but the actress playing Audrey matched him all the way through.

And, really, any show that includes Jason doing a little spastic dance onstage is a good one. When the little spastic dance comes from his giving in to his inner psycho killer and his carnivorous talking plant, well ... that's even better. :)

(Fakest fake hand ever, but if they ever do Avenue Q, Jason's prepared.)

**personal favorite glitches: one of the doo-wop chicks didn't quite finish her quick-change and came out with her pink evening gown unzipped, and then had to try and gracefully hold it together while doing choreography; at the end, the smoke machine went a little nuts and engulfed the audience as well as the actors. Cough, cough.
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So, [ profile] dealio got to dub a part in a martial arts movie, which will be out on DVD November 10th. (Go check out his journal for the details.)

Between baby pictures and my husband's feature film debut, I think we have Christmas presents covered for everyone!

(Oh, and special cryptic note to Jason, whose news I do not want to scoop: the Zweeble and I sent you good karma today in our now-usual fashion, so we claim partial responsibility for the outcome.)
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So the verdict is I've strained something, so I have exercises to do morning and night, I am to apply heat, and I'm not allowed to lift the baby until after the weekend. That last one sucks. Both because I like lifting my kid, and also because it puts a lot of the child-care burden onto Scott. He doesn't mind--hell, he may even like it that I can't take over as is my wont--but I feel like I'm falling down on the job.

On the other hand, I don't have to have my left leg amputated, so that's a plus. :)

I think that Doctor Who last night was made lovely by the performances more than the script, which I felt went a little too sentimental there at the end, especially given the Neil Gaiman-y bits with the Family Blood just before that. I *already* don't look in the mirror quite the same way as I used to, and now I've got *more* reason?

Interesting thematic arc for the season, though.

"Is that the way he talks?" And you realize, wow, David Tennant. Go, you. And there was a moment when I thought, hey--I could totally see Christopher Eccleston saying those lines! I like it a lot when I feel like the Doctor actually is the same person with a new body.

Tomorrow we go see Big Bang, starring the lovely and very talented [ profile] jkason--let's give it up, everybody! (cheering) I get to hang with the ... er ... well, we're not really grown-ups, are we? The big kids? Either way, it will be very nice.
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Well, as I write this on my dashboard widget at 4:31pm, my brain has officially decided to stop working for the day. To that end it has drilled its way out of my skull, jumped out of my head, donned a Che Guevara-esque beret, and is currently running down the hall shouting, "Viva la Revolucion!" While flipping me off.

Yeah, and this isn't the first time that's happened, either.

But Laura, you ask, without a brain, how are you describing this only-shocking-if-you-don't-know-Laura turn of events?

That's simple: I carry a Griffin iBrain backup in my bag. It's smaller than my regular brain, and really just plain worthless in terms of doing real work, but it keeps me going until my regular brain wears itself out on cheap tequila and hookers and staggers back home exhausted and in need of a wash. Best $49.95 I've spent in recent memory (er, well, you know). :)

So. Hm. What else has been going on? Gosh, I know I did *something* yesterday worth mentioning ...

... oh, that's right, I went and saw [ profile] jkason make his local theatrical debut!

(Well, okay, he's been doing the show for audiences since Thursday, so it wasn't exactly his debut, but still, this is his first musical down here, so *technically* it counts. Shut up, I'm working with a backup brain, here.)

Yes, young Jason is Sancho in Man of La Mancha, and he did a fabulous job--and that is neither my older-sisterly pride speaking, nor is it the backup brain hiccuping. So there, Jason, be quiet and take the compliment. I mean, we all knew he could sing--but I had no idea he could wiggle so comedically with a gypsy dancing girl. :)

Really, my favorite scene in the whole show was Sancho's missive delivery to Aldonza, and then the "I Like Him" song. Because it was this nice, quiet kind of scene, and Jason had a really nice rapport with the woman playing Aldonza. Actually, he had a really nice rapport with Quixote, too.

So, yes, we're very proud of him.

I also got to meet Mrs. Jason's Mom and Kendall's mother and father, and Miss Kendall herself, the future hippie step-dancer (no, I did *not* say stripper no matter what Jeffry says) who looks a little like a Fraggle in the right light. We had a really nice time.

And now ... now I have run out of wit ...


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