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1. John Lithgow's memoir Drama: An Actor's Education. You can pretty much hear him as you read; it's awesome.

2. Amanda Palmer's "Ukulele Anthem."

3. Blaine and Kurt from last week's Glee. The rest of the episode was kind of meh, but those two were awesome.

4. The school photos of the Zweeble.

5. Also, his new Perry the Platypus hat. It's one of those knit things with earflaps and braids. OH MY GOD AWESOME.

6. The fact that my parents bought it for him, which just makes it better.

7. My cloche hat from Target that was on sale for $5.

8. John and Tiffany's wedding photos, which actually made a bad day last week improve when they popped up on Facebook.

9. The Walking Dead, which, while not my favorite show, is sparking lots of conversation between the husband and I. (We're edging more toward early-Torchwood-esque commentary than Doctor Who, though.)

10. Looking over this list, apparently the word "awesome." (Okay, I need a new word.)
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I am so very tired. But as I have to work tomorrow and don't know when I'll get a chance to write a coherent account of The Wedding, I will instead go for semi-coherent.

--I love to vacation with [ profile] gnadige. It's been a damn long time since I have traveled alone, and I have no sense of direction. Now, granted, had I been the only one driving around, I may have figured things out, but there's at least as good a chance that I'd have wound up going to Chicago or Canada on my way to [ profile] doggiesushi's house.

--Everyone John knows, knows the word "bitchshitter." I think one of my favorite moments was when someone said that particular John-ism at dinner and the entire table--childhood friends, adult friends, everyone--cracked up. I was a bit nervous meeting so many new people, but when the TARDIS reference came up, I figured we were all good.

--[ profile] jenifoto and [ profile] stotangirl IN DA HOUSE, YO! Also, conversation with [ profile] takarosa is pretty much like reading her LJ, especially the discussion about ... ahem ... adult topics. I was super-happy to finally meet both of them live and in person. :) It was also great to meet all these people whose LJ comments I've seen, or whose journals I've clicked over to from comments before. It was a little bit like celebrity watching. And JC and Tiffany have wonderful, generous, and super-welcoming friends. I will say it was slightly disconcerting to have people coming up to me and saying they've been hearing about me forever, but John basically had the same thing happen to him when I was in college and he came to visit, so I suppose it's fair play. Plus, I guess John, like, likes me or something. :)

--Yes, I cried. Shut up. It was cool. You'd have cried, too.

--Erin took home a small pumpkin we named Maurice (pronounced Morris). Maurice the miniature pumpkin, misunderstood in his time. Also, John, Lorna, Erin and I are going to open an ice cream shop called Gothie and Emo's, which will serve flavors like This Is Nothing But Death and This Will Not End Well. Though my favorite was our Doctor Who special, Weeping Angel Ice Cream, which tastes like time distortion and fear.

--Speaking of such things, apparently [ profile] jkason and David were quite a hit with their wedding gift note about prison.

--Dudes, they went up the aisle to cellos playing "Lovesong" by the Cure, and came back down to cellos playing Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart"!

--I think the image of the reception, for me, will be Mary and Elisa spinning in their dresses and crinolines.

--[ profile] sugarcoatedlie has some Mad Sewing Skillz, people. She made her dress. Out of awesome and pure win. Oh, and lace.

--Okay, whose idea was it to give the klutzy girl with shaky hands a bouquet, the rings, and the vows? We won't discuss me trying to untie the ribbon on the rings. Well, at least I didn't have to carry a candle this time.

--John was doing the "nervous-and-excited" knee shake during the whole thing.

--POWER TANGO. The circle is now complete.

--It was a really nice ceremony. I think the best thing you can say about a wedding was that it was very much the bride and groom's wedding, and this was very much Tiffany and John's wedding. It was quirky and warm and funny, very sweet, and full of love. Every single person in the room loved both of them, and you could tell. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me that there are so many people who love John because he's John--for all the same goofy, weird, and hilarious things I love about him--and that he found this wonderful, crafty, hilarious, woman to spend the rest of his life with. So, yes, I cried. Though I am not tearing up now. Not at all. Um ... hang on, I'll be right back.

--I had forgotten how nice it is to come home to my husband after I've been away. And this time we had texting! ("Good lord, are you at the very back of the plane or what?")

--My kiddo was happy to see me. And I him. :)
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Okay, quick update:

1. Ironing dress: yeah, let's not talk about it. I got the wrinkles out. That is all.

2. Packing: as done as I can get it. Pray I don't have to check anything!

3. Work: Slightly behind. That's all right; I'll catch up. Yeah!

4. Kitchen: oh, man. Yeah, I'm heading there right now.

5. Day: Not enough hours in it.

6. Laura: slightly frazzled.
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Okay, all the grading is done, save for some makeup work I got last night that can be done during office hours tomorrow.

I have tried on my Wedding Ninja dress with my new undergarments, and it looks good! Still a little loose in the bust, but the loose bit lays quite nicely, so no worries there. I think I'm going to iron it tonight--I'm packing it in a suitcase because it's cotton and will fold, so I'll definitely have to re-press it in Michigan (John has promised me the use of his Awesome Iron of Ironing Awesomeness), but I want to 1) have creases to follow if possible, and 2) I want to make sure I can iron the pleats in properly. Because if I can't, I'm going to have to wash it again really quick.

Later today we're getting the boyo a flu shot, then making a trip to Party City because Daddy wants a Guy Fawkes mask. Apparently we're being V for Vendetta this Halloween, with added Heat Blast from Ben 10. (Maybe I'll just wear my Ninja dress and a witch hat.)

I'm showing obvious signs of fatigue and stress, and so it'll be early for bed for me tonight.

Oh, and do any of you know a decent women's vitamin that doesn't make you nauseous when you take it?
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I don't think you can call what I am right now "awake." But my eyes are open and the body is functioning, even if the brain is a bit hazy.

We are officially in "head down and barrel through" mode for work--lots and lots of papers and homework to get through, then exams next week, and I need to have it all graded before I head to Michigan for the Wedding of the Decade. It's cool; I can do it. I have it all scheduled out in my planner, and so far I'm actually a bit ahead. It's going faster than I expected, really (knocks wood).

I also scheduled writing time, so I don't feel completely irritated when all of this is done.

Sometime this week I need to get some stuff for the wedding--stockings, that kind of thing--and I'm hoping I can maybe get a couple of new shirts and tanks when I do. And we have a wooden chicken to hang in the back yard, which needs to get done because I'm tired of seeing it on the kitchen table.

Yes, a wooden chicken. No, I did not buy it. It was a gift. Trust me, a gift is the only way we were ever going to own a wooden chicken. Technically, it's Z's. And it'll be going off to college with him.

And now to answer the eternal question: do I wrassle the kid into clothes, or do I just watch Scott and hide my laughter?
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I am positive that this is neither John nor Tiffany. But at some point, I think, every wedding feels this way.
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We ran a boatload of errands today!

My laptop has some sort of funky pixel thing going on--it's very small, not a big deal, but my MacBook is under warranty and I was a little worried it might spread, so we took it down to the Apple store today. The Apple Genius was really nice about it; they don't have the part in stock, but he ordered it and when it comes in next week I can bring the laptop in for service.

While we were down that way, we went shopping for accessories for my Wedding of the Century ensemble. If you are in need of nice costume jewelry, Charming Charlie's is really awesome. The store is arranged by color, and has a ton of stuff, including shoes.

So I was looking for red stuff. And I found a pretty red necklace, a really nice red bracelet, and some gorgeous fascinators ... none of which were red! Seriously, everywhere we went, the red hair accessories were much less pretty than every other color (primarily purple). I bought a bunch and then came home and figured out which one I want to keep. I am not thrilled with the one I chose, and I may look around online, but it's nice and works.

I also got a sweater because this wedding is in October in Michigan and while I am not the cold-weather wuss that my husband is, I am thin-blooded. Most of the other attendants are talking about black sweaters and shrugs, but I think they're wearing sleeveless dresses and are planning on wearing them during the ceremony. My dress has sleeves, so I went ahead and got a red sweater, because a) I won't wear it during the ceremony, just at the reception, and b) I have three black sweaters, and I could use some color in my wardrobe generally.

Now I have to figure out my hair. Victory rolls are not going to stay in my super-fine, bobbed hair, so I'm thinking waves and possibly pin curls, but we shall see.

Scott's financial aid is in, and he really needed a school bag, so we also shopped for that and found him a super-awesome cool backpack. He's loading it now, so we'll see if everything fits. He got himself a water bottle, and chose one with a design that, when we got home, proved to be a girl with wings releasing a phoenix from a cage.


We found a Ben 10 game for Wii for the Zweeble for $10. And I was totally frivolous and bought a green sweater at the outlet mall ... it was a $60 sweater on sale for $20. I could not resist (see b above).

My mom is spending the night, which is nice, so we didn't have to drag the child around with us all day. We saw so many overtired, crying children today. And before I had a kid, I used to think either the child was misbehaving or the parents were horrible for keeping the poor kid out so long when he was clearly tired. Now that I have a child and have been the parent out with the crabby, overtired kiddo ... well, I feel bad for everyone. Because it might be that the kid's misbehaving and has been (responsibly) placed on time-out; it might be that the parents miscalculated how long the errand-running would take and are desperately trying to get the hell home; it might be a parent discovering a lack of, say, diapers right before naptime and there's no one to watch the tired kid at home; or it might be the parents being horrible and not caring that the kid is tired. You just can't know.

It was nice to have an adult day out with my cheerful-again husband. He was a really big help choosing and finding stuff. I was texting with pretty much everyone today, as well, which was fun. Yay for living in the future!

And now I am tired. And I have some emails to send. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be teaching my mother PowerPoint and how to take notes, which should be hilarious as I only know enough PowerPoint to get me in trouble. :)
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Okay, got up this morning and ...

--told Z a Lego robot story while still half-asleep

--got the boy breakfast

--got me breakfast

--cleaned the kitchen

--folded the laundry

--went to the park

--rescued small toys

--went to Lowe's

--discussed with child the un-likelihood of the big blow-up spider balloon being real/coming to life/rampaging through store

--lived a scene out of a sitcom in self-checkout with husband and curious 4-year-old

--went to Publix

--came home

--rescued balloon from ceiling, repeatedly

--got lunch

I still need to ...

--put away laundry

--get the boy down for a nap



--make pizza dough

--make cupcakes (from scratch!)

--straighten house

--RSVP to the Wedding of the Decade

--get dinner


I am somehow thinking that ...

a) Delegating will happen, but also

b) Not all of that second list will get done.

(So, [ profile] jkason, if you come over and my house is messy and the weeds are waist-high, it's actually a compliment because it means I think of you as family, and I don't do crazy cleaning/weedeating for family.)
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So let's see.

Today I got my wedding attendant's dress. It fits, but may be a bit too big in the bust. (This is not usually an issue for me, how refreshing.) The material is way lighter than I was expecting, which is good in terms of being able to wear it again down here, but will require some undergarments and a sweater, for sure, for the wedding. That said, I could actually use a fancy-schmancy cardigan/wrap sort of thing ... well, I could use an excuse to buy one, anyway. :)

I definitely want to wash and press it before trying it on again, as it's a little stiff right now and could use a good ironing (it's not wrinkled, but the pleats aren't crisp at all). And I need to find out what sort of stairs we're looking at for this loft I'm hearing about, because the black heels I have look cute with the dress, but their four-inch heels are not going to work if I have to climb stairs. (That's me personally; I'm sure other people can climb stairs in four-inch heels.)

Today I also got a phone call from someone apparently pretending to be from a shady collection agency. That's right, some scam artist was trying to snooker my by pretending to be part of a collection agency that's being sued for bad practices. Lovely. Way to go there, buddy. You're living the dream.

The Zweeble spent the day in and out of a giant bucket. It's a container we got to put his toy cars and trucks in, and it's really big. He put the toys in a clothes basket and played in the bucket all day.

Yesterday was his annual checkup, and he is healthy. He's 40lbs and 42 inches tall, which makes him only two feet shorter than I am. He also got three shots and was completely outraged at the injustice of it all. I tried to explain why we get shots, using the example of when I was in second grade and had the chicken pox (you know what makes me feel really old? The chicken pox vaccine), but all that resulted in was his telling me that once upon a time, he had rhinoceros pox.

And now I have to go and clean up while the Zweeble gets a bath. But I will leave you with three ZQOtMonth:

At the grocery store; Scott has just picked him up and put him in the cart because he ran away from us:


Scott has been playing a video game. Z climbs up into Scott's spot on the couch and grabs the controller.:

Scott: Hey, are you hijacking my game?

Z: I don't know what hijacking is. I just want to play it for a little while.

At the playground, explaining the pretend dinosaur bones on the jungle gym to a little girl:

"This is the Tyrannosaurus rex. He was the biggest living thing ever. He roamed the earth ... in a *day.* Now he is made into plastic."
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That would be the theme of my life right now. At least, it keeps running through my head at regular intervals.

Today was a day of ... lord, I dunno. General moodiness and stress. Eah. So I packed it all in, came home, sent the kid off with his grandmother, took a bike ride, and then Scott and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine.*

It's a mental health night.

Hot Tub Time Machine was funnier than I expected, and I enjoyed it. It was really stupid. Or, well, it was a stupid 80s comedy made by people who grew up watching (and/or acting in) stupid 80s comedies. I dunno--I liked it. Particularly the Fishbone T-shirt.

We also have Iron Man 2 to watch, because I feel like gorging on movies tonight. Tomorrow is the premiere of Doctor Who, so you know I won't be watching movies.

And in keeping with my Positive Thoughts this evening, Tiffany--the lovely bride-to-be of my best friend [ profile] doggiesushi--sent out links to the dress options we PartyNinjas (aka their attendants) have to choose from. So many choices! I am leaning toward this one, though I also like this. The second one is already in the right fabric, so you have to imagine Dress 1 with dots.

I'm actually really excited to play dress-up and go all 40s/50s glam.

And I am still thrilled and excited that "Items" is up at Strange Horizons, if you haven't read it yet ...

All right. Tony Stark, here I come.

*Snakes On a Plane, Hot Tub Time Machine ... all I need now is to watch Hobo With a Shotgun to complete my "There's Your Plot, Right In the Title" set.

more facts

Mar. 7th, 2011 12:27 am
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Okay, seriously, I'm ready for life to be a lot less scary and people to be a lot less annoying.

So, here's some more of the 30 interesting facts about me. Seeing my good friend Robyn (someone who is not annoying) yesterday, and remembering our travels in the UK helped me come up with some more:

12. I can fix a pair of glasses with a ballpoint pen cap. I discovered this when my glasses fell apart on a trip to ... oh, lord, somewhere in England, and I didn't have a glasses kit with me. Periodically the screw would pop on my frames and I'd have to re-tighten it, and Robyn had the pen with the cap that worked.

13. I jumped into the lake at Leeds Castle to save a roll of film. (Indeed, I do pre-date digital cameras!) It fell out of the handy-dandy elastic strap and I heard it plip into the water. I remember standing there for just a minute, aghast, then shucking my trench coat and backpack in one motion before climbing over the side into the water. Well, onto the rocks lining the side. I managed to creep out on some more rocks and reach the bobbing plastic canister before it floated far enough to force me to wade. And the film was dry when I opened the canister!

14. I have kissed the Blarney Stone, but that doesn't mean #12 and #13 aren't true.

15. I went to Northern Ireland and got to go inside an Army base because it was built around the remains of the ancestral castle of the girl I was traveling with.

16. I can fit the following things into an L.L. Bean school backpack: a week's worth of underwear and socks, a sweater or a flannel shirt (also L.L. Bean), three t-shirts, a Minolta SLR camera and lens, film (doesn't take much space), pens, a small day planner, a map, money and passport, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner in small bottles, soap, a composition notebook that was my journal, my teddy bear, and a paperback copy of the Alexander complete works of Shakespeare (in very, very small print).

17. I was going to take my bear, anyway, but he was handy in another way: my mother was very upset that I did not come back from my high school Europe trip with pictures of myself in any of these famous spots I visited (to be fair, my only group shot was one of everyone's backs as they watched the Changing of the Guard, so clearly I wasn't interested in people on that trip). So when I spent the semester abroad, I made sure to get a photo of myself wherever I went (Robyn got good with my camera). However, I didn't trust strangers with my camera, so when I went somewhere alone, I took a picture of my teddy bear instead.

18. I am very excited that my friends John and Tiffany are finally getting married, but right this second, I am more excited because when I go to Michigan to take part in their wedding, I will not have to haul all the extra crap I had to haul to Ohio. I am scheming to make it so that Scott and I have one backpack as a carry-on between us.

19. Speaking of plane rides, I can also change a small child's clothing from the skin out in an airplane seat while waiting to disembark the plane.

20. Okay, this one is because of 's answers to this part of the meme: I can't stand Thin Mints. This is because when my mother was a Girl Scout leader, she stocked up on them--all three of us were nuts for them--and froze them. Well, I pretty much gorged on Thin Mints for a month, and made myself thoroughly sick of them. Trefoils, now, are my downfall. And Lemonades.

And that's all I have for now. I will endeavor to think of some more stuff and finish this question soon.


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