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On Saturday we had my birthday lunch. And as much as I love my friends and family, the highlights of this day all came from Mr. Zweeble.

I had to take Erin to the airport at 6 am, so Z. and Scott were both asleep when I left. When I got back around 8, they were awake. I walked into the bedroom and Z. called out, "Mommy!" He then squirmed off the bed, bolted over to me, and bonked his head into my stomach before I could kneel down. "I missed you! I was worried!" Then, once I was at his level, he gave me a huge hug with back pats and said, "I love you, Mommy."

Later, he told me "Happy birfday, Mommy."

He then went rummaging in one of our toy chests and found the banner from his 2nd birthday party, and said he would put it up for my birthday. Grammie helped him.

While everyone else cleared the table after lunch, Z said he could sing the birthday song to me. "Happy birthday, Mommy ... Happy birthday, Mommy ..."

Then he offered to share my cupcakes: "I can share them wif you! I'm not takin' them, I'm sharing them!"

He sang the whole (actually-worded) birthday song with everyone, and helped me blow out my candles. Then he helped me open my cards, and "read" them to me.
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Last week, the Zweeble and I were outside poking things with sticks. (This is one of his favorite activities.)

I found a big clump of dirt for us to poke at.

"Look at this clump of dirt!" I said.

The Zweeb came over, squatted down to peer at it, then looked at me and said, "Actually, iss a frog."

Kid can't manage "it's" yet, but "actually" comes out like crystal.
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Today, my child was not the cutest kid at music class. Because I think you get force-choked if you call Darth Vader "cute." So my child was the most fearsome Sith in music class today.

(Actually, he refused to wear the hat, so he kinda reminded me of that scene in Empire Strikes Back where Luke has the vision quest and decapitates Vader, and finds his own head in the helmet--except without the whole decapitation thing.)

The cutest kid was the little girl dressed as a ladybug. Or maybe the one dressed as a Tootsie Roll. Only two of the kids were actually dressed as what the parents were planning--apparently there was a lot of infant rebellion this morning. :)

There's something to be said for watching a little Darth Vader stalk around the room and then bounce with maracas. Oh, and spin with flowy scarves. He also liked to spin so his cape would whip out.

I think, next year, if I can talk Gus into it--he'll be two, so he'll have more opinions--I'd like to see if David could maybe help me make him a wolf suit, so he can be Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I have a friend who can sew and might take payment in baby pictures, so hey. :)

Oh, and due to the constant refrain of "llama!" around here (see [ profile] dealio's recent post about the petting zoo), one of Scott's so-called "friends" sent us this horrible thing. You know something's trying to kill you when the baby watches it for a while and then says, "OFF!"
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Last night, I'd ask the Zweeb, "Where's Grumpy Bear?" and he'd look around and find Grumpy Bear, and hold him up to me. He did this with all his stuffed animals in the living room. Except Eeyore, who was across the room. For that one, Z. handed me a coat hanger. So at least he's surreal.

This morning--he has this bat and ball set that's a stuffed bat and ball covered in (I hope) faux leather. Which is nicer than the foam rubber balls people keep giving him, since he pulls the foam rubber apart with his teeth ... the fake leather stuff is much hardier. Anyway, this morning he was toddling around with the ball from his set clamped in his jaws. It wrinkled his nose up and made him look very fierce, but instead of growling or making other appropriately feral noises, he kept giggling.
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Saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. My capsule review: good Indy movie, solid movie in general, liked Iron Man better. Which is fine. My childhood is safe, secure, and unravaged.

spoiler follows )

Hellboy trailer looked AWESOME. Giant mash-up of Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola, bay-bee.

And I think I'll probably put You Don't Mess With the Zohan on my list of rentals.
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I loved Iron Man. And I probably would have gotten the thing David gave away without David giving it away, so no hard feelings there.

What, you may ask, was my favorite part? That would be the inclusion of Suicidal Tendencies' song "Institutionalized," otherwise known to me as the "I Want a Pepsi" Song. I have loved that song since college. Cracks me up every time.

Best ending for a superhero movie ever. (The real ending, not the tag after the credits. Which was cool, too.)

So that's one down, three to go, and a new one added to the rentals list: Hamlet 2. "Rock me, sexy Jesus," indeed.
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We're all kinda crabby today, so I am going to make a totally happy post.

1. [ profile] doggiesushi will be here soon, which will probably cheer all of us up quite a bit.

2. I saw three odd birds yesterday on my way home, two together on 41, then another of the same sort about a mile or two down the road. Got home and looked them up in my bird books, and they were apparently sandhill cranes. Which was cool, but also strange because according to my book, they don't come to this coast. Which would explain why I'd never seen them before--I mean, they're huge; you'd think if they were local I'd have noticed them before now. Still, my aunt saw ... was it a wild canary? a bluebird? ... some bird in Tennessee that doesn't actually live in Tennessee at all, but it migrates over Tennessee, so we think it was making a pit stop. These could be the explorers of the sandhill cranes, the pioneers. Or the ones with no sense of direction.

3. I also got the print I ordered from [ profile] visioluxus, an amazing photographer whose website is here. The one I got is three rows up from the bottom, third in from the right. It's gorgeous on the computer, but it's bloody amazing in person; it's metallic and the red is beautiful and it makes stories in my head, and I'd stare at it all day if I wasn't afraid the Zweeble would get ahold of it.

4. Okay, remind me to post about my father vs. the aquatic mammal, because it deserves its own post.

5. Thank god, the Zweeble has finally fallen asleep.
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I doubt I will actually manage this, but this is my list of movies I want to see in the theatre this summer:

Iron Man

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull**

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The Dark Knight***

And my list of movies I just want to see, so I can rent them:

Forbidden Kingdom

The Incredible Hulk****

The Happening*****

Tropic Thunder


I have no desire to see the new X-Files movie, though if Scott wants to see it, I will. And is the Clone Wars movie just the animated series from Cartoon Network sliced together for the theater?

**Please let it be good, please let it be good, please let it be good ...

***If I have to bump this to the rentals list, I will, but it'd be nice to see in the theater.

****The Hulk is not my favorite character, and the first movie was deeply flawed, and Edward Norton is not the casting perfection that is Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark ... *but* he's a good actor, and I'm curious to see the relaunched version.

*****Never seeing an M. Night Shyamalan movie in the theater ever again. I called the twist in The Village after seeing the preview. However, the whole post-apocalyptic thing is what I dig, so ... rental.
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The Zweeble is pretty much over the pacifier. He was a total binky baby for the first 8 or so months of life. Now he'll occasionally find one and put it in his mouth, but it definitely seems more for old times' sake than anything else.

(side note: I knew that breastfeeding vs. formula was a huge parenting debate, I knew about vaccine controversy, but I had no idea that there were pro-binky and anti-binky factions. And there are! People would see the kid with a pacifier and immediately give us their opinions, whether or not we wanted them. I was amazed. My personal parenting mantra is "whatever works," so I just sort of shrugged at people and went on.)

I bring this us because we had (have, actually, I haven't tossed them yet) about a thousand pacifiers, and every couple of weeks we'd be down to two that we could readily find. So I would have to mount a Great Binky Hunt and track down the missing binkies.

Well, now we have Roll-A-Rounds, which are little plastic balls, slightly larger than golf balls, with things inside them. The Zweeble has the dinosaur set and two sets of just weird things like a disco balls or a jingle bell on a spring. So he has 18 of them, and we had five that we could find. So I mounted the Great Roll-A-Round Hunt. We're up to 15 of them (which I've put into his inflatable duck tub, as he's outgrown it and Scott can't bring himself to part with it, so it needs to be put to use somehow). The disco ball is still at large, and I don't know what's inside the other two. I've found these things in the car, under the changing table, in the couch, in the diaper bag ... and I'm running out of ideas as to where to look next. I keep glancing in corners, or suddenly realizing that, hey, the book shelf is high enough to have a Roll-A-Round underneath it. Then I drop and look, much to the Zweeble's delight, as he can then climb on me like the organic jungle gym that I am.

I've found two binkies, as well. :)

Last night he discovered the two containers of Mega Blocks I put in his closet--I figured eventually he'd look in them and find the things--so I'm sure I'm on my way to the Great Mega Block Hunt.
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I have all kinds of wacky stories--like the bagger lady at the grocery store who played with the Zweeble rather than help me put my groceries in the car, and leaned right into his little baby face as she told me she'd been sick the day before ... um, STAY OUT OF MY KID'S FACE, TYPHOID MARY!!!!!!! Can you buy Purell by the barrel?!--but I have no *time* anymore!

But, the basics:

1. Trying to read The Three Musketeers because it was on top of the stack, but I'm not really in a reading mood of late. Yeah, it happens every so often.

2. Doctor Who season finale, and then video game night with the husband!

3. Watched the third (6th?) Star Wars movie, and realized that I have two dilemmas when the Zweeble gets older: in what order do I show these movies to him, and when I do, how am I going to keep from spoiling stuff?

4. I've been playing Superman with the Zweeble, which he seems to like--I lift him over my head and do the "It's a bird! ..." thing, then bring him in for a landing and list all the nefarious evildoers he has defeated. He's very good at landing and striking a heroic pose. The thing is, whenever I start "singing" the Superman theme music ("Bum bah da bum bum, BUM BUM BUM, bum bah da bum bum, BA BUH-DUM!!!"), he cracks up. I've tried to explain that this is his theme music, he can't find it funny (at least not until I get to the "Can you read my mind ..." bit, but I don't plan on ever getting to that part, so it's good), but he doesn't see my point.

All right, I have shopping to do and a kitchen to clean, and only nap time to do it all in ...


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