Jun. 13th, 2014 05:50 pm
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Scaled back my list of stuff to do to about half today because this allergy crud is kicking my ass (I was energetic for about four hours yesterday, then came home, sat on the couch, and didn’t move for another four hours because I was so tired).

I think I’m going to have to halve it again. Yeesh.

(I’m assuming it’s allergies because I’m the only one in the house who’s drowning in snot. But holy cats, it feels like a cold.)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is quite good, though. (Needs more Astrid, but hey.)
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I am also high as balls on allergy meds at the moment. (I wrote that specifically for my lovely friend, Erin.)

I have a bunch of projects I'm working on; I have no idea which of them, if any, will see the light of day, but I like being busy. However, this massive allergy attack has left me sort of reeling in place (and drugged). I've hit a goal on one thing, and am ahead on another, so I figured to hell with it, let's just take today off from writing.

Then I got bored.

So now I'm on the blog, and I have no actual idea what I want to write about. How long has it been since I've posted? (goes to look) Oh, not quite a week--it seems so much longer!

All right, then, what's going on around here ...

Well, the boyo is out of school for the summer, and I think we're settling into a groove. Sort of. He's reading his way through Dr Seuss's entire ouevre, never mind that he's read them all already. I had forgotten how complex Dr Seuss got, once you move past Hop On Pop (though that book has its moments).

I was really trying to push him toward actual chapter books, because he spent a lot of time with those during the school year (oh my god, the Magic Treehouse books ...), but I've backed off a lot because, you know, it's the summer and he should be able to read what he wants. And if I can go back and read all my old Betsy Byars books, or all the Little House books, or every Neil Gaiman picture book in the library (which I did, before I had a kid), then he should get to read No, David! again if he wants.

(He does not, in point of fact, want to read No, David! This actually makes me kind of sad.)

So, yeah--lots of Dr Seuss and Adventure Time comics at The Little Pink House right now. Tomorrow we may go see How to Train Your Dragon 2, assuming I'm not dead of allergies.

I am s l o w l y working my way through a re-read of Milan Kundera's The Art of the Novel, which I remember really loving when I was 19 and read it the first time. I'm kind of wondering how much of that love was due to the fact that I was reading it during my semester abroad, quite frankly, because the second time through, at 41, is ... not the same experience. In some ways it's good. In some ways it's not. But there are some interesting ideas/quotes, and half the reason I want to keep going is I might end up blogging about it.

Still watching Orphan Black. In fact, there's a whole blog entry in me about why I love Sarah and Allison the best ...

(I just got a free copy of Allure, and it tells you something about my age and overall sensibilities that the headline "Her Gutsy Haircut & Supermodel Stories" is perhaps the funniest thing I've seen since I learned the phrase "high as balls.")

The allergies have made my voice go all squeaky (I rarely get the Phoebe-style sexy phlegm; I sound like the little rabbit kid from the Disney Robin Hood), so when patrons approach the desk to ask me for help, I end up replying with this startling sort of bark/squeak noise that then resolves itself into actual words. It's both embarrassing and amusing. Another observation of my current allergy hell is how much my mood and general outlook depend on whether or not I can breathe through my nose.

Okay, I honestly thought I had more stuff to write about--like, I had an actual idea for the next paragraph, and now--poof!--gone.

... all right, yeah, it's not coming back. And so I will wrap up this goofy, pointless blog post and go blow my nose. Again.
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So in the past 3 weeks, I have had:

--heel pain (probably plantar fascitis)

--jaw pain (jaw clenching at night)

--sinus pain (weather change)

--massive facial breakouts (hormones?)

--heat rash all up my back (as of last night)

I think it's clear what's happening--I am finally morphing into a Silurian.


Jun. 4th, 2013 06:00 pm
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Oh, good lord, my sinuses are trying to kill me. I would pay cash money to breathe through my nose ... such is the joy of living in Florida.

So I just sprayed some nasal gunk into my nose, and of course I can't sniff it, so I was lounging in my chair with my head back like Famke Janssen in Hemlock Grove, except I'm this short, round, blonde chick and so very much not Famke Janssen ... and this is my brain, ladies and gentlemen, what can I say.

I was going to post a big long thing about music I've been listening to a lot, but I'm not sure I'm coherent enough for that, so I'm just going to dump some links here.

First off, I'm kind of obsessed with Bastille.

Although this is not my favorite thing--my favorite is actually either "Flaws" or "Pompeii."

And the Bryan Ferry Orchestra version of "Slave to Love" makes me ridiculously happy.

Oh ... wait, there we go, the nose has cleared. I can breathe again! (As I'm sure you were waiting with bated breath to find out what happened.)

Okay. Time to see if the links all work. I will endeavor to be a lot less random in my next post, but I'm not making any promises.
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Let's see ... Z spiked a fever at around 3am; he's been complaining about a mild sore throat since last night. And he is crabby.

I am attempting to clean the house before I inevitably succumb to whatever damn bug this is. So far the kitchen, living room, and dining room are clean. Next up: the office, the bathrooms, and our room! God only knows when Z's room will get cleaned.
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I am unimpressed with you, you bastard. How dare you let my husband get sick? You're his favorite holiday! If you were a person, I would punch your face.

Seriously, I'm super-mad at the world this year. Z. and I are just barely getting over our crud--Z has the eye and ear infection along with a cold--and we've already pushed Thanksgiving dinner back a day because my mom has a massive sinus infection ... now Scott has come down with a fever and was vomiting last night.

I don't want Scott to be sick. He loves Thanksgiving. He loves to cook, and frankly, I don't think we want him cooking if he's been puking.

I also don't want myself or the boy to get sick again.

My last, wistful thought ... I really could have used an actual break.

So I slept on the couch last night, and this morning I was joined by the Zweeble, who got snuggled up with me and chattered for a little while about how we've done this before when Dad's been sick, and how we tried to do naptime like this once, but it didn't work very well (I can't believe he remembers that). Then we put Sophia the First on the TV and he watched that while I dozed. It was a nice, quiet way to start what will likely be a rough day.
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Yesterday Z was still feverish, and in the evening began complaining of a sore throat. Happily, Scott got out of class early, but we found out what that shimmy in his car has been: his back tire is basically falling apart.

So today we have to get a new tire for Scott's car. At first, this morning, when Z woke up with no fever and said his throat was fine, we thought he'd be healthy enough for school today. But then he tried eating breakfast ... he said it was "hot," but since it was a cereal bar, I got out the flashlight to check his throat, and it looks suspicious in there. Pair that with his total meltdown, and ... yeah, I think he's still sick, he just wants to go to the Fall Festival tomorrow and is willing to fake it. Except, at five, faking it is not that easy.

He's a bit melodramatic, our Z, but there's a particular flavor of melodrama here that isn't normal.

He's definitely feeling a lot better, but we're taking him to the doctor because I'm done.

And me, well, I am really tired. And I may or may not be coming down with whatever he's got. I can't afford to take a day off work, so I'm doing my best to head it off, which means Airborne and bed as early as I can manage (when you get home from work at almost 10pm, there's only so early you can do) ... so I probably won't be liveblogging Glee with the ladies tonight.* This makes me sad. :( Still, being sick would make me sadder.

*It doesn't come on for Erin until 11 my time, so we wait and watch the DVRed episode until she can watch, too.


Apr. 4th, 2012 10:49 pm
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Both boys have either head colds or some serious allergies going on. Considering that I have to use the wiper fluid on the windshield of my car--that lives in the garage--in order to drive anywhere*, it really could just be allergies.

I have my own little irritation: so, I have, in the past, had the whole TMJ thing. There was a point in Louisiana where I could only open my mouth about half an inch. It's stress. For the past three or so weeks, I've been having on and off jaw pain on the left side, so I've been doing jaw exercises and taking ibuprofin and so on.

Now, in addition to all this, something is up with my ears. Ear wax? Infection? Allergies? TMJ? No idea. But the left one felt really plugged and the right one hurt this afternoon like a long and oedipal curse that I, and Samuel L. Jackson, love. Plus, both were crackly and vacuumy.

So I called the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow at 9am.

And as of right now, everything feels fine.

Yeah. Paying out of pocket to hear nothing is wrong will be a highlight of my year, let me assure you. (Then again, the jaw pain has been a thing for a few weeks, so I can at least get some decent medical advice on that, if nothing else.)

I have stuff I want to write about, like the wonder that is doing revisions on the Nook, or my new sandals, or my awesome TARDIS cookie jar that Jason and David gave me, but I am tired and need to make the couch up for sleeping tonight (if I'm not sick, I am for damn sure not going to get sick).

I shall let you all know how the appointment turns out, as I am sure you are waiting with bated breath to hear.

(Oh, wait ... is that an achiness in my left ear? Perchance it is! What a world we live in where I'm pleased to have an ear/jaw-ache because it means I'm not wasting money. Tomorrow I will discover I have leprosy, for certain.)

*because of the fine layer of pollen!
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Sick again. Woo. Feeling slightly better right now. Tired, though. Husband is being great, making me soup and wrangling the boy. I have a feeling waaay too much video gaming is going to happen this weekend, while I am too weak to protest it.
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Quotes from my LJ:


So as 2009 ends, it leaves me with a sinus infection. Which, frankly, makes sense, considering that this has seriously been the Plague Year around these parts.


Now if I could get rid of the allergy cough, we'd be set. But really, what's New Year's around here without some sort of sinus issue?

And guess who's got the scratchy throat and sinus gunk right this second? That would be me. Tradition? Evil!
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So what's going on around here?

Currently, the boy is taking a really long nap, which I think he probably needs. His allergies are acting up a lot this week, so he's sniffing and coughing, especially at night. We've been doing the Vicks on the feet thing, which seems to help, and found some 4-year-old friendly cough suppressant that is a bit more iffy in its helpfulness. With any luck, he'll manage to sleep tonight for more than four hours (and so will I, whew!).

Scott is feeling antsy and bored on his winter break from school. I think we need to find him some recipes and a good book, because otherwise his brain is going to get swallowed whole by the internet.

Actually, now that Z. is also on winter break, I'm hoping we can do a couple of Big Adventure Days and head to the beach or the Imaginarium or something.

I am really enjoying my winter break so far, aside from a couple of crabby afternoons recently. The house is slowly getting organized, I'm working on a story, I sent out a bunch of submissions today, and I've been reading books. I've also got Xmas about done, finally. Just one more thing to order, as a gift for someone we won't see until after Xmas, so hurrah for that.

Okay, I was going to write more, but Scott is looming over me looking bored, so I shall return later on when he's occupied with some godawful TV show.
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Today has just been long, draining, and slightly demoralizing. I blame pretty much all of that on being sick--it's hard to be creative when your brain is made of snot; it's hard to do anything when you're exhausted. It's not the worst cold I've ever had, but it's basically the same damn cold I always get, and I'm looking at two or three weeks of battling it before it's gone.

Scott thinks he's getting an ear infection, so we're sending him to the doctor. Z's ears are clear.

I hate it when both Scott and I are sick.

Okay. Time to take some drugs, empty the dishwasher, and attempt to clean the living room up. In forty minutes. Excelsior!
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Sitting on the couch, surrounded by books, magazines, and my laptop. I am improving, I suppose, but I'm tired of feeling run down and gloppy.

Had a really weird dream about trying to call 911 in an emergency, except my phone wouldn't get out of Google Maps.

Yesterday we took the kid to the Halloween festival on Boca (side question: "Carnival" is un-PC? Anyone know this?), where he played kiddie games and got lots of candy. This year he actually won some of the games, so he got more than just "nice try!" candy. We lost at the cake walk, for the first time in two years, but since my grandmother made apple cider doughnuts, I really did not care at all.

(I am seriously craving soup.)

The best part of the afternoon was ... Z. decided to play a game where you drop a rubber spider on a mat and stomp it (clearly meant for the really little kids, but whatever). I scoot around to the back of the game area to get a photo. Z's looking at the game, consideringly. The man in charge of the game explains the rules to Z. Z is still considering. The man describes again. Z. holds up a hand and says, "Hang on--are these fake?" with a little slicing hand motion down to the spiders.

(Imagine a total hipster businessman looking over the selection at the local butcher's, with the butcher explaining the cuts, and then interrupting to ask, all business, "Are these organic?" Now recast it so the businessman is dressed like a superpowered hamster and the cuts of meat are rubber spiders. Now you've got it.)

The boy decided to sleep at Grammie's, so I got to sleep all night--which I needed. They sent doughnuts home, so I had a doughnut for breakfast. And my husband just gave me the remote, and I put it on Top Gear. Can you believe that? Clearly, I need to check the DVR.


Oct. 28th, 2011 07:34 pm
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I spent the past week, pretty much to the day, trying to avoid getting sick. But with half the wedding party sick, and Scott and Z sick, I knew it was only a matter of time. And so my fate has found me, and I am tired and sore-throated, and lying on the couch. Z has declared sickness solidarity ("I'm feeling sick, too, Mom, shove over.") and is putting his cold feet on me under the blanket as I write this.

Happily, earlier today I got most of my work done, so I can spend the weekend dying by inches.

My husband is keeping the boy occupied, which is one of the reasons why he rocks. I think I might stock up on tomato basil soup, too, because I love that stuff and my throat hurts. Really, this could be quite pleasant, aside from the death.

(The guys keep putting Halloween eyeball-shaped bubble bottles over the top of my laptop like they're looking at me.)

Today was Z's Halloween party, and since his Heatblast costume was supposedly covered in apple juice, he elected to be Super ZhuZhu again. He said he had a good time, and came out with a goodie bag and his book order, and his costume, in a giant paper bag. :)

I really need to put jeans in the washing machine, though.


Sep. 26th, 2011 07:00 am
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The kiddo woke up with a tummy ache at 3 bloody a.m.

Now he's fine (well, I'm calling the pediatrician later, but I doubt they'll want to see him), but I'm not sending him to school today to be safe. And I am running on 3 hours of sleep.

I don't have to go to work, and I can shove off some of the other stuff I need to do, but yeesh.
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1. Took a reluctant Zweeble to summer camp/school today. Met his new teacher. Got so involved in the transfer of sunblock, bug spray, and info on the pool schedule that I didn't say goodbye to the kid. D'oh! Luckily, Scott and I were tag-teaming it. As we left, Scott asked if I'd recognized any of the kids in the room, because he hadn't. Me, neither. Ack. A bit of mild, oh, man, I hope he has a good day today ensued as we headed back to the car. This was compounded by the fact that this week is Baseball Week, and today was Bring Baseball Items to School ... and the only baseball item we had was a padded bat.

Um. Well, we made him promise not to hit anyone with it.

2. Came home. Wrote some e-mail, looked at some stuff I needed to look at, did a bit of class prep, then got down to writing. Ah, there's nothing like the feeling you get when you realize you made a wrong turn two days ago and need to throw out 6-8 pages of story. On the other hand, I got notes for what should happen, and some dialogue figured out.

3. Went to pick up the kid. Since it's summer, we go into the room to get him. Z was super excited to see us, and the teacher assured us he had a great day. He colored a baseball player for us. I recognized some of the kids (whew!) and the teacher said Z. was fine once he saw some of his old classmates. Somehow I managed to take home some other kid's artwork, so I'll return that Weds.

4. Went to lunch. Uneventful.

5. Went to the post office to pick up a package. Used Scott's phone to figure out where we were going, discovered that this post office was not the main one. Used Google maps for directions, and they were super convoluted, but gave me enough info so I knew where we were going. Decided to test out the Baby Garmin program on the Droid. Baby Garmin was not pleased that we had decided not to follow her convoluted route.

Our route was drive to Street X, follow it to Street Y, turn, there we are! Hers involved backtracking, cross-country skiing, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death. (Okay, just backtracking.) Except that, just as we got to Street X, we were detoured and wound up having to take Baby Garmin's route.

She tried not to gloat, but you know ... (and the cross-country skiing was rather nice, actually. The Valley of the Shadow of Death was about what you'd expect this time of year, though: all flies and Beelzebub and Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here, blah blah blah.)

(Actually, the program was pretty sweet, and I will probably use the version on my phone in future.)

6. Hit a comic store to kill time. Bought Magic cards, a Darkwing Duck comic, and a Green Lantern pin that will probably end up being mine.

7. Went to the doctor's office for Z's ear re-check. Z cracked up the kids in the waiting room when he declared the bathroom "STINK-y!" Ears are clear! Boy looks great! He also doesn't meet the parameters for tubes, which was apparently a concern of Scott's.

8. Came home. Read some Captain Underpants. Gagged. The Bionic Booger Boy is possibly the grossest thing I have ever read about, and I am a Stephen King fan. I have also read Clive Barker's Books of Blood, and Clive has nothing on Dav Pilkey.

9. The less said about post-naptime the better, but my husband is a very good dad.

10. Went outside to play. In my summertime routine of checking for wasps on the playset, I found what I thought was a brown widow's nest in a 1-2 inch crevice between the deck part of the set and the rock wall. I told Z. to stand back, got a sturdy stick, and went to squish the spider.

I do try to leave most spiders alone. I like a lot of the ones we have down here--we have really pretty spiders in Florida. But I do not truck with widows. Brown widows' venom can cause nerve damage, from what I have read, and we get them a lot. They're very timid, and tend to run rather than defend themselves, but I don't take chances with the kid and his tendency to focus on, say, his stick collection and not notice anything crawling on him, under him, or what have you. Happily, brown widows have a distinctive egg sac, so they tend to be easy to find.

So I poke at the nest with my handy stick ... and the spider attacks the stick. What the? I pull the stick back a little, and the spider hangs on. This dislodges the spider and brings it into better view: shiny black body, bright red hourglass ... Holy cats and kittens, black widow!

A big one, too, compared to the black widows we've had before. But not tarantula-sized or anything. Still, this angle is not a good one, and the spider is still pissed at the stick and hasn't noticed me, so I tell Z. to run and tell Dad that I need spider spray, if we have any. He takes off, and he and Dad report back that we do not, in fact, have toxic chemicals for this particular bug (probably better that way, anyway), so ... I take a breath, change my grip, and squish the spider like I'm Stuttering Bill Denbrough in It (except I used a stick, and the spider was a lot smaller, and there wasn't some giant rain storm that took out half of the town, and, okay, not actually that similar at all. Whatever, I felt triumphant)!

Plus, my son was super impressed with me.

Then I had to squish the egg sacs (like Ben Hanscomb! Okay, not at all like that) while Scott crawled all around and under the play set looking for further spider nests. We found nothing.

When we came in, my son had to call his arachnophobic grandmother and tell her about it. "Now, Grammie, Mom killed a black widow. Don't. Freak. Out."

And now my son and husband are watching Annoying Orange. Tomorrow is their movie outing. I sit here, typing away, Killer of Spiders, alone as all mercenary stick-slingers are in the end. It's a lonely life, riding from town to town with my trusty stick, helping the poor and the hopeless defend against small, venomous arachnids. But I do it. Because it needs doing. Because I am the lone force for ...

... okay, I can't keep that up. I'm signing off before I get any sillier. Night, y'all.


Jun. 1st, 2011 07:58 am
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Last week I was dying, and this week Scott is.

Illness shows the differences between myself and my husband: I get sick and I want to be taken care of. I want someone to offer me medicine, take my temperature, make me food, and basically mother me until I feel better (or smothered, whatever). Scott gets sick and wants to sit on the couch and be left alone--maybe someone could make him a cup of tea, but that's about it. Offer him medicine, try to take his temperature, mother him at all and he snarls at you. Or, well, coughs in your general direction. In a menacing way.

I do think this is a horrible allergy thing, much like mine was, but who knows? I will try and drug him up later. Hot baths and tea will only do so much.

In other news, only three more days of preschool with the current teachers. After that, there's a week off and then summer camp begins, and Z. will be in the 4-year-olds' room. We've been talking about it with him, so he knows it's going to happen, but it'll be a change. We've had a lot of change the past few months, so I hope this one, at least, will be a smooth one. Plus, I'm a little sad. I like Z's teachers, and he loves them, and ... sigh.

All right. I got my entire to-do list done yesterday, and I'm going to attempt to do the same today. Seriously, feeling like I'm getting things done puts me in a better mind-set. Allons-y!

The ugh

May. 23rd, 2011 03:13 pm
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Oy, I feel like sludge. I spent a solid week and a half dealing with allergy crud, but yesterday was the first day I didn't have to blow toxic waste out of my sinuses every ten minutes. And then ...

(cue ominous music)

... later that night, as Scott and I played some more Lego Harry Potter,* I realized I had a sore throat.

This time out, I don't have toxic waste in my sinuses (yet), but I'm achy and when my throat isn't sore, it feels thick. Also, I took Allegra, so I feel pretty much stoned. As in, I got hit by a giant rock and have been stunned into submission.

Now, the achiness could just be from our ancient and decrepit mattress, so I'm not sure if I'm actually coming down with something or if I'm just dealing, once again, with crazy allergies. I suppose it doesn't matter much one way or the other at the moment. I'm not sure why the idea of being sick makes me go into hurricane-watch mode ("Is it headed this way? Maybe, maybe not--wait, it's crossing Cuba; no, no, it's turning toward Mexico ..."), but it does.

*The Zweeble and I actually beat the end of Year One the other day; I didn't think we'd actually been that close to the end, and it spurred me to want to play some more. The thing is, though, while I adored all the Lego Star Wars games, and the Lego Indiana Jones game, the Lego Batman and Harry Potter games haven't had the same thrill. I think it's because they've added all this extra stuff to them, and they're getting a little cluttered. Also, with the Harry Potter game, there are way too many cut scenes and they go on forever.

Plus, why don't you get to fly the car in Year Two?!
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I've been fighting with allergy crud since about Wednesday, and last night it finally eased off. It's one of those allergy attacks that lasts for days and feels like a head cold, but isn't (according to the doctor), so, you know, fun beyond imagining.

I took Scott and the Zweeb to the beach on Friday, and wound up spending a good amount of time sitting on the shore, wilted. Still, there are worse places to wilt than the beach. It's sting ray season again, and this time the husband got to be in the midst of it--we saw four rays near the shore at once; pretty cool. I also got to show the Zweeble coquinas digging into the sand, which was nice. I'm going to miss Big Adventure Fridays.

We spent the weekend at my parents', which was nice. I got to relax and read and finally see How to Train Your Dragon all the way through. I liked it a lot; I really liked how it didn't shoehorn in a bunch of pop culture references to make the movie cooler or whatever. The younger characters' dialogue was more modern-sounding, but they were talking about things that were appropriate to their world--so I liked it. slight spoiler )

(Then we watched Shark Tale, which was pretty much the opposite of Dragon, and wasn't as good.)

We also had a play date with a little girl my mother babysits; she's a cute kid, almost 2. Z. was very good with her; he's getting so much better at sharing and hanging around smaller kids. He asked why her mom didn't come with her, so I told him we were watching her while her mom got some grown-up stuff done. Z's eyes lit up and he said, "We're babysitting?!" He was all over that idea, man.

Now it's back to reality. :) This week we have Z's annual checkup, and I have a bunch of phone calls to make, and the usual chores and writing. I'm aiming this week to get myself organized. I have been off-schedule for too long; I need routine. :)


Nov. 8th, 2010 07:25 am
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The weather changed, and so now I have throat goop and a cough and exhaustion. Well, the exhaustion could just be insomnia, which has been kind of bad for the past couple of days. It all feeds on itself.

So today I just try to get stuff done without dying. I can do that. I have practice at it.


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