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I have a story up for Halloween on the other blog, so if you're in the mood, feel free to pop over and read it. (Hell, if you don't want to read it, just pop over and make my site stats go up.)
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Lots of possible stuff going on right now, and none of it is anything I feel comfortable writing about on the internet. However, I will say that none of it is bad, per se. Aside from my usual feeling that change is always bad (thank you, Peter Straub's Ghost Story), which is not even remotely true. Change is just change (or, you know, possibly God; thank you, Octavia Butler's Earthseed books).

So what else is going on? Not a lot. I'm half-planning a little container vegetable garden for the concrete pad outside the back door (or maybe on the front porch?) if we can decide on what vegetables we want to grow. I'd like to do it. I'm definitely making a birdbath tonight out of a flower pot and a plastic container. It's really dry right now, and the birds could use another water source. Probably the possums could, too. And we all like seeing the birds.

I also need to give my wedding-ninja dress a wash and a press before putting it and my shoes on and figuring out what sort of accessories I need.

My Unread Stack of Shame is down to one book; two if I count a book I was loaned but don't really care if I read or not.

Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 last night, and Scott had the same issues with the movie as I had with the book. are there any spoilers left, though? ) Though I realized last night, as I thought about how Scott has been very sad ever since the 2nd movie that the flying car doesn't return, that the best ending ever for this series would have been Harry running over Voldemort in the flying car.

I'm still watching Farscape. Chiana has finally arrived.

And that is my life, such as it is, and elided.
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Yesterday was a day of Bad Brain Chemicals.

Today, though, I have the windows open.

I went and twined a bunch of the vines from my Mysteriously-Appearing Morning Glory onto the porch rail. I re-trellised my roses. I found that the hanging plant I thought was dead is not, in fact, dead and is actually blossoming again.

I did not plant morning glory. For the past few years, I would get a little vine in the front flower bed that would grow a little, bloom, and die within about a week. This year I got two vines, one in the front bed and one in the lily bed, and both of them went nuts. I had to twine them onto their respective porch rails to keep them from strangling the other plants.

The one in the front bed bloomed like mad and is now dying back. It didn't get much past its original area of twining.

The one in the lily bed sprouted over by the garage wall behind the hibiscus. So it started out at the very end of the porch. And that damn thing is almost to the other end of the porch, now. It's huge and it covers the prch railings. And it's just now starting to bloom--purple! It is insane and I do not know where it came from.

The hanging plant had, I thought, died from neglect. Scott hung it back in the tree to get it out of the way when he mowed, and one day I noticed it had green leaves in it. I assumed they were weeds and decided to just let whatever wanted to grow there grow--maybe I'd get some butterflies. Today I went and checked it out--no weeds, just the original plant.

So, yeah, the gardening fairies have been kind to me this year.

Now I have to go get the Zweeble, and see if maybe he'll let me keep the windows open today.
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1. My son is planning to "have a wedding" to a yellow pony toy named Cathy ("Cafee"). You know, I was prepared for a possible, "Mom, I like boys," but I was definitely not prepared for a horse-in-law.

2. My thoughts on the Lost finale: I remain firm in my conviction that what that show needed was a three-episode crossover with Doctor Who. Seriously, imagine the conversation with Jacob, Smokey, and the Doctor (either one).

3. My hanging purple plant (the name of which I can't remember and I tossed the tag) is doing much better since I moved it into the back yard and hung it from a tree. It doesn't want to stay hung in the tree, though--I keep finding it on the ground. But sitting up correctly, so there you go. My peach roses are blooming. I cut back the begonia, so maybe it will bloom again. I also transplanted the remaining marigold sprout, so tomorrow Z. and I will plant some pansy seeds and see what happens.

I need something that can take about 6-8 hours of direct, hot sunlight to put on the porch. I also want to look into growing some bee-attracting plants, and I'd like to try a little container butterfly garden. Z.'s old enough to help me water stuff, and since we got him a water play table, he always wants to be outside.

4. My current thoughts on Doctor Who: aww, I like Rory. Still hating the clip-on suspenders.

5. I need some new music. I hate all eight or nine days' worth of stuff on our iPod right now, except for "Tiny Dancer," "Life on Mars," and "After the Bombs."

6. Did I mention that Life As We Knew It was really good but incredibly depressing? spoilerish )
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The boy is asleep, the husband is just waking up from his nap, and the kitchen is clean. Actually, so's the rest of the house. I just finished eating cold ravioli (better than it sounds, actually--not canned) and am contemplating what I want to read after three good books right in a row.*** I think I'll catch up on comics.

I finally got all my music onto my laptop. I only have 5.3 days of music all by myself. This makes me a little sad. I just got a couple of songs by The Hold Steady, which I've only listened to once but like thus far. And the Eels, "Beautiful Freak," which was in Hellboy II. Scott just bought the soundtrack to Marie Antionette, so I need to load that. I am waiting for the new Nas album to hit iTunes, because I want to get a couple songs off that, as well. Yes, I like Nas. And then the new Dresden Dolls ...

I realized as I finished loading my music that there are songs I bought and have not listened to yet, because what with one thing and another I forgot I bought them.

Did I mention that Scott got all three Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain albums?

I believe I did mention that, due to the bird feeder right outside the sliding door on the concrete pad, we have a border of odd wildflwery, could-be-corn plants? Well, we do. And they've attracted some very cool butterflies. In front, the birds planted some sunflowers for me, which are growing really well.

I was going to mow the lawn today, but it's raining.

Oh and Quicken may be trying to kill me. I'm not sure.

***Nurk, New Amsterdam, and Lock and Key. [ profile] sugarcoatedlie, I recommended New Amsterdam to [ profile] jenifoto, and I think you'd like it, too. Don't let the Anita Blake comparison on the cover deter you. Granted, I haven't read the Anita Blake books, but going by your description, they are not that much alike.
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Okay, in something like 12 hours we should be headed for North Carolina.

The Zweeble's First Road Trip! God help us.

(Scott mowed last night, but we didn't weedeat, so around the back pad and the front flower beds are allo these sprouting stalks of sunflowers, various weeds, and something that looks like corn, all from the birdseed that's been spilled by the very picky blue jays. I'm looking out the back glass doors wondering if the corn will be ripe when we get home. :) )

Posting will be nonexistent unless someone on the mountian has open wireless. I will, however, be able to access my voice mail when my cell reception is decent ("You dial your own number," the customer service lady said. Thus making me feel like an idiot. But the thing is, I distinctly remember writing down an 800 number somewhere when I first got the phone ... five years ago? So, yeah).

I may be posting again today, maybe not. Now I am off to pack and have a nervous breakdown. :)
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I forgot to say, my other bright spot yesterday was that the seeds I planted in a little pot on the kitchen windowsill sprouted yesterday and just kept going as the day wore on.

Over the weekend I planted two stalks of frangipani in the ground in the beds at the front of the house, chopped off a huge branch from the hibiscus that was making it too top-heavy, and decided that I will probably take the bougainvillea out completely (it just keeps getting the cabbage worms and never fully recovers) and put my jacaranda sapling in its pot in the space, until I plant the jacaranda for good out back. Then I'll get another hibiscus for that space.

I also mowed the lawn. First time in two years! Lookit me!
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Went to see [ profile] jkason in Little Shop of Horrors last night (he's Seymour). It was a preview, so there were some glitches,** but holy cats, the cast started doing "Skid Row" and you could just feel the entire thing fall into place and get going. And go it did. It's a rare thing for Jason to sing with someone who can belt like he can, but the actress playing Audrey matched him all the way through.

And, really, any show that includes Jason doing a little spastic dance onstage is a good one. When the little spastic dance comes from his giving in to his inner psycho killer and his carnivorous talking plant, well ... that's even better. :)

(Fakest fake hand ever, but if they ever do Avenue Q, Jason's prepared.)

**personal favorite glitches: one of the doo-wop chicks didn't quite finish her quick-change and came out with her pink evening gown unzipped, and then had to try and gracefully hold it together while doing choreography; at the end, the smoke machine went a little nuts and engulfed the audience as well as the actors. Cough, cough.
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So I had this cute little decorative feeder in the front yard, but no birds ever came to it, so I emptied it and just left it to look cute.

When my in-laws were here, my mother-in-law managed to lock herself out of the house. Since she knew I was feeding the baby, she didn't want to knock and make me get up. The garage door was open, so she basically went around and spent half an hour pulling weeds, watering plants, and filling up the bird feeders--including the one in the front yard. (Eventually I got the baby settled and went to ask her why she was doing my yard work, and let her back in.)

Well, the jays found the front yard feeder, and it became their private stock of seed. The doves didn't find it, which is odd since doves are usually the first birds to my feeders, the blackbirds didn't find it--just these two blue jays. Then the cardinals found it, too, and they and the jays fought over it. Then a blackbird showed up. One dove discovered it, but was apparently too big to get onto it to eat.

In the meantime, since I haven't had the time or the energy to get out back and fill those feeders, they started falling apart. Literally, the second one was hanging by a thread, one wall off and the floor of it hanging. The woodpecker was eating from it, still, but that was about it.

(my back yard needs some serious work, let me tell you.)

The nice thing about the front feeder is that I can sit and feed the baby on the couch and watch the birds. And now that I have given up on hanging plants (I don't have the time or energy to water them every day, so now I only have plants that can get rained on--except for one bougainvillea, which I can stick out in the rain), I decided it was time to add a feeder. So this weekend I went and got a new feeder to replace the decorative one (which is rusty and not so decorative anymore), and a feeder to hang on the porch. I also got a feeder to hang in a tree out back for the woodpecker.

And today the jays found both of the feeders and were screeching to each other about it. One perched on the string of the hanging feeder and called to the world. Then he ate. I don't think the cardinals will be back for a couple of months, but that's okay--I love blue jays. Plus, there are wasps on the front porch, and jays eat wasps, so they'll get a treat and I won't have to spray chemicals everywhere.

Now I need one of those birdbaths on a spike. :)
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1. The reason babies are cute is so you don't sell them when they're being fussy. But grandparents will always offer to buy.

2. That thing about parenting being bittersweet starts at delivery. I wanted him to be born, but I wasn't done with enjoying him moving in the womb. Now it's his growing--when he was born, he was 6 pounds and 14 ounces, then he lost about 9 ounces. Every item of clothing we had for him was too big. We put him in his crib and it was like we'd set him adrift in the ocean. We'd put him in his bassinette/playpen whatever way we wanted--lengthwise or widthwise--and he'd fit. Six weeks later and he's weighing 8 pounds or so. Now all those giant onesies fit him. His crib is still a bit big, but it doesn't look quite as vast when he's in it. And he's nearly as long as the playpen is wide. I certainly *want* him to grow and get bigger; I've been working my ass off (almost literally) to make sure he gains weight, and I'm very proud of how big he's getting. But I miss him being a little guy.

3. There are now two people I'm willing to make an idiot of myself in front of, if it means they smile or laugh, and that would be Scott and the Zweeble. Of course, young Mister Z. isn't quite old enough yet to do those things automatically, and he's probably too young to appreciate my sense of humor (what Scott's excuse is, I don't know), but I'm still trying.


In other news, we now have birds at our feeder in the front yard! Two blue jays and a male cardinal have discovered the feeder and are using it pretty regularly. My back yard feeders are both falling apart, and I haven't been out to fill them in weeks; sooner or later I'll make the back yard decent again.

The cabbage worms have descended on my bougainvillea again--it was looking so great, too. I'm leaving it alone this time (partly because I don't have the time to do much to it), but eventually I need to go out and prune it back into tree shape. Maybe next weekend.

And now, I shall take advantage of the Sleep of the Zweeble and get myself some breakfast.

ETA: Hey, I didn't know you could change your user name! I've been feeling kinda lukewarm about mine for a while now--maybe I'll change it. Of course, that means I have to think of a new one ... :)
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Scott and I got 3/4ths of the yardwork done today--he did more than I did, because I was at the gym while he mowed. But I got the plants together, did some pruning (maybe, maybe, maybe the cabbage worms on the bougainvillea are dead dead dead. I can only hope), transplanted the tree that was pretty root-bound (after hurricane season, I'm going to plant the tree in the yard somewhere, but it needs the chance to establish some roots before some crazy storm comes along), watered stuff, fed the birds, and used the leaf-blower. Tomorrow I'll buy some replacement cutter doohickeys for the weed eater and, well, eat the weeds.

This tells you about my relationship with Erin, that I'm doing yard work for her. I never do yard work for Jason. Actually, I usually mow the lawn while Jason is here. I might mow for John, but I don't think I'd drag the weedeater out for him. I think I'd do yard work for Tiffany--see, it's the people who like to garden that I'll weedeat and stuff for, because I want to show off my plants. :)

Speaking of that, dudes, you should see the frangipani in the back yard. I have two, and one of them us puny. I think that's because the other one is freaking massive. Leaves everywhere and it's going to bloom soon (here's hoping it's when Erin's here, 'cause they smell nice). I don't do anything to them, they just grow. They love the rain and the sun. Much like my rain lilies, which are also exploding now that they have good dirt and a lot of rain. My super-duper resistant to everything rose is growing really well (and thank god, cabbage worms don't seem to like it). The xanadu is having a little trouble with the heat, but the hibiscus is thriving. I want some more hibiscus, I think. I can handle one Florida cliche.

Now I'm tired. Yeesh, it's hot.

On my way back from the gym, I was behind a pickup truck carrying some kind of furniture in the back, with two guys sitting on the walls of the truck bed to hold the furniture piece steady. Couldn't figure out what the thing was until one of the guys started playing it as they drove down the road. Yup, piano. I resisted the urge to lean out and yell, "PLAY 'PIANO MAN!'"

Okay. I'm gonna read Entertainment Weekly for a little while, then try and clean up a bit.


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