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I have written a very long thing, with lots of parentheses, called "I did not cry when the Doctor regenerated." And despite the lack of footnotes, I am too lazy to re-post it over here. So if you're interested in why I didn't cry when the Doctor regenerated, hop on over and check it out.
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So in the past 3 weeks, I have had:

--heel pain (probably plantar fascitis)

--jaw pain (jaw clenching at night)

--sinus pain (weather change)

--massive facial breakouts (hormones?)

--heat rash all up my back (as of last night)

I think it's clear what's happening--I am finally morphing into a Silurian.
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I'm at work, on my break, attempting to update on my sort of new tablet (I've had it for about a month). It's a Nexus 7, which means we're still not quite an Apple-only family, but overall it works for what I want to do: read books, download apps, occasionally edit stuff, scribble ideas down.  I actually prefer an actual notebook for that last, but when you're out running around, it's nice to not have a lot of extra stuff.

Of course, I say that having been lugging a copy of Salman Rushdie's memoir, Joseph Anton, around for two months (I've been reading that book longer than I've owned this tablet).  It's good, but it's hard to read for long periods. Especially if you want to keep your overall faith in humanity.

I've been hearing good things from people who have read "The Drowned Man" at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which is nice (and if you haven't read it yet, go read it, this is my unsubtle hint!).

I will say, the cut and paste on this thing is nicer than my iPhone, though touchscreen keyboards remain impish tools of the devil.

And now, back to work I go. Summer in the college library: count the shadows.
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1. The Z is feeling better, and I am, too. Physically, anyway. I'm currently in a sort of foggy, blah mental state--too much stress, living in limbo sucks (in some ways, I am right there with Blaine and Brittany, baby)--and none of my escapism is actually letting me escape! (see below)

I told Scott today that I'm ready for different stress. You can't have no stress, that's life, but I'd like it to be different than the stress of the past few years.

This weekend, I guess I'll be catching up on all the stuff that didn't get done because the boyo was sick. But I hope to have some time to relax. Anyone got a movie or a TV show I really should watch? I'm willing to take suggestions.

2. Glee

I'm really not sure the structure of this episode worked for me. That was a lot of music, and for an episode all about people breaking up, not a whole lot of dialogue.

Well, except for Rachel and Finn, but at this point they've broken up so much they should be able to do it in a montage. Seriously, I want to know more about Blaine's hookup; I don't need to hear "I'm a grown woman!"

Just for the record, I don't get too worked up over cheating in television--there are things that work in fiction that don't tend to work that way in the actual world (the redemption of Jack Devereaux on Days of Our Lives springs to mind, though just by using that example I've probably proven that I'm not actually in Glee's primary demographic), so I can accept them without too much fuss; cheating tends to be one of those things for me.* I'm very interested to see what exactly happened there (this wouldn't be the first time this show screwed around with what someone said vs. what actually happened), what's going to happen next, and, frankly, more of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer getting to act.

Seriously, guys, I'll watch Chris Colfer in anything, now--his face, y'all, I want them to put Kurt through the wringer just so I can watch Chris Colfer tell half of the story with his facial expressions. When can I see his damn movie, when?**

And Darren Criss is not quite as good, but he's getting better and better, I think.*** And I wish Naya Rivera had had more to do in this episode--you know, like speaking more dialogue. I do like the music on Glee, I like a lot of the musical numbers generally, but for the love of god, people. Emma and Will's bit was the dippiest piece of tacked-on angst ever--we could have taken that five minutes and given Santana more of a scene.

Also, seriously, when are the new kids going to actually be on Glee and not One Tree Hill or whatever? You're Puck's younger brother, kid, set something on fire! Marley, get all Method-obsessed for your Sandy audition!


(Also, remember how last season there were all these disturbing and slightly tweaked echoes of my own high school experience in the show? I am half-expecting someone to seriously injure themselves during Grease rehearsals. Maybe Sugar gets concussed, or Marley ruptures her appendix?)

*In the real world, my feeling is that my dealbreakers are not the same as other people's, and the only relationship you can truly understand is the one you're in--and things like that are very complicated, and, well, don't work the way they work in fiction.

**I dream of Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch getting to do something dramatic together. Because she's damn awesome in drama, too, and ... sigh.

***He's also, I think, a different sort of actor that Colfer, which is fine. I dunno, I'll probably ponder that when I can watch that performance of "Teenage Dream" again objectively. Dudes, that song about killed me.

3. Doctor Who

I was sort of underwhelmed by the last episode of Doctor Who.

As Scott said, the Angels are really cool ... until you watch them a lot. They're sort of losing their mystique. Plus, okay, Statue of Liberty Angel--that's been an internet meme for a while now, and I thought it was hilarious that they used it, but why didn't it get Amy and Rory when they were standing on the side of the building and definitely not looking at it?

And, okay, again, the structure wasn't working for me ... because we've seen a lot of this episode before. Weeping Angels, yes, since the Martha Jones era. A creepy hotel with scary stuff in the rooms? Last season, with the minotaur. Really old Rory who's been without Amy for years and years? "The Doctor's Wife." (Also, inverted, "The Girl Who Waited" last season.) Amy choosing the chance of being with Rory above everything else, even when she has no idea it'll work? That episode with the creepy old people and Rory with a ponytail. Really, Doctor, you knew what she was going to do.

Are Amy and Rory stuck in New York? Okay, the Doctor can't go back to 1938 New York, but how about going back to New York in 1940 to see them? Or bring them back? Sure the tombstone had their names on it, but why did that have to happen? Was it a fixed point in time (not that those apparently matter much)?

There were cool things to it, yeah. There always are. But there wasn't any tension there, for me, and I felt like the Ponds deserved better.
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Yay, Doctor Who is back! Yay!

I dunno, though, I'm still having trouble with the idea of River as Amy and Rory's kid--not so much that she is, but because it seems like ... well, I personally, a week after having my baby, would have been grabbing the Doctor by the bow tie and telling him to screw all of time and space, we are going to find my baby, and you can either help me or get the hell out of my way while I hijack the TARDIS--I brought you back to the world at my wedding, I'm the girl who waited, you owe me, Raggedy Man.

And Amy and Rory seemed relatively calm about it all, aside from one line in an alternate reality and some stuff in the mini-webisodes that not everyone watches. Sure, yes, their marriage is on the rocks at the beginning of this episode, but that's not about losing the chance to raise their kid (having her be their best friend growing up really doesn't make up for that), it's about this whole other level of tragedy that comes out of that mess.

I can basically get rid of the trouble while I'm watching the episodes, but afterwards I end up thinking about it. I kinda feel like Russell T. Davies was better at incorporating the human-level tragedy into the show than Steven Moffat is. Then again, Steven Moffat has the twisty weirdness thing going much better than Davies did. Everyone has a talent. :)

Next week is dinosaurs on a spaceship, which I am hoping and praying isn't too creepy so I can let Z. watch it. The boyo has not connected at all to Eleven, he is a Ten fan through and through, but space dinos might do the trick.

Today my parents are coming over to have pizza and play with the kid. Tomorrow we may brave the beach--last week was rough. Nothing horribly serious, just stressful crap about school and suchlike, but I could really use a day at the beach. Preferably Lover's Key, where we could rent an umbrella.

I've been musing over Kill Bill and what it says about my narrative/character kinks, and I want to post about that, but probably not today. :)

Doctor Who

Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:28 pm
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A friend asked me what I thought of the finale of Doctor Who, and so I figured I'd blog about it in an attempt to sort out my thoughts before I reply to him. :)

Well, let's see.

Stuff I Liked

1. Amy and her revenge on the Evil Eyepatch Woman. Because I am telling you now, you did that to my kid and I'd have been hijacking the TARDIS to track you down, fixed point of the Doctor's death be damned.

2. Everything happening at once, with bonus crazy steampunk London.

3. The Doctor and Churchill's realization that the Silence was around.

4. Matt Smith is still the oldest Doctor I've watched. I adore that about him--he comes across as an old man. It's something about his body language, and something about his facial structure, and for some reason I think the hair adds to it.

5. Shout outs to all sorts of previous series in this episode (also liked the Hitler ep's Parade of Guilt, btw).

6. Finally--we've spent, what, seven seasons/series establishing that the Doctor is dangerous, ruthless, and haring off with him is probably the least sane thing a person can do because he's got enemies, man. Finally someone points out that, hello, he's decent, saves the universe, and people care about him. (Who wouldn't go haring off with the Doctor?)

6. I called the Question about three minutes before it came out. (Steven Moffat may have been setting that up since "The Girl in the Fireplace.") I like it. But it leads a little into #1 below

Stuff I'm Not Totally Keen On

1. I got a lot of answers this season, to a lot of long-term mysteries, and it left me feeling a little ... flat. I don't want to know everything about the Doctor, and I'm a trifle worried about this whole Question business now.

2. Aw, really, they got married? That's been the big theory forever, and I was hoping it'd be something else just because of that.

Stuff I'm Mulling

1. River Song's timeline. There's a video Doctor Who Confidential did that apparently sorts that out. I'm going to watch it later tonight. I am very interested to see if, during this episode, she's as young as I think she is. Because Matt Smith was coming off as really old, and she was coming off as really young. (That's actually an awesome thing about Alex Kingston--how she comes across as younger than Matt Smith.)

2. This season seemed weirdly rushed to me, and pretty uneven. But I wonder how much of that had to do with the mid-season break.

3. Am I having Amy and Rory fatigue? I'm definitely having River Song fatigue. She works better for me in smaller doses.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 10:55 pm
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I am not sure what I think of this season of Doctor Who.

Wait, hang on--my initial thought is that it would not have surprised me at all if the Question had actually turned out to be "What the hell?"

(That's not a bad thing, around here.)
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Oh, and my one and only thought after this weeks mid-season finale of Doctor Who (which I feel is spoilery only for the entire damn series since Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, so no cut):

If you're almost a thousand years old, how many big mistakes can you make, and how much regret can you accrue?

That was almost as wrenching as Donna. And only "almost" because of its open ending.
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I have spent a lot of the past week sleeping.

Scott's been letting me sleep in, and then I keep actually falling asleep during naptime with the boyo. The sleeping in is nice, and something that doesn't strike me as odd (though I can't sleep past 9am anymore), but usually I just don't nap. I may zone out for twenty minutes, but I never fall totally asleep for an hour or whatever. Well, until this week.

I have been kind of sleep-deprived for a while, so I suppose I'm catching up?

Also, is it just me or did the creatures (so called because I don't want to spoil anything) in this week's Doctor Who look like a cross between Odo and Voldemort?
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I am still constantly amazed at how different this version is than the last one. And Matt Smith really does seem much older than David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston.

I love the bond between the Doctor and Amy. They're not quite equals, but not unequal, either--it strikes me as a relationship between an older person and a younger person, where they aren't related or romantically involved; the older person has more experience and knowledge by dint of being older, but the young person is no idiot, either, and they know this about each other. But they're still very good friends. And there is that sense of getting to know someone as an adult that you idolized as a child, without the extra baggage you get from having that adult be a teacher or a relative and around all the time to see all your awkward stages.

So. The first two episodes were very, very creepy. I've seen people complaining that the Doctor turned the entire human race into a weapon, he's supposed to be a pacifist, blah blah blah, and I say ... eah, whatever. The Doctor has done huge, extreme things to protect the world before, and sure this was pretty violent, but have you watched this show? The Oncoming Storm? That whole montage that scares the slightly psychic kid in the Family of Blood episodes? The Doctor has a ruthless streak like you would not believe. There's a reason he scares the Daleks.

As for the pirate episode ... well, I feel about this the way I felt about "The Doctor's Daughter"--I think they left out some of the plot, there, matey. And Lily Cole was wasted.

So, okay, fancy-ass interdimensional space ship, advanced enough to have a hologram doctor (hello, Voyager!), and she can't take Rory off life-support because otherwise he'll just go ahead and drown?! And why, exactly, can't the hologram talk? It can sing, but it can't speak? Plus it's beautiful and diaphanous ... and can't talk. Nice one, there. Really. That noise you hear is my bra burning.

And the Doctor can't help with the CPR? Seriously, what the hell?

There were some things I liked, though. Watching Rory all drunk and goofy with Siren-song was awesome. Amy telling the pirates they were rubbish was nice. And the pirates gathered in the cockpit of the space ship was really cool, I thought. But overall, not the best-thought-out episode of this show.

I like that she and the Doctor are each keeping worrisome secrets about the other. Much better than one of them keeping a secret and the other going blithely on.
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My thoughts on the Doctor Who premiere:

1. While a really good beginning, that was definitely a beginning. So I can't seriously comment on it until I see Part 2.

2. Still love Rory. Still love Rory and Amy. Still find River Song irritating at times, though the "Spoilers" thing in this episode was awesome, and that whole speech about how she knows she'll meet the Doctor someday and he won't know who she is was gorgeous and really affecting (especially since I've seen that day).

3. Did I mention I love Rory? I will take a tour of the TARDIS with him any time.

4. Hello, Mark Sheppard. I am so happy to see you on a show I actually like to watch. (You were, seriously, the reason I watched all the episodes of Battlestar Galactica that were about Gaius Baltar's trial.)

5. I am not sure what part of Florida is high enough above sea level to allow for all those tunnels, but since the aliens have been here, apparently, for a very long time, I am willing to suspend my disbelief. Or at least assume that its the same cold, misty, un-palm-treed, looks-an-awful-lot-like-Vancouver Florida that Mulder and Scully visited on The X-Files.

6. Yes, there's a big old plot point I am ignoring. And will continue to do so until next week. You know what it is, if you saw the ep.


Nov. 30th, 2010 09:08 am
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I just saw an ad on BBC America last night (though it may have been DVRed--I watched a bunch of Torchwood last night, too) for this--they're going to show it Christmas Day at 9pm. Yay!

Though, as I said to Scott, shouldn't he be the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future?
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There's no Day 19! Five flipping "Whatever Tickles Your Fancy" days, and they forgot day 19!

Seriously, the Doctor would not be impressed. This is not the pinnacle of human potential, here. And since right now I'm killing time until the Zweeble falls asleep, I don't have a fill-in entry for Day 19. So ... I'll stick it on the end.

Anyway. Onward!

Day 21 – Your Doctor Who OTP

I admit, I had to Google OTP to figure out what the question was. :)

Somewhere around the time I was getting really exasperated with the unrequited Martha Jones crush, I had an epiphany, and I remember telling Scott that the Doctor's true love wasn't a companion, it was the TARDIS. And I am not the only one who thinks this, as Steven Moffatt said the same thing in one of the "Inside Doctor Who" segments on BBC America.

The TARDIS is the Doctor's constant. (In the Lost sense, and also not.) When he's alone, he has it. He and the companions talk to it. It's alive; it has a soul. It may have mercy, even. It also does whatever the heck it wants to, regardless of where he wants to go.

And, as Sarah Jane and Rose commented, he strokes bits of it periodically.

Day 22 – A Who-Related Fan-Site

Really can't do much here. I don't explore the internet like I used to; I blame the Zweeble and those pesky demands of diaper changing and, like, food. Curses! :)

Day 23 – A Who-Related YouTube Video

It is uneven, but when it's funny it's freaking funny:

(See? I told you I hadn't run out of videos.)

Day 1: Favorite Quote

Days 2 and 3: Favorite Classic and New Series Episodes

Days 4 and 5, Favorite Doctor and Companion

Day 6, Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (Scott's Opinions on Questions 3-5)

Days 7-8, Favorite Piece of Music and Favorite Who-Related Photo

Days 9,10, and 11, Who-Related Photos That Make You Angry/Sad and That You Took, and Favorite Season

Day 12, Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (Season 5 Finale)

Days 13 and 14 - Favorite Villain and Villain That Scared You the Most

Days 15, 16, and 17 - Favorite Who-Related Tumblr, Fanfic, and a Piece of Who-Related Fanart

Days 18 and 20 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (Questions I Would Have Asked) and The Character That is Most Like You"

still to come )


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