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Hearing "F.U.N." from the Spongebob soundtrack today* gave me an epiphany, so ...

Sweeney Todd as performed by the cast of "Spongebob Squarepants":

Sweeney Todd: Plankton
Mrs. Lovet: Spongebob Squarepants
Toby: Patrick Star
Judge Turpin: Mr. Krabs
Joanna: Pearl
Antony: Squidward Tentacles
Beggar Woman: Sandy Cheeks
Beadle: Larry the Lobster

There is a case to be made for Gary as Toby, and Patrick as the Beadle, and Karen the Computer Wife would also make an awesome Beggar Woman.

*containing my favorite line from the show: "U's for Uranium! ... bombs."
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Z likes "The Wonder Pets." One of the Wonder Pets is a duckling who, every episode, sings, "This is sewious!"

Tonight I keep imagining him in total Heath Ledger Joker makeup singing, "Why so sewious?"

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So I was reading my Friends List, and read in [ profile] dealio's recent post:

I have to make an emergency disk for one of our stations -- an emergency disk is an actual cd of songs and imaging that can be played if the main audio program goes kerflewie -- and a song that came out in high school, the only song that I tried to make an "our song" to cement a relationship came up on the play list. I haven't heard it in ages, my god this is a crap song. No, I'm not going to name the song, I'm *really* not.

So of course I immediately called him and asked him what the song was. He refused to tell me until I offered him a bribe, and I swore I'd never tell the name of the song. (Which I won't. I want to, but I won't.)

He said, really fast and kind of mumbled, "It was [Really Cheesy 80s song That Laura Actually Still Kind of Likes] by [But She Digs Cheesy Songs, So That Doesn't Say Much]."

"Oh my god, that was me! You did that on a mix tape for me in college!"**

"Uh ... no, I did that in high school, and I guess I did it for you in college."***

I was, at this point, laughing like a loon. "I was a repeat! You cad!"****

(Now I'm wondering what of his other college moves were originally used in high school.)

**he was so cool, all, "Just listen to the lyrics."

***he really probably doesn't remember. I have the mix tape around somewhere, so I can prove it to him.

****Okay, I don't think I said "cad." I was laughing a lot, so I'm not sure I remember exactly what I said after the repeat thing. But close enough.

Oh, and let me take this opportunity to inform the world that on the same mix tape as The Unnamed Song of Shame, Scott included a Sinead O'Connor song and wrote on the liner notes that I was not allowed to tell anyone he had a Sinead O'Connor tape. BUT HE DID.
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It's one of those days when I start considering learning to make meat pies.
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Sweeney Todd, as performed by the cast of Cars:

Sweeney Todd - Lightning McQueen
Mrs. Lovet - Sally
Judge Turpin - Doc Hudson
The Beadle - Sheriff
Pirelli - Chick Hicks
Toby - Mater
Beggar Woman - Lizzie
Joanna - Flo
Antony - Ramon

Flo and Ramon are a bit old for the parts, but we didn't feel Guido and/or Luigi quite had the range for Joanna.
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My brain, I swear.

Today: Scenes from A Fish Called Wanda as done by characters from Disney's Winnie the Pooh. Specifically, Tigger is Otto, and Piglet is Ken. Thus we get:

"Oh no, it's P-p-p-Piglet, p-p-p-preparing to p-p-p-pummel me!"

I also have the strong urge to write a Doctor Who/Phineas and Ferb crossover ...
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So we went to see Zombieland this weekend with [ profile] jkason and David. (Really funny movie, grossest zombies ever.) And we saw a preview for Saw 5768365845 (or whatever). And I whispered to Jason that I wanted to write a Saw movie where he manages to kidnap an escape artist and a guy from special ops.

"So a Saw/MacGyver crossover, then?"

Yes! And MacGyver wakes up, looks around, and says, "I got a tab from a soda can and a stick of gum. Gimme ten seconds."

Then Scott and I finessed it on the way home--you see hands and legs in a slow pan, which then start moving as people wake up, and over this is the Saw Dude monologuing about death and pain and cancer or whatever.

1st reveal: MacGyver. See his line above. "What about you guys?"

2nd reveal: James Bond (Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore). "I have a laser pen and my watch is a supercomputer."

3rd reveal: Samuel L. Jackson. "I got nothing. But watch this." He begins looking at things, and they melt/explode/break.

Bond and MacGyver: "Aw, come on man, let us do something!"

We considered Jason Bourne, but we figured the Saw Dude would try to capture him, fail, and then Bourne would spend the rest of the movie hunting him down and eventually kill him with a table napkin. (Perhaps that's the B-plot to our other movie.)
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My son keeps asking me to put Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead on for him. He digs the Doctor and the fly aliens. I shudder to imagine trying to explain the new guy when the time comes.

Currently the Zweeble's favorite color is blue. Last week it was orange.

I can't find the DVD of Cars. I can only hope that the Doctor will distract him from Doc Hudson. :)

And when I heard that Disney bought Marvel, I imagined the Special Agent Oso/Nick Fury crossover. (Of course, it's the Ultimate universe Nick Fury.)

"Special Agent Oso!"

"Mr. Dos?"

"No. Mr. Dos has been ... reassigned. This is Nick Fury. Welcome to SHIELD. Now. Franklin Richards wants to save his parents who are trapped in the Savage Land, but he doesn't know how to drive the Fantasti-Car. Your mission: help Franklin drive a flying car to Antarctica!"

"Special Assignment accepted!"

I know, the only person who will get this is Scott. But I find it funny. I could go on, too. Creating Oso, Agent of SHIELD makes watching that show bearable. (no pun intended)
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I have a constant playlist on the family iPod for those rare moments when the Zweeble falls asleep in the car and I can turn on something other than "We Will Rock You" or "A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track" ("Gitchee Gitchee Goo" is actually on my playlist, too, just fyi). I re-vamp it every so often, trade off songs, delete others, put stuff on it Scott's downloaded and I haven't heard yet. I did that recently, when we moved to the new computer, and yesterday I was listening to it ...

I have a lot of villains on this playlist. Four or five Sweeney Todd songs, the songs featuring the Rake and the Queen from Hazards of Love, two songs from Dr. Horrible, songs featuring bad guys from The Karate Kid and Star Wars, a couple of "the government is out to get you" songs, a prison song, a couple of "god will get you if you don't shape up" songs, and two songs about mean kids (well, one of them is an REM song that always makes me think of the mean little kids in a Ray Bradbury story, but still).

The rest of it is about 75% amoral and/or mentally ill people, 10% ticked-off people, 5% ill-used people, and 5% happy and well-adjusted people.

I am not sure where my new song about scurvy fits into this, but I think it's probably covered.**

**proof my husband loves me: he bought an entire album of Spongebob songs so that I could have "We've Got Scurvy" by Pink. I didn't even know there was a song about scurvy, let alone one done by Pink.
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I took the Zweeble to the beach today, our little tiny local beach. There were small kids, medium-sized kids, and a group of four or five teenagers, two of whom were boys.

So, as teenage boys will, these two guys start horsing around. The Zweeble, having spent the past twenty minutes filling a bucket with sand and then dumping the sand out, has decided that his work is done and he can now go check out the playground. So he wanders off up the beach, leaving me to grab the shovel and bucket and head after him.

Suddenly I am hit with sand-based shrapnel. In the face, the shoulders, the legs. Teenage Boy A has attacked Teenage Boy B with sand, and I am in the crossfire.

"Thanks," I say to them. "That was great. I appreciate it."

Both boys look at my sand-spattered self, open-mouthed. "Sorry," they both mumble.

Yes, I got a mumbled sorry, not a snotty one!

So you know what this means. Through two years of spit-up, poop, pee, breast feeding, baby food, equipment hauling, the short haircut, the baby weight, the sprained fingers, the bite marks ... I have gathered enough mana to finally cast The Mom Aura enchantment!

Granted, it cost me part of my mana pool, so my Nap Time spell didn't work right and wound up creating A Small Hellion that sucked away life points for something like six turns, but it was cool.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The World's Largest Shell Factory, of course. (Scroll down, see the sign!)

Resistance is futile. You will see this when you visit us, unless you have already. And even then, we may make you go again. It's like the world's largest ball of string or those funky motels on Route 66--pure kitschy, tacky Americana. But with that Florida twist.

Plus, hello, world's largest!

[ profile] jkason, have we taken David yet?

(I find it intriguing that I can now shop the Shell Factory online. This raises a host of possibilities for the holidays and housewarmings.)
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Just open a few windows, et voila!

The Drama Button.**

The Sad Trombone

Instant Rimshot

**also handy for re-enacting the tag from the time travel episode of Phineas and Ferb, [ profile] dealio ... "Dinosaurs--duh dah duh! Dinosaurs--duh dah duh!"
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So Scott is reading Book of Fate by Brad Metzler, and he's telling me about the two pages of what seemed to be pointless Freemason trivia that he skipped.

Scott: So then ... there's these three guys, and they're called The Three--

Laura: Free and Mason?

Scott: "Free and Mason?" Um, they're The Three, who's the third guy?

Laura: (laughing so hard she has to choke it out) Ry?

Scott: I'm just not talking to you anymore.

I'm still giggling. He claims I'm a loon. I say to that: Atic?
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Dear Scott:

I say this with all the sincerity and irony of my slacker, GenX heart:

You are awesome, and you are "awesome."

You not only rock, and rock my world, you "rock," and "rock" my world. You also "rock my world."

And don't forget, you are "teh" awesome.

I am glad I had your baby, and "glad" I had "your" baby.

I love you. I "love" you, as well.

(It's kinda better with finger quotes, actually ... whoda thought?)
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I havn't seen Hamlet 2 yet, but I did buy "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" off iTunes. Because it's silly. And I want to learn all the words so I can serenade [ profile] jkason at inappropriate intervals.

So it's on in the car, and there's this line about a swimmer's body and I start snorting because, well, Jason swims. And then I have this vision of the cast of Jason's Godspell doing this song, particularly David and ... Stephanie? (The girl who kept doing the dance behind you once it was done, J.)

1. Nearly drive off the road cackling. Because they'd probably have kicked ass doing it!

2. Dude, I'd have *totally* gone into labor over that one.
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So I followed a link to Things Younger Than John McCain and started kinda giggling, then sort of boggling (the ZIP code system? Really? Penecillin?!), and then I hit May 20th, read the first sentence of the entry, and had a shocking realization ...

My father is younger than John McCain.

([ profile] doggiesushi is now laughing.)

You have to understand, my father is old. He was the oldest parent out of all my friends' parents, except for John's (and his folks and my father were around the same age). It's been a running gag for most of my life that my father is older than everything besides rocks and dirt.

And yet, he's younger than John McCain. Dad may know what George Washington sounded like, but apparently John McCain remembers Good Queen Bess. :)
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The Easter Bunny came!!!

And he left the Zweeble ... saltine crackers!!!!

Oh, and some toys, Cheerios and a teething buscuit, because the Easter Bunny felt strongly that there should be *something* edible in the Easter basket.

Oh, and secret note to [ profile] doggiesushi: SWEAT! SWEAAAT! LET THE RHYTHM TAKE CONTROL! LET THE RHYTHM MOVE YOU!

(Hm. Maybe not that secret. "Jump on your mother, jump jump on your mother, jump!" There we go.)


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