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Posted about Glee again on WP.

Maybe later this week I'll post the thing about the Moody Blues' Greatest Hits being a dystopian album ...
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Wait, I just posted yesterday, what the hell is going on?!

So, Glee. I liked that a lot ... and all I have are random observations.

First off, though, I have to say I was disappointed not to see any talking cat-nuns or giant faces in jars in this episode. The bedbugs are not Macra. (I am a ridiculous Doctor Who nerd. But like that's news.)
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... but holy cats, I am sympathizing with Rachel like whoa this season. I mean, in an episode the featured Tina and Artie and had some hilarious Blaine stuff going on, all I can think about today is Rachel (and Santana).

Lots of spoilers for last night's Glee )
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I have written a very long thing, with lots of parentheses, called "I did not cry when the Doctor regenerated." And despite the lack of footnotes, I am too lazy to re-post it over here. So if you're interested in why I didn't cry when the Doctor regenerated, hop on over and check it out.
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1. I should not be bored by a show about SHIELD that involves Joss Whedon. And yet, I find myself just not caring. Well, if they promised to reveal some of Ming-Na's backstory I'd be all over it, but I can't even bring myself to get bothered over what the hell Coulson's story is.

2. It's possible that Agents of SHIELD is suffering because I just started watching Orphan Black and OH MY GOD IT'S AWESOME. ([ profile] jkason! Have you watched this?! It's like every narrative kink we have in one show!)

3. Will I ever finish Broadchurch? Because I need to ...

4. I have, after 22 years with my husband, gotten to the end of my patience with shows about Bigfoot, aliens, cryptozoology, and Nostradamus. (Ghost shows are still okay, but if I could ban people from using the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Stanley Hotel, Myrtles Plantation, and Lizzie Borden's house in these shows, I totally would.) There is no new information! Sometimes a legend about a dragon is just a legend about a dragon--not a UFO! And, seriously, I think that chupacabra was actually just a coyote with a bad case of mange. I would love to live in a world with Mothmen and extra-terrestrial crop circles; I am down with our not being alone in the universe. I'm just bored with all this repetition.

5. (sadly) I just ... want Doctor Who and Sherlock to come back. Yes, yes, a month for the one and three for the other ... but still.

6. Oh, oh! The BBC radio production of Neverwhere is out, and I got it, and it's really, really good! James McAvoy, Anthony Stewart Head, Natalie Dormer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Okenedo, and Bernard Cribbins ... just, yeah, it's worth the $14.95.
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... I am not going to try and format this over here.

I wrote about this past week's Glee over at WordPress--grief and growing up and holy cats, Chris Colfer has shoulders, man!

[ profile] gnadige, if you want to read something slightly more coherent than what I dumped onto FB, go check it out. (Also, I totally name-checked you.)
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All week the husband has been telling me to blog--yeah, okay, I have things I want to blog about! Sure! I just need some uninterrupted time to sit down and compose a blog post.

Well, here I am with an hour and a half to write something ... and it's all gone. All the ideas, poof! (Clearly I need yet another list on my phone and/or tablet.)

So, let's have some general Stuff. In numbered list format, as that's how we live in my genre ...


I've been waiting for what feels like everfor this album. I've been listening to it as often as possible, much to the husband's chagrin (he's not a Bastille fan).

2. You know what? There's this, too:

3. My child is determined I watch "Uncle Grandpa." (godhelpme.)

4. Is there anyone left who isn't listening to Welcome to Night Vale? Because if you aren't, you really should give it a try. Remember, if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.

5. "Uncle Grandpa" has a character called Pizza Steve. And a giant Godzilla-esque guy named Mr. Gus. And a Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. I think I'm officially old, now. MY BRAIN HURTS. And no, I will not post video from it.
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I have a confession to make, y'all.

I read fan fiction. Glee fanfic, to be precise. I actually haven't read fanfic since Buffy, and I could sit here and analyze the hell out of why I feel that Glee lends itself better to fanfiction than Buffy did, and why I can't read Doctor Who fanfic at all, but that is not the post I want to make today. (Or, actually, wanted to make yesterday, but ran out of time to do.)

Okay. So. There I was, sometime in ... 2011? ... bumming around looking at Glee blogs, and I happened upon what was, quite possibly, the perfect storm of a story in terms of my television interests: a Lost/Glee crossover fanfic. I mean, Arnzt is Karofsky's dad, like, for real (they're the same actor)? That was good enough for me, y'all. Deal me in for the crack.

(I remember emailing [ profile] jkason about this, actually.)

It was really good. I mean, I expected it to be fun, but it was really, really good. Like, writing-wise, but also in all sorts of little details: the tone, the characters' voices, and the story.

Okay, so the basic premise: Sixteen years ago, the Frenchwoman had a boy, not a girl. So Ben Linus has a son named Blaine. And ten years ago, Ben took his son and left the Island; they've been running ever since. Until they came to Lima, Ohio.

We got to the end of Part 1 of the story, and the author went on hiatus to get ahead on writing Part 2 before starting to post it. Then stuff intervened, and I silently yearned to find out what the heck happened next ... but such are the vagaries of fanfic, right? And [ profile] lookninjas had plenty of back catalogue to read through, and wrote a lot of other stories that were also really good. It was cool.

Flash-forward (with attendant Lost sound effects) to earlier this year, and I'm scrolling through my Tumblr, and the author of the Lost/Glee crossover is thinking of writing the next chunk of it and needs beta readers, and are you kidding?!--I totally raised my (virtual) hand! So I have spent a good portion of the past few months beta-reading the second part of this thing, and Tuesday chapter 1 of Part 2 posted, and I am incredibly excited because I freaking love this story, all right?! And there are so many cool things coming up in it! Gah!

And I thought, well, there may be a few people on my LJ who might share my narrative kink for this sort of thing, whether it be odd crossovers or crossing over these two shows specifically. (It's set during season 2 of Glee, for those of you who gave up on the show anytime after that. If you gave up on Lost, I actually don't think you'll have too much trouble figuring things out--it's an alternate universe, and it's Lost, I mean, come on, you got used to not knowing exactly what the hell is going on by the end of the third episode.)

So here are the links: Because You Left, Part 1, the masterpost of all the chapters.

Because You Left, Part 2, Chapter 1.

So, yeah, go take a look at it, if you are so inclined.

(If you're wondering, Seldnei is me, and my Tumblr is all reblogging gif sets because I'm still not sure what I want to do over there. Really, I have an entire post's worth of thinking about my various social media sites and what the bloody hell I'm doing with them, and I ought to put that on my list of blog topics ...)
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1.  DOMA and Prop 8 are struck down.  Yay!

2.  My grandmother, who has been in the hospital and a rehab for the past month, is home and doing great.  Phew!

3.  Apparently, my kid cleaned his room today.  Yay from my shins and feet!

4.  I'm reading Wolf Hall, which is an historical novel and is written in present tense, which makes me feel a bit like I'm reading fan-fiction.  Well, that and the fact that Cardinal Wolsey is now always Sam Neill in my head, thank you The Tudors.

(One not-so-happy thing:  I really don't like the new LJ front page.  It looks half-done.)


Jun. 4th, 2013 06:00 pm
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Oh, good lord, my sinuses are trying to kill me. I would pay cash money to breathe through my nose ... such is the joy of living in Florida.

So I just sprayed some nasal gunk into my nose, and of course I can't sniff it, so I was lounging in my chair with my head back like Famke Janssen in Hemlock Grove, except I'm this short, round, blonde chick and so very much not Famke Janssen ... and this is my brain, ladies and gentlemen, what can I say.

I was going to post a big long thing about music I've been listening to a lot, but I'm not sure I'm coherent enough for that, so I'm just going to dump some links here.

First off, I'm kind of obsessed with Bastille.

Although this is not my favorite thing--my favorite is actually either "Flaws" or "Pompeii."

And the Bryan Ferry Orchestra version of "Slave to Love" makes me ridiculously happy.

Oh ... wait, there we go, the nose has cleared. I can breathe again! (As I'm sure you were waiting with bated breath to find out what happened.)

Okay. Time to see if the links all work. I will endeavor to be a lot less random in my next post, but I'm not making any promises.
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So, I really loved last week's episode, and not just because of the shirtless guys (although, hello Chord Overstreet's abs, goodness). It was funny, and there were a lot of hilarious background moments (Kitty thunking her head into the wall during Jake's song, for example), and I loved the parallels between earlier in the season with Sam and Blaine. I like their friendship a lot. Also, Kurt dealing with naked Brody (moving the milk carton! Misogynist Ken!) was one of my favorite things ever.

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Jan. 25th, 2013 10:00 am
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I really want to get back to blogging something other than my responses to TV shows. I mean, nothing is really going on in my life, but it's not like I've let that stop me before.

Okay. It's in my phone: blog! Maybe I'll blog about my love of my iPhone ...?

Anyway, Glee ...

Okay, what the hell was the deal with the narration of all the stage directions? Because nothing on the internet is mentioning it, it drove me insane, and I'm now wondering if I'm crazy or if there's some setting for the blind on my TV that I didn't turn off. I'm not crazy, but that wasn't actually there for anyone else, according to Jason. I have no idea what happened, there.

That said, I liked this episode a lot. Because, as we all know, I love Glee when it's cracky and ridiculous. Although this was not as cracktastic as the Superhero Club episode. So:

First off: YOU BRING BACK LAUREN ZIZES AND SHE HAS NO SCENES WITH PUCK?! WHAT THE HELL STUPIDITY IS THIS?!?! (If this is leading up to Kitty vs. Lauren, though, all will be forgiven.)

If I were Tina, given the current available choices at McKinley? I'd be crushing on Blaine, too.

Okay, based on a lot of things, particularly the very traditional TV-beats they've been hitting with them, I'm reasonably sure Kurt and Blaine are getting back together at some point. With that in mind, though ...

... oh my god, the cute, older, English boy says Kurt was amazing at the showcase, flat says "We want you," and follows him when he walks away? Like Kurt wasn't going to like him? Go forth, Kurt, have at, because I want some more of the cute, artsy English boy who is, canonically, old enough for me to find cute without being utterly ashamed of myself! Plus, seriously, Adam as a character is more memorable and more Glee-like than any of the new kids aside from Unique.

And I totally get Blaine crushing on Sam. It's safe-ish, he's lonely.

And the two things together ... well, they've been positioning Blaine as being much younger than Kurt this season. Which makes sense (and I think would have been a lot more interesting and organic a reason for their break-up than the cheating, but whatever) because he is still in high school, in Ohio, and so on. And now we have both of them finding other guys attractive, but Kurt's interested in an older guy (with an accent!), and Blaine has a crush on ... Sam. (Um, dude, though, the impressions? Really?)

So there's an imbalance, there, between Kurt and Blaine (it's not just the Adam vs. Sam thing, that's just what I'm focusing on here), and I really, really want it to ... not go away, exactly, but diminish if they do get back together this season. If they don't get back together until next season, then it definitely needs to go away.

I'm vaguely interested in Rachel's character this season ... and I really want to see what happens when Kurt finds out Brody's moving in.

The boys doing "No Scrubs" was hilarious. I wish I could have enjoyed "Baby Got Back" without wondering what happened with Jonathan Coulton, because the NYADA show choir was so much fun to watch. Can we give Teen Jesus a story? Can we give Unique a story? (There are a lot of things I want to know about Unique.) Evil Warblers became evil after Blaine left (I don't think Trent was the sunshine of the group, Blaine ...)! Also, can Round-Faced Warbler Trent transfer to McKinley and maybe have a monster crush on Unique? (I want someone to have a thing for Unique.)

Although: Okay, didn't New Directions get disqualified? Doesn't that mean the Mennonites would actually go to Regionals if the Warblers get taken down?

Also, I think I'd be good with Finn staying as the glee coach, and never having Will come back. It's McKinley, it's the worst high school on earth, so if they keep on a high school graduate with no teaching experience to be their glee coach, it's consistent, if horribly unprofessional.
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Laura's Response to Burt's Cancer Diagnosis:

1. Denial: Okay, this is totally a joke, he's going to yell psyche and then reveal Blaine under the counter or something.

2. Anger: What the hell, Glee, you can't kill Burt! Why doesn't Kurt ever get to just enjoy anything? Damn you, Ryan Murphy, damn your eyes!

3. Bargaining: Come on, take Schue instead! Or Figgins! Hell, take them both, just not Burt!

4. Depression: Where is the ice cream ... we have red velvet cake ice cream, that will make it better--wait, hold up, cute boys on ice skates-- ("depression" didn't last as long as the others, clearly.)

5. Acceptance: Well, this at least opens some doors for Kurt to come back to Lima during the second half of the season ...
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Oh my god, you guys! Finn has actually grown as a damn human being!

1. He refers to Unique as she, even when all the adults refer to Unique (not Wade) as he.

2. He recognizes the sort of hell Wade's going to get for playing Rizzo, but thinks they should do it, anyway, and is willing to do what he can to protect Wade/Unique from it.

3. And then he totally blows all this growth by reverting to the vicious dick he can be when he feels threatened or cornered, and calls Sue's daughter "retarded." But he immediately backtracks, and apologizes. (I'm not saying this fixes things. I am saying it's definitely growth from his viciousness toward Kurt and Santana--that immediate recognition that he went too far, without anyone else calling him out on it.)

I am getting the feeling that the show is positioning Finn as Will's successor--and that Finn is going to be better at all this (teaching, coaching glee) than Will. Which I'm all for.

It would be nice, I think, if this episode is where all the flailing around ends and the kids all start getting their grooves back. They can still screw up and make mistakes, but I want them to start finding their paths.

(I also want more Blaine and Sam. I want a Blaine, Sam, and Brittany sleepover. Hell, I want Teen Jesus and Sugar to get more lines. And if Generic Evil Cheerleader doesn't get some depth soon ... argh.)

I thought, overall, that the music was really good (Unique and Marley need ALL THE DUETS; poor new New Guy and Finn having to come after that) and the episode was well-structured, but I still don't care about the new kids beyond new New Guy being reasonably dorky.
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1. The Z is feeling better, and I am, too. Physically, anyway. I'm currently in a sort of foggy, blah mental state--too much stress, living in limbo sucks (in some ways, I am right there with Blaine and Brittany, baby)--and none of my escapism is actually letting me escape! (see below)

I told Scott today that I'm ready for different stress. You can't have no stress, that's life, but I'd like it to be different than the stress of the past few years.

This weekend, I guess I'll be catching up on all the stuff that didn't get done because the boyo was sick. But I hope to have some time to relax. Anyone got a movie or a TV show I really should watch? I'm willing to take suggestions.

2. Glee

I'm really not sure the structure of this episode worked for me. That was a lot of music, and for an episode all about people breaking up, not a whole lot of dialogue.

Well, except for Rachel and Finn, but at this point they've broken up so much they should be able to do it in a montage. Seriously, I want to know more about Blaine's hookup; I don't need to hear "I'm a grown woman!"

Just for the record, I don't get too worked up over cheating in television--there are things that work in fiction that don't tend to work that way in the actual world (the redemption of Jack Devereaux on Days of Our Lives springs to mind, though just by using that example I've probably proven that I'm not actually in Glee's primary demographic), so I can accept them without too much fuss; cheating tends to be one of those things for me.* I'm very interested to see what exactly happened there (this wouldn't be the first time this show screwed around with what someone said vs. what actually happened), what's going to happen next, and, frankly, more of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer getting to act.

Seriously, guys, I'll watch Chris Colfer in anything, now--his face, y'all, I want them to put Kurt through the wringer just so I can watch Chris Colfer tell half of the story with his facial expressions. When can I see his damn movie, when?**

And Darren Criss is not quite as good, but he's getting better and better, I think.*** And I wish Naya Rivera had had more to do in this episode--you know, like speaking more dialogue. I do like the music on Glee, I like a lot of the musical numbers generally, but for the love of god, people. Emma and Will's bit was the dippiest piece of tacked-on angst ever--we could have taken that five minutes and given Santana more of a scene.

Also, seriously, when are the new kids going to actually be on Glee and not One Tree Hill or whatever? You're Puck's younger brother, kid, set something on fire! Marley, get all Method-obsessed for your Sandy audition!


(Also, remember how last season there were all these disturbing and slightly tweaked echoes of my own high school experience in the show? I am half-expecting someone to seriously injure themselves during Grease rehearsals. Maybe Sugar gets concussed, or Marley ruptures her appendix?)

*In the real world, my feeling is that my dealbreakers are not the same as other people's, and the only relationship you can truly understand is the one you're in--and things like that are very complicated, and, well, don't work the way they work in fiction.

**I dream of Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch getting to do something dramatic together. Because she's damn awesome in drama, too, and ... sigh.

***He's also, I think, a different sort of actor that Colfer, which is fine. I dunno, I'll probably ponder that when I can watch that performance of "Teenage Dream" again objectively. Dudes, that song about killed me.

3. Doctor Who

I was sort of underwhelmed by the last episode of Doctor Who.

As Scott said, the Angels are really cool ... until you watch them a lot. They're sort of losing their mystique. Plus, okay, Statue of Liberty Angel--that's been an internet meme for a while now, and I thought it was hilarious that they used it, but why didn't it get Amy and Rory when they were standing on the side of the building and definitely not looking at it?

And, okay, again, the structure wasn't working for me ... because we've seen a lot of this episode before. Weeping Angels, yes, since the Martha Jones era. A creepy hotel with scary stuff in the rooms? Last season, with the minotaur. Really old Rory who's been without Amy for years and years? "The Doctor's Wife." (Also, inverted, "The Girl Who Waited" last season.) Amy choosing the chance of being with Rory above everything else, even when she has no idea it'll work? That episode with the creepy old people and Rory with a ponytail. Really, Doctor, you knew what she was going to do.

Are Amy and Rory stuck in New York? Okay, the Doctor can't go back to 1938 New York, but how about going back to New York in 1940 to see them? Or bring them back? Sure the tombstone had their names on it, but why did that have to happen? Was it a fixed point in time (not that those apparently matter much)?

There were cool things to it, yeah. There always are. But there wasn't any tension there, for me, and I felt like the Ponds deserved better.
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Yesterday Z was still feverish, and in the evening began complaining of a sore throat. Happily, Scott got out of class early, but we found out what that shimmy in his car has been: his back tire is basically falling apart.

So today we have to get a new tire for Scott's car. At first, this morning, when Z woke up with no fever and said his throat was fine, we thought he'd be healthy enough for school today. But then he tried eating breakfast ... he said it was "hot," but since it was a cereal bar, I got out the flashlight to check his throat, and it looks suspicious in there. Pair that with his total meltdown, and ... yeah, I think he's still sick, he just wants to go to the Fall Festival tomorrow and is willing to fake it. Except, at five, faking it is not that easy.

He's a bit melodramatic, our Z, but there's a particular flavor of melodrama here that isn't normal.

He's definitely feeling a lot better, but we're taking him to the doctor because I'm done.

And me, well, I am really tired. And I may or may not be coming down with whatever he's got. I can't afford to take a day off work, so I'm doing my best to head it off, which means Airborne and bed as early as I can manage (when you get home from work at almost 10pm, there's only so early you can do) ... so I probably won't be liveblogging Glee with the ladies tonight.* This makes me sad. :( Still, being sick would make me sadder.

*It doesn't come on for Erin until 11 my time, so we wait and watch the DVRed episode until she can watch, too.


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