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The Facebook-free week has gone pretty well. Scott wanted me to look at something odd on his page on Thursday, so I got on to check it out, and then he commented as me on one of his posts, but aside from that and the occasional Echo Bazaar automated post to get 10 more turns, I've been off of it all week.

It felt pretty good, actually. And I managed to do something I've wanted to do for a while now, and cut back on my internet time overall. Having some good books to read didn't hurt, either--that little voice saying that I could read my book, since there's nothing new online ...

I love the internet, for the most part, but I don't want to live here.

Today was a lot of cleaning and grading, with some weedeating thrown in. I only got about half of that done before I ran out of weedeater string stuff, and the new ones I bought do not work. So I need to hit Sears sometime this week.

My husband is currently asleep on the couch, and Z. is wide awake in his bed, and so I don't know if I'm going to end up watching Doctor Who tonight or not. I have a ton of TV DVR'd, and I need to go through it and figure out if I'm actually going to watch, say, the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show or not, and clear stuff out.

I watched a good chunk of last season's Glee, but I haven't watched the first two episodes of this season. I dunno, that show alternately intrigues me and drives me nuts. I did watch Kurt and Blaine's auditions for West Side Story, and Kurt's scene with his dad, though, and had a couple of thoughts ... that I will put behind a cut )

So Blaine singing "Something's Coming" got that hoary old chestnut stuck in my head (hey, Barbra Streisand has done that song--so technically Blaine and Kurt both performed Streisand numbers for their auditions ...), and today as I did the weedeating I realized for the first time just how ironic that song is. Yes, Tony--something is coming. Your doomed love affair that's going to get you and a bunch of other people killed. Stephen Sondheim, you're such a bastard.
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I am fully aware that hating the new Facebook design is a first-world problem, yes. And I've had enough actual problems in my life to recognize a stupid problem when I see one.

That said, the immediate irritation I felt upon clicking on my Facebook bookmark the past few days told me that something was up. Partly it told me to look at the calendar for a sudden insight, but it also told me to start parsing the emotion. So I did.

Okay, here's the thing: it's too much noise.

Facebook is a noisy place--it's the high school cafeteria of the internet. But the new design--with the weird ticker to the side giving me real-time updates of things people are saying, and the addition of links to posts that my friends like, when those posts are by people I don't know at all*--is much, much noisier.

Anyway, I think I need some quiet time. I like LiveJournal, where there is context and not so much noise.

I figure anything I could say on Facebook, I can either say here or text to people. The people I feel need to see photos of my kid can get them via email or text, too. (Though the native messaging app on my Droid won't make a group for messaging, so apparently I need to get another app to do it. This will be after I pull a bunch of pictures and a game off the thing to make some room.)

(I've also been thinking about the Zweeble's presence on the web, and how he's getting older, and how I want to deal with that. I have no conclusions right now.)

So I pulled the Facebook bookmarks off my toolbar and my phone--I am a creature of habit, and would likely click the thing without thinking because it's the next button on the list--and am going to try and be Facebook-free for a week. See how I feel after that.

*I have tried three different ways to turn those off, and they don't stop. In fact, I can unsubscribe, click to look at a photo, and then when I come back, the post I unsubscribed on is back.
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Getting stuff done is really nice. For the first time in about two weeks I feel like I've got things together.

One thing I found abut Google Docs today: I can do most of the same stuff in Word, but it's easier in Google.

Last night, we watched Pirate Radio, which was hilarious. Then we watched Eddie Izzard, and that was hilarious, too, but a bit more uneven.

Z. is with his grandparents, seeing Cars 2, so I have a little while before he gets home. I need to clean his room, but I don't want to do it alone! However, once I get that done, I plan to read the rest of the day.
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So my friend who recently started calling me a hipster* sent me a Google+ invite. And because apparently they shut the thing down every so often even when you have an invite, I set it up today.

For those of you who don't know**, Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook. I guess the main draw is supposed to be that you divide your contacts into "circles," and then you can easily filter who sees what on your profile without anyone knowing what circle they're in. Now, I am of the school of "If you don't want anyone to know about it, don't put it on the internet," but I can see the appeal, here.

So yeah, that's not the appeal for me so much--really, I signed up for it to find out what it is. And after an hour or so of playing, I have to say I like it. It's prettier than Facebook. It's funnier than Facebook***. And it's the first social networking site I've joined that seems to assume I'm an adult and not in my 20s (see *** below). In addition, the privacy controls are right there, easy to figure out and find, and I like that a lot.

Anyway, if you want an invite, let me know.

So, related to this, sort of.

I have an iGoogle homepage that I like quite a bit, overall. I an NPR widget and my Gmail there, along with some other stuff. It's fine and doesn't annoy me like whatever the other homepage was I used to have (no, I don't remember; I just remember it annoyed me).

My friend who calls me a hipster uses Google Docs for a lot of her work backups. The past week or so, she's been working with them at work, and I've been watching over her shoulder and getting pretty intrigued. I have had a couple of instances of "Holy cats, I forgot my jump drive!" at work, and that would be handy. So on my ever-expanding to-do list has been "Play with Google Docs."

Now I have this Google+ thing to play with, and I started looking at the top bar thing, and got to playing with Google Reader. Which would be really neat if I could configure it the way I want--which is to put all my online fiction sites in one spot--but it doesn't seem like it works that way. Now I can add "Play with Reader" to my list, as well.

And yes, I am well aware that Google is another big internet corporation, and I have heard stories galore about how they fall short of their "Don't Be Evil" mantra. I'm not really planning to give them any information I wouldn't give Facebook or anything. But there's a lure to organizational tools that I cannot deny ...

So, yeah. Time to get my kid to bed because my husband has a thousand-yard stare that looks very familiar.

*I use a Mac. I haven't used a PC at home since ... 2004? That's why.

**I didn't know what it was until a couple of days ago--Scott looked at me like I was the cutest thing ever when I asked him if he knew what Google+ was.

***Explaining the "Family" circle: "Your close and extended family, with as many or as few in-laws as you want."
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All right, so Skynet is self-aware and we have until tomorrow to prep for the nuking of humanity by our new computer overlords ... well, before that happens, remember to go and read my story!

Seriously, you don't want to have regrets when you're training to take out Terminators and no one's allowed to use a computer anymore.
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Okay, so thanks to that crazy chick, her Austrian bodyguard, and her 10-year-old kid, the first one of these was averted, but this time it's totally gonna happen, man!

Luckily, I have the killer-robots-from-the-future contingency plan (homemade C4, thank you John Conner, a giant dog, lots of leather, and clearly the Zweeble is, if not humanity's savior, then one of the inner circle), so see y'all on the other side of Judgment Day!

catching up

Mar. 8th, 2011 09:56 pm
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All right, I made it downstairs. The boyo is sleeping and the guys are in the middle of a game. I'm not sure if I want to play tonight or not, but in the meantime I'll do some catch-up.

(If you want the rest of the meme, use the 30 days tag. I am become lazy.)

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

You know, I'll just answer this with a quote from my LJ of 1/13/11:

So I saw this thing today about how the zodiac is all off now, so we're not actually the sign we thought we were. So I click on it. 37 years of being an Aries out the bloody window; guess what, I'm a Pisces.

What?! I don't really buy into astrology, but I've always liked being an Aries. Then again, I love the water, so well ... okay, I think, let's go check out what Pisces is like.

Allow me to recreate the moment for you:

Web site: Pisceans tend to be weak-willed and malleable, easily led ...

Laura: (sputtering) Weak willed and malle--that's it, I'm still an Aries! Bite me! ... Er. Yeah. Heh.

So, yeah. I suppose being an Aries does suit me.

Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

I've had a few satisfied moments. Like, This is good, my life. Awesome. The one that comes to mind first is when the Zweeble was about six or seven months old ... well, hang on. Let me back up.

Z. came a little early to the party that is Life Outside the Mommy. Not terribly so, but early enough that it was a bit scary. He lost a lot of weight right after he was born, he was this tiny little thing, I'd never had a baby before ... and frankly, I spent the first six or seven months of his life totally paranoid that he was just going to, like, evaporate or something because he was so small (he was 6 pounds and change at birth, so it's not like he was actually that small, but we're not talking rationality here).

But there was this night, six or seven months in, where I was lying on the couch and Scott was on the floor with the baby on his robot blanket digging on the ceiling fan and making noise, and I realized that I was totally relaxed. Because the Zweeble was solid, substantial, and I was no longer afraid he was going to evaporate on me. He was firmly tethered to the world, and at that moment life was awesome.

Day 09 - How you hope your future will be like

Oh, I'm pulling for totally dystopic.

I don't think I want killer robots, though. Or nuclear war (but if there is a nuclear war, I will be sure to stock up on glasses), or kids having to kill each other for entertainment. So maybe a sort of Blade Runner future: rainy, with tech and trenchcoats. Post-plague would be okay, if I can skip Nebraska and Vegas, and maybe make my own little community in, like, Arizona somewhere. I do have the zombie apocalypse contingency plan, so a world destroyed by the shambling undead works for me, too. Or perhaps the world will merely move on, and we'll all have to adapt.

I shall wear leather and have a spiky haircut; Scott will shave his head and wear combat boots and a trench coat. The Zweeble will have a little mohawk and studded wrist-bands. We'll carry weapons: a shotgun, a semi-automatic, and a crossbow will be our favorites. We'll travel the land on our motorcycles (the Zweeble in a sidecar), helping the helpless with problems involving mutants, demons, the undead, cyborgs, aliens, murder, kidnapping, disappearances--whatever our particular apocalypse has left to menace the innocent.

Or maybe the Doctor will finally show up and I'll get to see what happens when the Zweeble yells, "What does this do?!" and yanks a lever on the TARDIS the Doctor has never seen before.

(Reading [ profile] dracoangelica's posts first is sort of cheating, because I get ideas ...)

Still to come! )
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I am standing in line to vote while I post on the internet! truly, we live in the future.

Of course, my battery is almost dead, so it'll be back to the 20th century to me in about three minutes. Good thing I brought a real book.


Sep. 13th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Remember when you had to run your Commodore 64 on a TV, and how that was all lame later on because we had monitors? And now Scott is looking at YouTube videos on the TV.
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I keep talking about the Apple iPad and saying I don't want one, but then I start reading stuff on my Blackberry, and while it is do-able and cool, it's also a small screen and I (and my eyes) am getting old.

Really, if I find out you can put Scrivener on the thing, I'm going to be screwed.
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via BoingBoing:

"As president, I believe that robotics can inspire young people to pursue science and engineering. And I also want to keep an eye on those robots in case they try anything." --Barack Obama, speaking to Washington D.C. schoolkids on Monday as part of his science education initiative.

Okay, that's cool, but I'm still waiting for Federal and State Zombie Contingency Plans.


Jun. 20th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Okay, Equilibrium is on SciFi, and I'm sitting here having the same problem I always have with these sorts of movies--I don't believe that the future will ever look like a Mac ad. Even a dark Mac ad. Yeah, yeah, humanity has medically controlled its emotions, we're all cold and sleek and stuff ... see, I just can't hoist my disbelief that high. People are messy. Nobody is going to sit and watch some dude on the TV expounding on the wonders of feeling nothing in a perfectly sleek, angled, spotless apartment. Plus, I don't care what kind of drugs you have, humanity would have died out because they'd have summarily executed every kid as soon as said kid turned two.

Speaking of sleek futuristic stuff that's really messy ...

... the iMac has been giving us issues again. Shuts off for no reason at all.

The last time we put the thing in the shop, I swore to god I wouldn't pour anymore money into it. Granted, that time it wasn't a hardware or software issue (we had, in fact, been repairing disk permissions wrong), so it didn't cost much, but after the damn thing shut off on me for the second time last night, I was done with it.

I'd considered just being a laptop family for a while, but the Zweeble is getting interested in the fun pictures on the computer, and really, my laptop is getting on in years. I (touch wood) don't expect it to die on me anytime soon--I am currently having no problems with it--but it is old. And we had some tax return money left. We put some aside for house improvements, and made a list of stuff, and then kept finding out that the improvements either weren't needed or the fix was a lot cheaper than we thought.

So today we went and got a Mac Mini and a monitor at Best Buy, and Scott is putting it all together now. Less expensive than a new laptop, not a first-generation anything, small and cute, so we'll have a good place for centralizing photos and music (which is really the main function of our desktop), and if (god forbid) my laptop dies, I'll have a (god willing) stable desktop to use until I can get a new one.

And it's also supposed to be really green, which I hope won't bite me in the ass on the "not a first-generation" thing.

We also splurged on a Dr. Seuss video game thing for the Zweeble. He became enamored with the demo we played with while waiting for Scott to get the computer, and I am so incredibly sick of the games on the Fisher-Price website.

I spent the day texting periodically with [ profile] jkason, which I enjoyed, anyway.
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Navy report warns of robot uprising, suggests a strong moral compass.

I suppose now I'll have to come up with the robot war contingency plan (though if Jonathan Coulton is to be believed, I will have bionic eyes afterwards). Maybe stock up on tinfoil and extra-strong magnets?

And now to get dressed and try to figure out PowerPoint. Go me!
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Here, [ profile] takarosa, since I know you're keeping an eye on such things:

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet? (dot com)

Apparently there's an rss feed for it, too.

(hey, it's a better way to go than others I can think of.)
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The entire to-do list is done!!!

Lemme tell ya, there is only one way I can go from my house somewhere else that does not involve driving through road work, and sadly I don't need to get to 41 that often. Supermarket? Road work. Other supermarket? Insane road work. Gym? Insane but not related roadwork. Park? Minor road work, but road work nonetheless. Library? Two stretches of road work, both insane.

And I'm one of those people who looks at gas prices and gets the distinct feeling that the end times are nigh, so as I picked my way through my third or fourth stretch of road work and passed a gas station, I found myself picturing prices so high the state wouldn't even be able to afford gas anymore, and all of those trucks and cranes and front-end loaders and whatever those road-smoother trucks are called abandoned and rusting along the half-unfinished roads. Of course, by then I wouldn't be driving through there, myself.

In happier news, my bike is in pretty good shape for not having been ridden for ... two years? It needs some grease, a good washing, and the tires had to be inflated, but nothing too scary. The Zweeble seemed intrigued.

I feel better. Thank god.


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