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The Zweeble came home with blank worksheets today.


Ah well, nothing takes hold immediately. Especially in this family. It took forever for the "no hitting" rule to really sink in with him, and since preschool is only twice a week, it's going to be harder to reinforce.


(no, really, that was a joke. totally a joke.)
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I have that rushed, busy feeling, like I need to be doing something Important every minute, and multitasking is even better!

I hate this feeling because it doesn't give me the chance to just relax and defrag my brain. I accept that I am busy and might have to schedule my downtime, but I'd like to *enjoy* the downtime I've scheduled.


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Today was a giant, huge, enormous WASTE of a day.

I went to bed late (my fault) and took Zyrtec for my allergies, which were acting up and my doctor has me trying to stay on top of them so I don't end up with the allergy attack from hell like I had back in February (so, not my fault).

I spent today in a total haze and fog that was not helped by finding my child with button batteries in one hand, just about to start licking the electrical doohickey from his little flashlight. Dear god. And there are supposed to be three batteries, but I could only find two, so there was a frantic call to Scott who assured me that there were only two batteries on the table this morning, no Z. did not eat one ...

And Z's yelling, "I didn't swallow one, Mom! I didn't!"

So the adrenaline rush and subsequent crash were also not helpful.

Luckily my mother took a personal day today and was coming over anyway, so when she and Grandma arrived I got to haze my way around and then crash out with Z. for his nap.

Then it was off to mandatory fun for Scott's work, and a quick trip to Best Buy, where I played with an iPad.

Okay, I have tried to resist. I know I don't need one. But it's official, I have succombed to the siren song, I have drunk the kool-aide, and I want an iPad. Not a first gen, I am not that far gone, but I do want one. On the plus side, I still don't feel I need one, so there's that.

And then we got home, got the boy in bed, and ... I have no brain. I am not anywhere near coherent enough to do work. So I'm not. I'm going to, in fact, end this entry and read my book for twenty minutes and then go to bed.

I hate days like this. I got nothing done. I didn't take a day off and have fun. No, I partly screwed myself and partly got screwed by something I'm supposed to do, and it sucks.


Tomorrow's a play date at trhe beach, though, so that should be nice.
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You know how you get some birthday money, and you also just happen to get a clothing catalog, and you see some cute things, and then you go online and see some more cute things? And you start to woner how you're ever going to choose between all these cute things, because you only have so much birthday money ...

... and then you find out that the vast majority of the stuff you liked is either out of stock in your size, or your inseam, or the color you want, so the whole stupid subject is moot.

L.L. Bean, I love you for many reasons, but you totally failed me this evening.

(though the navy and gray cashmere sweater they have on sale is still calling my name ...)
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Right this second, I hate everything. (No, you're not on the list, I said "thing" not "one" or "body.")

I don't think 2009 really fell apart for me until around April, so maybe 2010 will shape the hell up around then.
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I spent pretty much all day yesterday cleaning the house, and when Scott got home, you could not tell. The joys of a clingly toddler, let me tell you.

The weird smells are both gone, though, so there's that.

Today I have to get the kitchen under control. Then the laundry. And run errands.

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Today I have:

1. let the Zweeble play in the kitchen sink (literally, he was in it) and mopped up the resulting mess

2. ordered Scott's Xmas gift, for my grandmother (she needed me to order it so we could get the discount)

3. found out, with Z's help, where all the bloody ghost ants have been coming from: they'd made a nest in the plastic covering for a Pokemon DS game. Mostly the nest was between the plastic box part and the plastic sheet holding the cover, which made for some very disturbing crunching as I took the box out of the cabinet next to the couch.

Usually, finding the nest means the end of the bugs for a while. But I'm going to get some ant bait and childproofing locks, just in case.

(You live in Florida, you get bugs. We had bugs even when were had a contract with Truly Nolen. There's no serious winter here to kill them off, just dry spells and rainy spells that send them inside. Spider season seems to be over, now it's ghost ant season.)

I'm all itchy now.

4. gotten a phone call from Scott, saying that the next time I order his Xmas gift on line, I might want to either tell him to not check our shared e-mail for a while, or use a different e-mail address. You know, like the gmail account I got specifically for this sort of thing.

[insert long, oedipal version of my favorite bad word]

On the plus side, he found this hilarious and this is the gift of which he said, "Someone's getting me X, right?" (I say X because it ought to be a surprise for somebody, yes?) So really, the story to go along with it is the real gift. That's right, [ profile] dealio, I did it on purpose to make your Chirstmas bright. Because I love you. Yup, I was an airhead for love.
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I'm having a friend over for lunch today because we were going to go out, but I am broke. Buying food Team Zweeble eat anyway as part of groceries is cheaper than buying a meal for me and one of Z. that he may or may not finish.

So Scott made hummus last night, and we got some roast beef and I'm attempting Cheddar French dip sandwiches. I want to learn more actual cooking, as opposed to baking, so I'm looking at it as a step on that path.

I'm trying to psych myself into it because while I like my friend, I don't know her that well yet, and right now the idea of boarding up the house and hibernating for a month or two doesn't sound bad at all. This is no one's fault; this is hormonal and weather-related (it's gray again today) and I didn't feel this way when we made the plans.

Still, all in all, I wish Scott were home and doing the cooking. You could see his good-host self yearning to be here when he went to work. It was cute. He likes to feed people. Food=love.

It'll be fun, I'm sure. I just have to get to the fun.

Dear 2009,

Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:48 pm
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I cannot WAIT until you are over.

I've never in my life had a year that just sucked overall, but here you are. We're on the fourth Zweeble-cold, the third death in the family, I have yet to surface from all the bloody work prep that started back in March ... Jesus on crutches.

Look, if you're going to have a tantrum, go over there and have it by spring of 1989 and winter of 2004-2005. Because I don't want to hear it.


At least my checkbook is finally balanced. I have that. Well, really, there are good things that have happened this year, it's just that on the whole it's been stressful and sucktastic and I'll be glad when it's over.
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I hate travel. I like being different places, but getting there sucks. And when I have to travel, give me just enough of a layover to find the gate, get a soda or some water, and that's it.


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Dear Target Checkout Lady,

Those toys and DVDs you kept trying to hand to my child becuase he was fussy? THEY'RE BIRTHDAY PRESENTS AND I WAS TRYING TO HIDE THEM! Relatively successfully, I might add, until you got involved.

Also, that sad little angel you wanted to cheer up? The reason he was so cranky and fussy? HE WAS ON TIME OUT FOR RIPPING UP MERCHANDISE! Merchandise I, then, ended up buying because of my stupid moral upbringing.

(Seriously, I don't need a WordWorld DVD. The kid doesn't even like WordWorld. Had he ripped up the useless cardboard cover of, say, a Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, then while I'd be upset and he'd still be in trouble, I would not also be cursing the gods. Like I am now. At least it was cheap, and not some crazy platinum reissue of the Godfather movies.)

So, yeah, next time you want to shoot me a dirty look for telling you not to hand something to my child, please, consider the happy surprises you might be spoiling. And the next time you see some total brat of a kid in your store, dismantling the display or freezing your computer because his mother lets him push all the buttons on the credit card scanner, remember the nasty look you shot the mother who was keeping you from contributing to her son's possible future delinquency.


Harried, Cranky, StotanMom.
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Seriously, Daylight Savings Time in March?

My kid finally settled down for sleep at 9:30 last night. Which, if you consider DST, was actually his usual bedtime of 8:30.

So, hey, we finally got him on a strict schedule! Woo-freaking-hoo!

This morning he was up at his usual time without considering DST, so with any luck we can get him down at 8:30 according to the clock.

I remember hating the adjustment the last time, too.

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This has been the sort of rough week that future rough weeks will be judged against. "Hmm, this isn't worse than the first two or three weeks of November, 2006, but definitely as bad as the second week of November, 2008 ..."

And what is up with November always sucking at some point, in some way or another, the past few years? It used to be July that always sucked, and now it's November. I think November 2005 was all right, but the rest since 2004 ... not worth thinking about.

Ah well. Eventually December will be here. I hope.
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Okay, cruddy week on a lot of counts ... someone tell me something funny or silly or just good! (No politics, though, please, because even the good news on the political front is stressful. It hurts, keeping your fingers crossed that hard.)
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When you hate pretty much everybody because you feel slightly overwhelmed, it's time to go to bed.
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Okay, seriously, what?!

Memoirs are always a little wacky, sure--you blend people together, you re-create dialogue, and usually you have a preface or a postscript (or a witty footnote, if you're Dave Eggars) saying that's what you did (or you don't, and Oprah busts you on national TV).

But did no one tell this young lady that a memoir you completely made up is called a novel? She took creative writing classes--did they not cover basic terms?!

I kept thinking that if someone had given her Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary, she might have had a better idea of how to do what she claims she was attempting.
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Three days in a row, I start entries with, "Okay ..." I am nothing if not consistent, apparently.

Ya know, when I break down I do it completely and dramatically. No half measures at all.
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Just having a bad day. Though looking at the Zweeble kicking in the playpen and calling to his mobile soothes it somewhat.

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Really, that sums up my day.

Good points: lunch with Scott. Realized early that I needed to get Out of the house, so cabin fever did not set in. The Zweeble might--just might--be getting that 2pm is Nap Time.

Bad points: weekend plans I was really looking forward to fell through. My hair is annoying. The Zweeble seems to have forgotten that 10pm is Not Bedtime, it is, in fact, Asleep Time. House is a mess, due to my getting Out.

So, yeah, yeesh.


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