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I've had two migraines in two weeks (which is unusual for me, so I’m keeping an eye on that–I see the doctor in a few weeks, anyway, so yay, more to discuss), and this one's headache has been with me off and on ever since. Not sure what may have triggered it, but I’m kind of leaning toward either stress or the weather.

I'm also thinking about doing an experiment and only using my iPad for, like, computer/internet stuff this weekend. Just to see if I can.
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So I have a pair of the fancy new Apple earbuds, right? I coveted a pair of these to the point where I considered swiping a set out of the lost and found at work. (I did not do this; I was sorely tempted, but my cursed sense of morality won out.)

But now I have my very own pair, and I want to use them, but I also don't want to take them out of their pretty, pristine packaging. They look so nice!

(This is also why it took me twelve hours to open my iPad on Christmas. If the people at the Verizon store didn't have to open the box to get a new phone set up with my number, I'd probably take forever on those, too.)
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Between my total inability to deal with Twitter, my migraine pretty much every other time I go on Facebook, the total confusion that is Tumblr conversation, and my learning curve for my just-acquired DropBox account* ...

(shakes cane)

In other news, the beauty and ease of use of my iPhone is making me really want to replace the Nook with the small iPad. Which probably also goes toward proving how damn old I am.

I refuse to get on Pinterest for at least another week. REFUSE.

*I am leaving Google behind ... murky TOS, I like syncing one calendar between Scott and I; really, I just need them for the gmail.
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Holy fuck, people, my car has no rear end anymore.

I am not even exaggerating.

BUT. The car seat didn't even shift. So while the kiddo was not in the car, I don't have to throw up every time I think about "what if?"

We got my parking tag, found his noisemaker toy, got the iPod, and found my glasses (along with other sundry items). Nothing was broken. My glasses were behind the backseat armrest, which was halfway down and so had a little crevice behind it. They were covered in broken safety glass, but were themselves untouched.

That was simultaneously the scariest and most reassuring thing I have ever seen.

I have a Ford Focus as my rental, and it's pretty nice once you figure out how to put it in gear. Also, I had to pull into a parking lot so that I could figure out how to get the seat back up, because I kind of need the back support while I drive right now.

I really hope this week is relatively quiet.
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Odd Things

It looks like they replaced the top of my laptop, as it's not nearly as scratched as the old one was (as Scott says, this only makes sense). In addition, when I booted the laptop up last night, it came up as plain mint wallpaper. So of course I went through all the wallpapers to fix that.

I don't remember all these wallpapers! There are paintings (including the Seurat painting Sunday Afternoon--if that's the real title, I don't know my pointillists as well as I ought to), and photos of, like, Buddhist temples (and I am now beginning to think this computer might be trying to tell me it belongs to David and not me ...), and how did I miss this when I was setting the computer up the first time?!

Not to mention the cool screensaver that makes it look like my photos are dropping, one by one, on top of each other.

I always expect, when I have a new computer or something like this makes it seem new, that the internet will also be new and shiny. And it really never is.

Water and Speed!

We live about five minutes away from a small water park. Not the usual water park we go to, with the cute water features and the mini-train; no, this has water slides and a pool and a "lazy river." This place is ridiculously expensive (I think), but Z loves water, so I've been considering whether to take him there. Well, a couple of days ago I saw that they're doing a $7 admission for the next two weekends, as these are the last two weekends they'll be open until around March, so today we got sunblocked and bathing suited, and headed over.

It's a lot nicer than I was expecting (though not nice enough to justify their usual admission fee), with complimentary life jackets, and there was actually quite a lot that Z could do. First he hit the kiddie slides that were kids-only, then we hit the pool/lagoon and took the inner tubes around the lazy river. The lazy river is basically a canal thing filled with about 3 feet of water, with jets that create a current. The second time Z. and I were in there, he didn't want an inner tube (who could blame him--his arms are too short to really grab the handles and it was like he was in an inflatable submarine), so we went without. He was bobbing along with his life jacket, practicing swimming, while I waded behind him looking around for Scott who was wiping chlorine out of his eyes. I glanced back and, thanks to the current and Mr. Z's vigorous kicking, found my kid scooting along three feet ahead of me!

Once we reunited, Z. decided he wanted out, so we exited the river. Then we hit one of the big slides, which he could only do with a grown-up in a dual tube.

So up we go, Scott with a single tube and me with the double, hauling these things up the stairs, placing them in the water, and then getting Z. situated in the front and me in the back. Then off we go ...

... and the tube around the slide is pitch black.

Well, that's a trifle disconcerting.

But I am a mother who does not want her son to freak out, so I start yelling "Woo hoo! Awesome!" Scott said he could hear us whooping all the way down the tube.

At the end of this, I discovered that there is no graceful way to exit an inner tube.

We did that slide two more times. We also hit the really, really tall, but not quite the tallest, slide three times. That one, at least, we could see in. The second time, Z had suggested we do our Disney race car schtick, so I kept saying how relaxing it was right before we hit a turn and got water up our noses.

Scott went down the practically-a-freefall slides. ALONE.

Then we got ice cream, re-sunblocked, drank water, and went back in the pool/lagoon. Scott and I talked Z into hitting the lazy river again, and this time we sat him on one side of an inner tube and I told him to put his feet up like he had on the slides, and so he rode around the river as though he were on an inflatable car.

We hit a few more slides--he went on the kiddie slides again and figured out how to make himself go fast; the last time down he was flat on his back with one arm up in the air giving the world a thumbs-up.

And then we were all tired and ready to come home, and so we did. None of us are sunburned. The kid is playing video games with Scott. I'm sore from hauling dual inner tubes up stairs. But it was a good day. Tuesday I get buried in grading, so I'm glad we got to have a nice day out today.
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We ran a boatload of errands today!

My laptop has some sort of funky pixel thing going on--it's very small, not a big deal, but my MacBook is under warranty and I was a little worried it might spread, so we took it down to the Apple store today. The Apple Genius was really nice about it; they don't have the part in stock, but he ordered it and when it comes in next week I can bring the laptop in for service.

While we were down that way, we went shopping for accessories for my Wedding of the Century ensemble. If you are in need of nice costume jewelry, Charming Charlie's is really awesome. The store is arranged by color, and has a ton of stuff, including shoes.

So I was looking for red stuff. And I found a pretty red necklace, a really nice red bracelet, and some gorgeous fascinators ... none of which were red! Seriously, everywhere we went, the red hair accessories were much less pretty than every other color (primarily purple). I bought a bunch and then came home and figured out which one I want to keep. I am not thrilled with the one I chose, and I may look around online, but it's nice and works.

I also got a sweater because this wedding is in October in Michigan and while I am not the cold-weather wuss that my husband is, I am thin-blooded. Most of the other attendants are talking about black sweaters and shrugs, but I think they're wearing sleeveless dresses and are planning on wearing them during the ceremony. My dress has sleeves, so I went ahead and got a red sweater, because a) I won't wear it during the ceremony, just at the reception, and b) I have three black sweaters, and I could use some color in my wardrobe generally.

Now I have to figure out my hair. Victory rolls are not going to stay in my super-fine, bobbed hair, so I'm thinking waves and possibly pin curls, but we shall see.

Scott's financial aid is in, and he really needed a school bag, so we also shopped for that and found him a super-awesome cool backpack. He's loading it now, so we'll see if everything fits. He got himself a water bottle, and chose one with a design that, when we got home, proved to be a girl with wings releasing a phoenix from a cage.


We found a Ben 10 game for Wii for the Zweeble for $10. And I was totally frivolous and bought a green sweater at the outlet mall ... it was a $60 sweater on sale for $20. I could not resist (see b above).

My mom is spending the night, which is nice, so we didn't have to drag the child around with us all day. We saw so many overtired, crying children today. And before I had a kid, I used to think either the child was misbehaving or the parents were horrible for keeping the poor kid out so long when he was clearly tired. Now that I have a child and have been the parent out with the crabby, overtired kiddo ... well, I feel bad for everyone. Because it might be that the kid's misbehaving and has been (responsibly) placed on time-out; it might be that the parents miscalculated how long the errand-running would take and are desperately trying to get the hell home; it might be a parent discovering a lack of, say, diapers right before naptime and there's no one to watch the tired kid at home; or it might be the parents being horrible and not caring that the kid is tired. You just can't know.

It was nice to have an adult day out with my cheerful-again husband. He was a really big help choosing and finding stuff. I was texting with pretty much everyone today, as well, which was fun. Yay for living in the future!

And now I am tired. And I have some emails to send. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be teaching my mother PowerPoint and how to take notes, which should be hilarious as I only know enough PowerPoint to get me in trouble. :)
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I love to read. It's one of the things everyone has known about me my entire life--people I barely knew in school knew I loved to read. And recently, whenever I'm somewhere and I whip out an actual paper book, I get The Question.

So here are my answers to "Why don't you have a Kindle/Nook/iPad?"

1. Price tag. I'm broke, people, and I have other stuff I need to spend my money on.

2. I like e-readers, particularly iPads, but I really don't need another gadget. I have at least two devices that allow me to read stuff electronically, and both of them also surf the net, play music and movies, hold pictures, and do e-mail. Yeah, an iPad would be more convenient for some of this stuff in terms of size, but when size is the only reason I can come up with to buy something, well, it's not enough.

3. I'm klutzy. I live in fear of dropping my laptop and my phone. If I drop a book, the worst thing that happens is my foot gets bruised.

4. Based on my experiences with my smartphone and my DS, if the Zweeble saw me reading on an iPad, he'd want to play with it. If I'm reading a book, he dismisses it as a grown-up thing and I don't have to share. (I think the same would go for a Nook. Probably not a Kindle.)

None of this is to disparage e-readers--I think those things are probably a godsend for students (or soon will be), and if I were in college right now I'd be all over one; plus, I have friends who love theirs and that's cool. Anything that gets people reading is teh awesome. And in another four or five years, I'll probably get one, too. But at the moment, I'm doing fine without it.


Mar. 18th, 2011 12:26 am
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Dear Apple:

Hey, remember back in the day when part of the draw for your stuff was that it Just Worked? Yeah, me too. That was cool while it lasted, wasn't it?

What? Me? Oh, I'm just looking at Eudora, since Mail seems to not want to remember my email password and wants to re-download 1174 gmail messages, whether they've been deleted or not, every hour or so. (Yeah, that last one could be a gmail thing, but I'm more in a mood to blame you than I am Google right now.) No, I don't know if I'm going to download it or not yet ... I'm going to have to see how annoying your little Mail glitch--which has apparently been an issue since 2007--is before I decide. Though there's a certain hilarity to returning to Eudora after 11 or 12 years that I'm finding hard to resist ...

Oh, hush, iPhoto is still pretty cool, and even though Scrivener has a Windows version now, you're still prettier. I just think the bloom is off the rose, Apple. It's sad but true.

No love, just tolerance,

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My iBook is about to be retired.

It's been glitchy and slow for a while now. None of the newer web browsers work on it. It's been driving me crazy, and my family--crazy, lovely people that they are--chipped in to give me the cash to buy a new laptop.

So I did. The thing is, while I am happy about the new Macbook, I am not as excited as I think I ought to be. Part of this is because I won't have time to really play with it and get things moved onto it until this weekend, but a lot of it is also that ... well, I love my iBook.

It was our first Mac, the Kool-Aide, if you will. It was the first piece of tech that I owned and got super-excited about. Yes, we got an iPod back when they were like small bricks and had buttons along the top (Scott still uses that one, actually), and I thought it was really neat ... but the iBook was mine. And unlike my previous laptop, it worked the way it was supposed to. For the most part, aside from the issues of old age, it still does.

I love the keyboard and the way it feels. I love the size--I am, actually, not thrilled at the extra inch on the Macbook--and the squareness of it. I will be happy to be rid of the LCD and the letters that can rub off the keys, and with the Zweeble running around the magnetic power cord will ease my mind a lot, but ... I love this computer.

I have written a lot of stuff on it. Read a lot on it. I surfed the web on it with my tiny Zweeble lying on the couch next to me, two days after he came home from the hospital.

My dad is taking it, once I unload all my stuff from it. This is a nice, gentle retirement; my father wants to write some stuff, maybe load pictures on it. He's kind of excited about it. So I'm sending it to a good home, my little iBook, but still. I will miss it. It's been a really good little laptop.

All right. Enough misty sentimentality over a piece of equipment. Onto the meme!

Day 11 - Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up

All right, here's the thing: I share this iPod with Scott and the Zweeble. It's the family iPod. I have a Nano that I planned to use as my personal iPod, only my music on it, but in the end it was just easier to make a playlist on the family iPod. Or, well, ten. :) (Really, while I'm giving my father the iBook, I ought to see if my mother wants the Nano.)

So this is not entirely indicative of my tastes. And as it is late, I'm just looking at titles and not listening to the songs. But here we go, anyway:

1. "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" - Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth

I love NIN. This isn't my favorite song, but it's not bad. And I am psyched that Trent Reznor won an Oscar.

2. "Clint Eastwood" - Gorillaz, Gorillaz

"Rhythm, you have it or you don't, that's a fallacy, I'm in them ..."

This is a great song. I have it on one of my "cheer Laura up" playlists because it makes me smile when I hear it.

"I'm useless, but not for long, the future is coming on ..."

3. "Spider In My Room" - Barenaked Ladies, Born on a Pirate Ship

Hm. I know I know this song, but when I try to remember it all I do is sing "Boris the Spider," which ain't it. I like quite a bit off this album, but apparently this song didn't stick in my mind. I'll have to listen to it tomorrow when I take the boy to school.

4. "Hey You" - No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom

Scott bought this album. I liked one or two songs off it; I like Return of Saturn better, overall, and Rock Steady is actually my favorite No Doubt album. I haven't really been into Gwen Stefani's solo career, but I remember seeing No Doubt on SNL ages ago and really digging this girl with hennaed hands fronting a band.

5. "The Abduction of Margaret" - The Decemberists, The Hazards of Love

I love this album. I love the ambition of it, and the depth and the sound of it. This is a song you really need in context; unlike "The Rake's Song" or some of the other ones, it doesn't stand alone well.

I remember sitting in dead-stopped traffic, the Zweeble asleep in the back seat, listening to this album.

6. "Flathead" - the Fratellis, Costello Music

No idea. Scott must have bought this. Something else to play tomorrow morning.

7. "Just You Wait" - Julie Andrews, My Fair Lady

One of the great spiteful, I-hate-you songs of musical theater. And Julie Andrews rocks. I like Audrey Hepburn, but dudes. Plus, apparently Audrey Hepburn sang but was still dubbed? I dunno, Hollywood has always been weird, I suppose.

8. "My Friends Tigger & Pooh Theme" - Playhouse Disney Musical Block Party

Totally the Zweeble. That Darby kid is a blasphemy. And why, exactly, did Tigger and Pooh need to be detectives? Not that they were particularly good detectives ... I will say, however, that the episode where Piglet and Tigger switched bodies was pretty hilarious. Teeny Piglet bouncing around like a not was kinda fun.

9. "In a Big Country" - Big Country, The Best of Big Country

Much like "Solisbury Hill," this is a song that makes me feel like I'm in the opening montage of a movie whenever it plays.

10. "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" - Tori Amos, Strange Little Girls

I have heard the original, and let me tell you, Tori Amos creeps me out way, way more than Eminem. Then again, was he trying to be creepy? I don't know. All I know is, this song makes my skin crawl.

All righty. That's it for now. Bedtime. I was so exhausted today, and wound up napping, and I can only hope I haven't screwed up any possibility for sleeping tonight.

This awaits you, with long pointy teeth! )
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1. I want Lego Harry Potter. Even the Zweeble knows I want Lego Harry Potter. The ad comes on the TV and he says, "That's the game you want, right Mom?" It's a little weird that his introduction to Harry Potter is a Lego video game.

2. Still thinking about that e-reader thing for the DS. (Assuming my DS is the right model. I can never keep up with these things; I know it's not the one they recommend, but that does not mean it isn't workable.) It would be really neat to have, especially for times when I'm between new books and just want something to read. Still, not sure. But it wouldn't be like buying a Kindle, where it's one more freaking gadget*--it's a gadget I already own, getting new use.

3. Still sick. Doctor's visit just told me what I already knew. Z. is improving, but slowly.

4. North Carolina in five days! I need a vacation.

5. I hate inadvertant spoilers.

*I didn't want a Kindle because, from what I understand, you can't go to, say, the Strange Horizons site and read the stories there on your Kindle. And if I'm going to have an e-reader, I want to be able to get all my online stories, too. The iPad thrills me bacause of all the other stuff, like music and movies and email, that you can have there, but I really don't need another monthly bill right now. In the end, what I want is an iPhone or, barring that, a touch screen BlackBerry, because the only really bad thing about doing all the iPad stuff on my BlackBerry is the screen being so small.
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Today was a giant, huge, enormous WASTE of a day.

I went to bed late (my fault) and took Zyrtec for my allergies, which were acting up and my doctor has me trying to stay on top of them so I don't end up with the allergy attack from hell like I had back in February (so, not my fault).

I spent today in a total haze and fog that was not helped by finding my child with button batteries in one hand, just about to start licking the electrical doohickey from his little flashlight. Dear god. And there are supposed to be three batteries, but I could only find two, so there was a frantic call to Scott who assured me that there were only two batteries on the table this morning, no Z. did not eat one ...

And Z's yelling, "I didn't swallow one, Mom! I didn't!"

So the adrenaline rush and subsequent crash were also not helpful.

Luckily my mother took a personal day today and was coming over anyway, so when she and Grandma arrived I got to haze my way around and then crash out with Z. for his nap.

Then it was off to mandatory fun for Scott's work, and a quick trip to Best Buy, where I played with an iPad.

Okay, I have tried to resist. I know I don't need one. But it's official, I have succombed to the siren song, I have drunk the kool-aide, and I want an iPad. Not a first gen, I am not that far gone, but I do want one. On the plus side, I still don't feel I need one, so there's that.

And then we got home, got the boy in bed, and ... I have no brain. I am not anywhere near coherent enough to do work. So I'm not. I'm going to, in fact, end this entry and read my book for twenty minutes and then go to bed.

I hate days like this. I got nothing done. I didn't take a day off and have fun. No, I partly screwed myself and partly got screwed by something I'm supposed to do, and it sucks.


Tomorrow's a play date at trhe beach, though, so that should be nice.
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I keep talking about the Apple iPad and saying I don't want one, but then I start reading stuff on my Blackberry, and while it is do-able and cool, it's also a small screen and I (and my eyes) am getting old.

Really, if I find out you can put Scrivener on the thing, I'm going to be screwed.
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I'm only typing this entry because I want to use the new keyboard we got for our desktop. It's one of the streamlined ones that's more like a laptop keyboard than a desktop keyboard. The mouse plugs into the side. It's not wireless, but it looks all nifty on my desk. Only thing is, we just noticed tonight that there's no number pad on it, and I actually use the number pad pretty often. That said, though, I don't really like the number pad for a calculator, and now I may have an excuse to get a really small adding machine. :)

Our computer is now kinda hodge-podgey: the Mini with an LG monitor, the old mouse and the shiny new keyboard. Everything used to be all white and futuristic on my tempered-glass desk (it looks like ... is it milk glass? That greenish stuff from the 50s that Martha Stewart collects?)--very bridge of the new Enterpise. Now, however, it's ... well, it's too new to be Blade Runner, but more akin to that than the other. I like it. :)

I have also, it seems, developed a callus on the tip of my right index finger. I was thinking it was either cancer or the beginnings of leprosy, possibly the carpal tunnel finally making its long-awaited move towards right hand domination, and then I thought ... could it be a callus? I have, after all, been laptopping it since shortly after Scott and I got married, which is eight and a half years ago now, and my first laptop had one of those pencil-eraser mice. I've never been good at using a regular mouse with the laptop; I always forget I've attached it and end up using the trackpad. So it's possible. The next tell-tae callus of us writery people: the index finger callus. It replaces the pen and/or pencil bump on your middle finger.

Hm. What else? Headed to the parents' for the weekend. Dad's still in NC, so it'll be me and Mom and the boyo, possibly Scott. Well, definitely Scott on Saturday, but not sure about tomorrow.

And Michael Jackson died, which seems so incredibly weird to me.


Jun. 20th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Okay, Equilibrium is on SciFi, and I'm sitting here having the same problem I always have with these sorts of movies--I don't believe that the future will ever look like a Mac ad. Even a dark Mac ad. Yeah, yeah, humanity has medically controlled its emotions, we're all cold and sleek and stuff ... see, I just can't hoist my disbelief that high. People are messy. Nobody is going to sit and watch some dude on the TV expounding on the wonders of feeling nothing in a perfectly sleek, angled, spotless apartment. Plus, I don't care what kind of drugs you have, humanity would have died out because they'd have summarily executed every kid as soon as said kid turned two.

Speaking of sleek futuristic stuff that's really messy ...

... the iMac has been giving us issues again. Shuts off for no reason at all.

The last time we put the thing in the shop, I swore to god I wouldn't pour anymore money into it. Granted, that time it wasn't a hardware or software issue (we had, in fact, been repairing disk permissions wrong), so it didn't cost much, but after the damn thing shut off on me for the second time last night, I was done with it.

I'd considered just being a laptop family for a while, but the Zweeble is getting interested in the fun pictures on the computer, and really, my laptop is getting on in years. I (touch wood) don't expect it to die on me anytime soon--I am currently having no problems with it--but it is old. And we had some tax return money left. We put some aside for house improvements, and made a list of stuff, and then kept finding out that the improvements either weren't needed or the fix was a lot cheaper than we thought.

So today we went and got a Mac Mini and a monitor at Best Buy, and Scott is putting it all together now. Less expensive than a new laptop, not a first-generation anything, small and cute, so we'll have a good place for centralizing photos and music (which is really the main function of our desktop), and if (god forbid) my laptop dies, I'll have a (god willing) stable desktop to use until I can get a new one.

And it's also supposed to be really green, which I hope won't bite me in the ass on the "not a first-generation" thing.

We also splurged on a Dr. Seuss video game thing for the Zweeble. He became enamored with the demo we played with while waiting for Scott to get the computer, and I am so incredibly sick of the games on the Fisher-Price website.

I spent the day texting periodically with [ profile] jkason, which I enjoyed, anyway.
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1. It took me a week, but the office is finally re-organized and put together (except for the desktop, see below), the filing cabinet is filled (but has room for more stuff), and my art is on the walls ... and the whole room feels cozier. I still have the huge blank wall over the desk to do something with--I think I shall collect things, frame them, and make a semi-collage. I used to (back in high school and college) fill the area over my desk with postcards and pictures I liked; it was just all this stuff to inspire me and make me happy. This would be the adult, less-chaotic version of that.

2. The Zweeble is with his grandparents this weekend, so we took our iMac in for repair. "It's been acting all kinds of crazy," as the tech dude said. Apparently we've been doing the repair permissions/disk thing wrong, and there may be some hardware problems. This will be the last repair of the iMac. I've had that stupid thing in the shop way too often. The perils of buying the first generation of anything, I guess. So if it goes belly-up again, we'll be a laptop family until the Zweeble needs a computer for homework.

3. We attempted to buy Lego Batman, because we were under the assumption that it came out this week, which it did not. (September! Can you beleive that? I suppose they got Lego Indiana Jones out in time for the new Indy movie, and Dark Knight is really [maybe, I wouldn't know, see below] too dark for a Lego tie-in, but come on!) Then we tried to go and see Dark Knight, and the sound was so sucktastic we left and demanded our money back. We could hear the music and background stuff just fine, but all the dialogue sounded like it was being said inside a tin can. If all the previews and the commercials hadn't sounded the same way, I might have assumed it was just some sort of artistic choice, but ... yeah. Ow.

Anyway, we got our money back and will head out tomorrow to see the movie.

4. Watchmen. Probably not going to go see it. I don't think Alan Moore translates well to the screen, and while I'm sure it will be visually gorgeous, I'm just not excited about it being a movie. My opinion of the trailer: too much Dr. Manhattan, not enough Rorschach.

5. Yes, I did see Doctor Who last night. I loved it. Again, can you write fanfic for your own show, on your own show? But I don't care, because it was hilarious and fun, and the ending was ... well, it was a Doctor Who ending. Perfect and deadly.


Well, I hope for a season 5, or specials, or whatever. I also hope they'll film and sell David Tennant as Hamlet.
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Okay, so my iBook is making this odd noise when I pick it up, but only when it's on and awake--kind of like the world's tiniest lightsaber is under my keyboard: whoam, whoam ...

I'm a bit nervous, now. Is my hard drive about to keel over?

I went and got a flash drive and backed up all my important documents and my two downloaded writing programs, just in case (I've been wanting to do this, anyway, so it was just a matter of doing it a little faster), and all the photos and music are on the iMac and the external hard drive, so no worries there ... but I love my iBook and don't want it to die.

How much would a new hard drive cost, if this one went, anyway?


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