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Okay, we'll try this again tomorrow.
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Ah, insomnia, how I have not missed you at all, you annoying bitch.

At one point I had an IFTTT chain to cross post here from Tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore? And of course, the office is not set up in the new house, so my actual computer access is super-wonky, and it’s not the sort of thing I want to try and troubleshoot on my iPad. Thanks, Tumblr, you picked the best time to self-destruct.

To be honest, I always saw Tumblr as an ephemeral kind of website, like Twitter but with paragraphs. So while I would like to preserve some of my text posts, overall the things I felt were really important were copied over or screenshotted or something. I don’t feel a need, myself, to back the whole thing up anywhere because I knew it might all disappear someday (though I expected it to be due to bad code or infrastructure incompetence, rather than banning female-presenting nipples).

What I’m more concerned about is losing touch with the people I met on Tumblr, who are really pretty interesting and cool. I hope we all end up in one place where we can be nerds together. :)

Back in the day—like, holy fuckballs, 17/18 years ago?!—all of my close RL friends were on LJ. And then, mostly through [personal profile] doggiesushi, I met a bunch of other people, and now most of them have moved on to Facebook and Instagram, and maybe Twitter. But it still seems weird in a way to merge these two groups here? I’m totally willing to do it, but there’s been a distinct border between the fandom/Tumblr bits of my life and the LJ/FB bits, so the idea of having it become more porous is ... odd.

Really, I need to sit down and figure out all my social media. I need Twitter groups and to really play with Pillowfort, and so on and so forth. 
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So the boy is known in his class as the Human Dictionary, and apparently some of his friends were joking with him that he basically is a book, since his mom’s an author (or he may have made this joke himself; that detail remains unclear). And their substitute teacher overheard this and asked him if it was true, and what I write.

And this is why my son told his substitute that she should google me and read my short stories.  “I think I got you a fan today, Mom!”

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Today in Excellent Problems to Have:

ALL the ebooks I had on hold through the library came in and downloaded today.

TWO WEEKS to read them. TWO WEEKS.

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One of the anchors for the storm shutters came out of the wall when Mr Seldnei took them down, and now we apparently have a bee hive in it.

(Mr Seldnei found a guy who will remove the bees safely, no worries.)

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So the boy has a cross bite, and we’ve known for, like, seven years that he was going to have to have some major orthodontia–and now the day has come.*

Stage one is the spacing device thing that will adjust his bite. He got that today. My baby whose extremely clear enunciation has been A Thing since he was two now has a lisp and sounds perpetually nasal. (I imagine some of this will go away as he gets used to the thing.)

But even better? Mr Seldnei and I get to use this wacky little pick device thing to adjust the spacer every morning and evening! Scott showed me how to do it today. It was weird and tricky and when Scott was done he asked Z if it hurt–nope, nope, just pressure between his eyebrows right above his nose.


The boy is fine.

“Can I give you a hug?” I asked.

“Sure. Why?”

“I need to comfort you.”

“I’m fine, Mom. It doesn’t hurt.”

“I know. But comforting you will make me feel better. It’s a weird mom thing.”

“Oh. Okay. You want some snuggle time?”

(He then patiently answered all my questions–the pressure goes away almost immediately; one tooth kind of aches but not terribly–without the usual eye rolling I get when I’m being too mom-like. And then we started in being goofy and yelling about TWENTY ONE PLAYS OF ‘WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT’ so all is well.)

*it’s started affecting his adult teeth and causing him pain.

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Welcome!  To the Cone of Uncertainty!

Keeping a wary eye on Irma, so prepare yourselves for intermittent storm venting over the next few days (or just mute “stormy weather,” which is my tag for this crap).

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I’ve been aggressively self-caring for the past few weeks. I’ve pruned Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been rationing my news intake, doing yoga and flossing, brain-dumping when needed. About the only bad thing I’ve done is caffeine and sugar in the evening, so I suppose that’s next to address. That and walking more.

I think it’s starting to work? Maybe? I mean, I only just finished pruning Twitter, so I guess we’ll see in a few days whether my brain and anxiety are a little more zen.

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1. Perfectly comfortable snuggling with my sleeping kid this morning. That never happens as he is made of elbows and knees and very little else.

2. I was singing along to the prologue to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ in the car (free Sirius XM this week, so BROADWAY CHANNEL); as I pulled up to the light the signal went out, but I kept singing. As I turned the corner the signal came back and I was still perfectly in time with the song. (I have no idea if this is an accomplishment, but I feel accomplished, so.)

3. Mr Seldnei has new glasses. Hello, there, husband … how *you* doin’?

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Okay, all this rain would be a lot easier to deal with if it didn’t wreak havoc on my sinuses.

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So we’re spending the weekend under a tropical wave thing that’s supposed to dump buckets of rain on us through, like, late Saturday/early Sunday and possibly beyond–it started last night and this morning our road flooded out: Mr Seldnei got the boy to school and came home to discover himself floating down the road a bit, whoops! Happily, we flood easily but also drain quickly; we got a lull around 3:00, so by the time I drove home from work it was deep but navigable. Mr Seldnei was very happy once the boyo and I were both home today.

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I used to be super freaked out by the idea of getting sick, and I think there are two reasons for this:

1. When the boy was 2, we all caught swine flu. He and the husband went down with it within 6 hours of each other, and mine held off until they were both recovering, but there was a *lot* of vomiting and a *lot* of laundry. Then later that same year, the boy got salmonella. That was scary as hell.

2. For quite a long time, I was our only income and I had no paid sick leave, so me getting too sick to go to work was A Problem. I’ve worked through some seriously nasty colds.

Lately, though, I worry a lot less when the boyo starts sniffling and I hear something is going around. And I think it’s partly having been through a number of kid-illnesses now, but also I think it’s finally sinking in to my lizard-brain that I have paid sick leave and a boss who would prefer it if we didn’t come in when we’re ill.

(Also possibly the fact that I managed to work myself into bronchitis last year, but I honestly thought that was allergies until the cough wouldn’t go away.)


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Time for another round of everyone’s favorite game show, ALLERGIES OR COLD?

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One of the great joys of motherhood is making my son roll his eyes at me.

Today we were discussing how old we would both be during the next big eclipse. I said he’d have to lead me outside with my walker, and I’d regale my grandkids with stories of how when I was a girl, we sacrificed people to the volcano to bring the sun back during an eclipse!

Which then evolved into my decision to convince my eventual grandchildren that I’m 4,000 years old and dated Billy Shakespeare for three months. (“Your grandpa wasn’t fond of Billy, called him a silver tongued devil!” Because if I’m 4,000 years old, so is Mr Seldnei.)

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Okay, so lately when the news is too much, and I just need something to do to pass some time and take a break, I’ve been looking at, like, “how I work” articles/blog posts/etc by different writers. Some of this is bullet journaly, some of it is just life hacks and software and notebooks and brain hacking.

I *love* reading about other people’s creative processes, and I hadn’t done it in a while, so it’s been lovely to get back into. And I also realized how little thinking time I’ve been giving myself lately. Well, thinking time about anything besides the news.

And so I’ve been stealing ideas for bullet journal layouts and writing notebooks and commonplace books and work processes. Today I sat down and kind of outlined what I want to do.

With any luck, tomorrow I will get to sit
In my office, uninterrupted, and put together a whole bunch of project notebooks. Okay, three. But I’m super excited at the prospect!

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So my parents and I went to see “The Dark Tower” today (my mom liked it, I … did not).

The order of previews was

1. Manly Soldier With PTSD and All the Attendant Cliches Prestige Movie

2. Kingsmen 2

3. Manly Firemen Prestige Movie Starring Dude from Manly Soldier With PTSD Movie and All the Cliches the Manly Soldier Movie Didn’t Cover

4. Polyamorous D/s Creator of Wonder Woman Biopic

And, like … someone did that on purpose, right?

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Very last elementary school open house today.

They were funneling everyone to the cafeteria for teacher assignments. Team Z, fifth grade family, said to hell with that–they always put transportation sign up in the library and the first week of school walk-in passes are in the STEM lab, let’s get those and let the teacher assignment line go down!

Had a moment of pure panic when his teacher’s name was NOT what we had expected, but the assistant principal was right outside the door and let us know that they have a new 5th grade gifted teacher this year (I swear to god, Z’s class is this school’s equivalent to Defense Against the Dark Arts–they’re either the teacher’s last class at the school or their first class at the school).

New teacher looks younger than me, but she taught for 20 years in New Jersey. She had glitter on for open house. Gave her the info she needed, found the kid’s desk, and headed out.

Got there at 1, out by 1:35.

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“Why would this invasive mega-fish thrive?”

My hypothesis: since it’s *invasive,* it has no natural predators in its new environment, and apparently it is FUCKING HUGE, so.

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Some random photos from July.

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(This is almost as good as the main kid in Ready Player One wishing he’d grown up in the 80s.)

(And I think when I was actually living in the 90s I would not have thought of a movie set in the 60s as a “period piece,” so this may just be my own connotations, but still. FLANNEL AND NIRVANA /=/ BUSTLES AND BEETHOVEN.)

And all you youngsters need to get off my lawn, too! (Pets her 263$363637383&,!4738 hairless cats.)

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