Jun. 28th, 2017

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Okay! You feel flat and ick and blah and very ‘what the fuck is the point?’ today. And that is actually kind of not shocking at all because …

1. Vacation next week, BUT FIRST! You have ALL THE WORK so you meet the deadlines that hit during vacation PLUS two meetings AND an all-day conference on Friday! That you are 70-85% running! WHO DECIDED YOU WERE AN ADULT NOBODY CONSULTED YOU ON THIS MATTER WHAAT? Not to mention random other junk.

2. Mr Seldnei is still in Ohio. Now with possible bonus pink eye!

3. Just … sad. Grief sucks and does not end.

4. The boyo is still at the grandparents’, which is cool and all, but you miss him.

5. What the fuck, backache? Really?

6. The news is alternately scary and pissing you off. Twitter currently is an anxiety attack in app form.

7. Stuff I’m not going to mention on the internet, nothing super terrible, but I have to consider doing a few things that make me uncomfortable for my greater good.

8. The novella’s finished, aside from proofreading and posting. The end of a story always feels weird.


So it all makes sense. You’re not weird or a jerk or anything else. My darling Self, you are *tired.* of course you are; look at that list.

You can do all this, and you know it. Just play some music, eat a pretzel today (it’s therapy day, so we get a stuffed pretzel!), talk it all out with C. tonight, and come home and watch some Glee.

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