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1. My arms hurt.
2. My husband made me watch ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies,’ which would have been fine except the zombies were kind of boring and the leads were neither Kiera Knightley nor Colin Firth.
3. I had a good day at work, but introvert me is tired.
4. I’m a little wonky because, I think, I want to be writing something new rather than revising.
5. What the hell smells like bleach?
6. Come on, UK, I want some actual numbers on this election!

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Ten years old is:

–lower voice than 5 years old, but still a high, kid-voice

–you can see the teenager lurking in his limbs, hands, and feet, and also the small child haunting his face around his nose, chin, and mouth

–worries about death and the ever expanding universe; sheer delight at Pokémon dances

–taking part in family jokes and catching innuendo that used to soar over his head

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The entirety of House Seldnei is sniffling and congested.

I took a sick day today. I felt bad, but probably could have powered through, and then I thought–you know, every time I’ve “powered through” the early stages of crud, it’s just been miserable. And I have a three day weekend, so by taking today off I can have four days to rest and take meds and, hopefully, not end up with bronchitis or something.

So here’s hoping.

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1. Working on a Thing I’m doing. (Not that Thing. The Other Thing.)

2. Every Single Day planning (setup, info on charity, general freakout over my project because I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING WRONG because come on, I must be, right?)

3. Sneezing my head off all day, sore throat all night.

Tags:i can totally be sick, i have a long weekend and the only serious plans i have are for ESD, which can be done from my bed with my laptop, but you know i'd rather not be sick is all i'm saying, so here's hoping for allergies, seldnei's life, seldnei is being cryptic on social media
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Memorial service is done. I had to read my mom’s speech. I cried. So did the rest of the church.

Actress/Director/Theatre Educator friend from high school was there, and I swear to god as soon as she gets her MFA and gets her ass back to this state we’re gonna get together at one of our houses and have a real chat about education and art and all sorts of stuff like that.

Also found out I nearly died by choking at the age of, like, three from the babysitter I haven’t seen in something like 20 years.

Now Mr Seldnei and I are home and crashed on the couch watching something on Crunchyroll that looks like Miyazaki decided to make a Lovecraft-influenced space opera. The boy is with my parents, with orders to hug Grammie a lot. I’m going to play Pokémon and stop contemplating the inevitability of death and the ongoing march of time.

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This week has been long. There was work stuff (so many projects), the Eldest Niece’s graduation has been looming, sending out the rewrite request, SO MANY END OF THE YEAR THINGS FOR Z*, writing the obituary for our family friend, and helping my Mom write her speech for the funeral tomorrow, which I will be reading as she’s pretty sure she won’t be able to get through it. Oh, and ALL THE NEWS.

The high point of my days has been Sense8 with Mr Seldnei every night.

I mean, things are fine. It will all slow down. But fucking hell, I am *tired.*

*Pool party for meeting his reading goal all 4 quarters, STEM night, art class, the big water play day for the kids who got 0 referrals all year, some sort of random fun thing today, and thank god next week is the last week of school. We’re all ready to kiss 4th grade goodbye.

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I get tired of NPR and music periodically, so I’ll check out audiobooks from the library to listen to in my car.  The interesting side effect to this is that I’ll end up reading things in the voice of whatever narrator I’ve been spending the 60 minutes I spend on my daily commute with (that’s total, not one-way). So my novel revisions were partly ‘read’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Dante and Aristotle…

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See, I always thought I’d be an adult when I … got married, bought my house, had a kid, had a certain job, blah blah blah.  Every time I did those things, I didn’t really feel like an adult.  Like, I’m a grown woman, I’m 44, I am well aware of my age … but “adulthood” is a whole other thing than being old. No, what makes me feel like an adult is my husband being told he has diabetes.  Or myself…

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My mother and I chaperoned the gifted program annual field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. Last year we drove; this year my mother used her secret fundraising skills to get a sponsor to provide money for buses.

It was fun. I occasionally worry about the boyo because I mostly hear about his missing the BFF, but when time came to break into groups we had this group of four kids who were clearly friends with my kid and wanted to hang with him (and each other), and two more who weren’t part of the group but who seemed friendly. So I know he has people he hangs with at school, and they were all pretty nice.

Now I am tired. But it’s Free Comic Book Day and we want to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so here we go.
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My mother and I are having a fangirl texting meltdown over the Dark Tower trailer.

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The boy has decided that, at age ten, he wants to start watching Friends.

While Mr Seldnei and I have no real issue with the boy being exposed to network-TV sex jokes at this age, his watching the show really makes one *notice* them.

Also, I told Mr Seldnei how, the older I get, the more I see Ross as a total douche, and the kid said, “I’ve watched two episodes and I could have told you that.”

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The past two weeks have just been stupid. I’m getting sushi for lunch.

Tags:in the face of rampant stupid WE EAT SUSHI, seldnei's life
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Dear Seldnei’s Body:

I thought I knew you! What is with the weird sleeping patterns? The new aches and pains and allergies? What is this random switch-things-up bullshit with the migraine triggers? Stop it!

Seldnei’s Brain

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Okay, so today we celebrated the boyo’s un-birthday (Tuesday is the big 1-0) at Busch Gardens, and I swear to fucking god I am never going back there, it’s the Big 2 parks or bust from here on out, what the hell was that customer service nightmare oh my god, BUT!

The good things:

1. The kids loved the giant climbing jungle gym things.

2. They were excited to see the gorillas–like, Scott, Z and youngest niece vaulted the stadium seating to get down to see the gorillas as they came into the enclosure.

3. The boy rode his first upside-down roller coaster.*

4. The bird feeding was over for the day, which was very disappointing for everyone. But we came back a little later in the day, and everyone got a bird that landed on them. The boy had a bird come over and tweet at him, and then had a bird buddy on his arm for a good three minutes.

5. Saw rhinos and a hippo up close.

6. The kid won a lot of stuffed animals.

7. I got to ride Kumba with the husband. It’s been years since I’ve ridden it and I do love that coaster.

8. After the giant jackass Dippin Dots vendor was a jackass, I found a Dippin Dots kiosk staffed by a nice guy who I’m pretty sure gave me a free bottle of water.

9. At lunch, Scott and I randomly decided to eat outside because it was quieter, and we chose the right patio because we sat down and looked over to find the giraffes and zebras off in the distance, wandering and eating. Also saw an emu or ostrich or cassowary or some kind of big deadly bird.

*It was Cheetah Run and he says he’s never going on another upside-down coaster ever again, but he went.

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Z is playing the ‘My Shot’ remix for my mom. Busta Rhymes comes in and she starts grooving.

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Today I facilitated the big meeting I’ve been prepping for since January, and nobody died.  I did, however, come home and do yoga just to get into corpse pose at the end (although that was not only due to the meeting–it was a long day).

I’m watching the health care repeal debacle and like, this isn’t going to go how I want whoever manages to win, but holy hell, watching the various factions of the Republican Party go at each other is disturbingly fascinating.  Did anyone in the GOP actually think the Freedom Caucus was going to fall into line (admittedly, I sort of did)?  I honestly thought Paul Ryan was more competent than this?  Also, Trump telling them to vote tomorrow and if it goes down in flames, he’s moving on and they can deal with the mess is … well, when the oversized teenage boy in the White House is basically being Stern Dad at Congress, I just don’t even.

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So I’ve watched 2 episodes of Iron Fist, and have the following thoughts:

1.  Why isn’t this show about Colleen Wing and her rag-tag band of misfit vigilantes-in-training?

2.  If I want to watch a show about a 12 year old boy, I’ll watch Stranger Things, which at least doesn’t pretend its main character is a grown man.

3.  The guy who plays Ward was one of my absolute favorite actors/characters on Guiding Light; he’s really good, and I’m sad he didn’t end up on one of the other shows.

4.  The evil twin convinced me to watch the rest of it so we can re-write it over text.

Tags:just ... why?, i mean *everything* suffers next to jessica jones and season 1 of daredevil, i was pretty eah about luke cage mostly because i wanted to watch the rise of black mariah and not the half-brother plot, but seriously i will take 'ambitious and uneven' over 'barely even trying to be original', tv will swallow my soul, seldnei's life
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Mr Seldnei wants to start a radio station called “Old Fogey Punk.” The station IDs he’s come up with so far:

Punk’s not dead, it just goes to bed earlier!

Punk’s not dead, it just has a mortgage and two kids and just stepped on a f***ing Lego!

Punk’s not dead, it just needs to play the music REALLY LOUD BECAUSE I CAN’T HEAR IT NO SERIOUSLY TURN THAT S*** UP!

Punk’s not dead, but half the members of these bands are!

Punk’s not dead, it just can’t smoke those cloves anymore, Jesus I used to smoke that s***?!

Punk’s not dead, Hot Topic is just a convenient place to find concert shirts, okay?

Punk’s not dead, it’s just been through rehab and now knows how to party responsibly!

Tags:mr seldnei, cracks me up, did i ever tell y'all how i figured he was way too cool to look at me when we met?, he was all punk rock dj and i was artsy hippie writer girl, he was waaay too cool for me, and yet, seldnei's life
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Husband tells the kid to turn on the light in the fish tank, which is three steps away from the couch.

Kid gets up, walks all the way into the kitchen, stops. “Wait–d'oh!” Comes back, pauses to look at us and grins sheepishly. “Don’t you hate it when you want to go one way, but your feet are like ‘Nope, we’re going this way’?”

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Getting my bullet journal together for next week in the most excessive way possible.

Tags:seldnei's life, let's see how that cross posts shall we?


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