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Okay, so today we celebrated the boyo’s un-birthday (Tuesday is the big 1-0) at Busch Gardens, and I swear to fucking god I am never going back there, it’s the Big 2 parks or bust from here on out, what the hell was that customer service nightmare oh my god, BUT!

The good things:

1. The kids loved the giant climbing jungle gym things.

2. They were excited to see the gorillas–like, Scott, Z and youngest niece vaulted the stadium seating to get down to see the gorillas as they came into the enclosure.

3. The boy rode his first upside-down roller coaster.*

4. The bird feeding was over for the day, which was very disappointing for everyone. But we came back a little later in the day, and everyone got a bird that landed on them. The boy had a bird come over and tweet at him, and then had a bird buddy on his arm for a good three minutes.

5. Saw rhinos and a hippo up close.

6. The kid won a lot of stuffed animals.

7. I got to ride Kumba with the husband. It’s been years since I’ve ridden it and I do love that coaster.

8. After the giant jackass Dippin Dots vendor was a jackass, I found a Dippin Dots kiosk staffed by a nice guy who I’m pretty sure gave me a free bottle of water.

9. At lunch, Scott and I randomly decided to eat outside because it was quieter, and we chose the right patio because we sat down and looked over to find the giraffes and zebras off in the distance, wandering and eating. Also saw an emu or ostrich or cassowary or some kind of big deadly bird.

*It was Cheetah Run and he says he’s never going on another upside-down coaster ever again, but he went.

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Z is playing the ‘My Shot’ remix for my mom. Busta Rhymes comes in and she starts grooving.

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Today I facilitated the big meeting I’ve been prepping for since January, and nobody died.  I did, however, come home and do yoga just to get into corpse pose at the end (although that was not only due to the meeting–it was a long day).

I’m watching the health care repeal debacle and like, this isn’t going to go how I want whoever manages to win, but holy hell, watching the various factions of the Republican Party go at each other is disturbingly fascinating.  Did anyone in the GOP actually think the Freedom Caucus was going to fall into line (admittedly, I sort of did)?  I honestly thought Paul Ryan was more competent than this?  Also, Trump telling them to vote tomorrow and if it goes down in flames, he’s moving on and they can deal with the mess is … well, when the oversized teenage boy in the White House is basically being Stern Dad at Congress, I just don’t even.

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So I’ve watched 2 episodes of Iron Fist, and have the following thoughts:

1.  Why isn’t this show about Colleen Wing and her rag-tag band of misfit vigilantes-in-training?

2.  If I want to watch a show about a 12 year old boy, I’ll watch Stranger Things, which at least doesn’t pretend its main character is a grown man.

3.  The guy who plays Ward was one of my absolute favorite actors/characters on Guiding Light; he’s really good, and I’m sad he didn’t end up on one of the other shows.

4.  The evil twin convinced me to watch the rest of it so we can re-write it over text.

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Mr Seldnei wants to start a radio station called “Old Fogey Punk.” The station IDs he’s come up with so far:

Punk’s not dead, it just goes to bed earlier!

Punk’s not dead, it just has a mortgage and two kids and just stepped on a f***ing Lego!

Punk’s not dead, it just needs to play the music REALLY LOUD BECAUSE I CAN’T HEAR IT NO SERIOUSLY TURN THAT S*** UP!

Punk’s not dead, but half the members of these bands are!

Punk’s not dead, it just can’t smoke those cloves anymore, Jesus I used to smoke that s***?!

Punk’s not dead, Hot Topic is just a convenient place to find concert shirts, okay?

Punk’s not dead, it’s just been through rehab and now knows how to party responsibly!

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Husband tells the kid to turn on the light in the fish tank, which is three steps away from the couch.

Kid gets up, walks all the way into the kitchen, stops. “Wait–d'oh!” Comes back, pauses to look at us and grins sheepishly. “Don’t you hate it when you want to go one way, but your feet are like ‘Nope, we’re going this way’?”

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Getting my bullet journal together for next week in the most excessive way possible.

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The boy just called me from his grandparents’ house because he is, and I quote, “raging SO HARD right now–Hamilton didn’t win and they gave it to freaking Suicide Squad!”

The Kids’ Choice Awards are only redeemed by John Cena’s hosting.

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Okay, last one.

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Seriously, maybe I ought to bleed on it, that always works for my father.

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Tumblr post

Test #2

Mar. 9th, 2017 07:14 pm
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Test #2

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Tumblr post

Test # 1

Mar. 9th, 2017 07:08 pm
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Test # 1

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Tumblr post
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Me: Scoottt … I need the octopus chandelier!

Z:  You don’t need it–I mean, it’s cool, but kinda creepy.

Me: No, I neeeeed it.

Z:  You don’t need it.

Me:  Okay, I waaant it, really a loooottt …

Z:  (pats my leg) That’s a much better way of putting it. 
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Last night, we:

  • Went to the beach

  • Watched old episodes of The West Wing until 1am

Today we have:

  • Slept in (I slept until 10, what the hell?!)

  • Cleaned the house

  • Bought new underwear/t-shirts

    • Scott got a shirt with the Periodic Table on it, captioned “I wear this shirt periodically” under it.

  • Gone to two libraries, where we got …

    • a bunch of books for the boy (who isn’t even with us this weekend; we win parents of the year), including Hamster Princess by Ursula Vernon, which all three of us have been anxiously awaiting

    • some graphic novels and a book on steampunk jewelry making for Scott

    • two books from the library sale cart for me–one is Cinders, which my dash seems to recommend, and for $2, why not?

  • Napped

  • Finished cleaning while listening to Invisiblia and This American Life like a couple of intellectuals

  • Downloaded all the Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle books I bought onto the iPad

Plan for the rest of the evening:

  • Ordering books through Interlibrary loan

  • Reading on the couch while listening to random-ass 80s and 90s music on iTunes radio

    • (I have a new chapter of BYL in my inbox, awaiting a first read, so …)

So last week we all took the Pottermore sorting quiz that was floating around the internet.  Our results were:

Me: Slytherin
Scott: Slytherin
Z: Hufflepuff
Mom: Ravenclaw
The Younger Niece: Gryffindor

Today, I had a brilliant idea for a t-shirt:

I want a shirt that says “Proud Parent of a Hufflepuff,” in Slytherin colors. Maybe a cute Ursula Vernon-style cartoon of a snake snuggling a baby badger.

Think of it! T-shirts in each House color, with “Proud Parent of a [insert house name here]. Because Harry Potter is as multigenerational as Disney, y'all.

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Elementary school open house (this is where you go find out your teacher, get set up for before and after school care, all that happy jazz) was apparently not chaotic enough–they decided to add a scavenger hunt this year.  Scott took care of most of that while I did volunteer orientation.  Because I will chaperone the Disney trip again this year, by god (they’re thinking Animal Kingdom this year, which I am all for)!  But we have no dates because half the gifted team teachers had their rooms renovated and that just got finished, like, this week, so everything is chaos.

In fact, Z’s teacher has decided to make the first week of classes into a real-world problem solving project for the class: how should we set up the classroom to make it a good learning environment?  Which I think is a really cool thing to do, and I dig her flexibility in dealing with something she couldn’t control that’s going to affect her classroom.  (Plus she gave us a packet explaining all the different kinds of assignments the kids get, so she’s my hero.  I am a very supportive, involved parent if you tell me what you’re trying to do!)

The school itself has a lot of new stuff going on this year–free lunch for all the kids, ID tags, school-provided and required planners–that looks intriguing.  I am resigned to paying for replacements on the planner and ID card at least once this year, though.
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So I have this to-do list app that I really like a lot.  And it’s part of this whole, like, organizer system that you can buy piecemeal--like, I don’t need the ‘education’ module, but I got the ‘notes’ module and the ‘events’ module and I’ve used the ‘travel’ module for our last few big trips, and it was super-handy for keeping all our hotel and ticket information in one place.

Well, I downloaded their ‘health and goals’ module back in February or March, and I seriously can’t figure out how the hell this is supposed to work.  If I’m trying to track when I’ve done yoga and for how long in the past month, I can only look at it as a graph--line, plot, or bar--and they aren’t listing all the dates, even when I drop it to, say, the last week. Also, the only option for ‘month view’ they give me is the last 30 days, so, like, I can’t specify just “July.”  The list view, which would in theory do this?  Doesn’t.  It looks like it should, but it does not.

I was using this to track exercise, medications, some of the bloodwork results I want to keep an eye on (family history of thyroid disease, the Vitamin D issues, etc), and monthly word count--but if the data is difficult to read and I can’t actually go back and find what I need later, what’s the point of it?

And when I try to search these things on their help site, all I get are articles about task management and how to organize for freelancing.

So, I need a goal tracking app, apparently.

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I suck at linking, but I have been blogging at WordPress, if you want to click over.
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Okay, so with the new job came new, normal hours.  Yay, evenings with the boys!  Boo, lost my prime walking time.  For the past 6 months I have had a hell of a time figuring out how to get some cardio back into my routine (and boy howdy, I did not realize just how much the cardio was working.  Things are fitting differently without it, and I do not like it.  I try not to get obsessed with the scale, because that only leads to not-so-great places in my brain, but I've not got money for a new wardrobe).  I tried adding extra stuff to the yoga, but all that did was make me not want to do yoga.  So last week I was considering how I tend to sleep, and I decided since I'm usually awake at 6 anyway, I might as well haul myself out of bed and do 20 minutes of biking before work.

So yesterday was Day 1 of that.  I get up, get the workout clothes on, lace up the shoes, grab the phone and the earbuds, don my helmet, wheel the bike out.

I get on the bike, start to pedal, and the gears slip (I think), my foot comes off the pedal, I have no balance at that point, we all know exactly how klutzy I am; I ripped my ACL climbing onto a jet ski, and I wipe out in the driveway before I even get started.  I cushioned the bike's fall, though.  Yay?

So now I am covered in road rash.  Let's see--the left knee, that has taken all the trauma since I was nine?  Badly skinned as a child, ACL surgery, skinned again during the Rafting Trip O' Doom in North Carolina when we all fell out of the boat?  Yeah, major nasty scrape all over that.  Also some to the side of it.  Left elbow is scraped all to hell.  I scraped the last three knuckles of my left hand.  I also, somehow, got part of my right ankle.  I have some interesting bruises along my back and ribs.

BUT I AM NOTHING IF NOT HARD CORE!  I took my morning bike ride, baby!  And it was nice.  A burrowing owl swooped thisclose to my face; I listened to "Tiny Dancer" as the sun came up. I was not eaten by a cougar.

Once I got home, Scott helped to patch me up and off I went to the doctor.  This is a new doctor, and she and I have been in discussions regarding my lack of spleen and what that means for my bloodwork results (yay, constant high white cell count); yesterday she was reassured that, yes, this is normal for me, so I'm glad about that.

But.  There is always a but.  I have a nice vitamin D deficiency going.

(waits for the "Whaaaa?" to fade out.  Also points out this is the second round of bloodwork, so I'm feeling pretty confident in the results.)

That's right, all you pale-skinned northern kids can take your porcelain complections and go home--I'm so hardcore I have a vitamin D deficiency in the goddamned sunshine state.  If I wasn't honorary goth before, I am now.

The googling about what lack of vitamin D can cause was quite interesting--I am most looking forward to the possibility that I'll be able to sleep through the night again once this gets straightened out--and I'm on a once a week dose of prescription vitamin D.  This might take a year to regulate (woot?), but that just means an entire year of inappropriate "D" jokes from David and Jason, so hey.

There are a gazillion possible reasons as to how or why I am, in this way, deficient as a human.  I have no idea what really caused it: my tendency toward layering?  My lack of exterior windows at this job and the last one?  Too much sunblock?  Age and weight? My hatred of the hideous light of the daystar​? Who knows.

So, in the end, that's me.  Everything hurts, possibly because of lack of ... um ... D (heheheheh), certainly because I remain a klutz, but my sense of humor is intact and I get out of "let the child climb on you like a human jungle gym" until the scabs clear up.
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Number of Plans I Have Thwarted Today: 5 (no, you may not make a grappling hook; no you may not try to lasso things off the countertop; no, an entire day of cartoons is not a good idea; no, an entire day of video games is not a viable alternative to that; stuffed animals do not mix with the splash park.)

Number of Plans I Helped With: 2 (giant pile of blankets on the floor for video gaming comfort; trip to the splash park with Scott)

Daredevil Stunts I Held My Breath and Watched: 1 (He ran through the water feature at the park in order to gain maximum speed down and air off the end of the twisty slide. The fake grass burn on his back and arm is fairly epic; he’s pretty proud.)


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