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Hatches are battened. Since we're only getting Tropical Storm-level weather, we left the shutters off. And opened the windows!

This is the first big storm the Zweeble remembers. He's mostly worried we'll lose power and not be able to watch TV or play video games. (Speaking of which, I need to charge the DS.)

Whilst taping down the lid to the water softener, Scott found a frog colony--7-8 amphibian foot soldiers! We also found a ton of brown widow nests in the outside garbage can we no longer use, so there's a chore for after the storm.

And now I have to mediate a game of Munchkin with the boys.
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I've been out of the loop! This is what happens when I go away--hurricanes sneak up on me. Anyway, posting the link so I can click on it and check Rina's movements without navigating the Weather Channel site. I may post a Weather Underground link later.

No need to panic yet. Just keeping an eye on it. Darn it, I want to go to Oktoberfest on Sunday!
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The rain can stop any time now. I'm tired of feeling damp all the time. I did, however, finally buy a damn umbrella, so I won't get soaked again this week.

Scott has it worse--the a/c in the Yaris died earlier this year, and we haven't had the resources to get it fixed (this may change shortly). So he's driving with the windows down when it's sunny, but when its raining it's either windows down and the car and driver get soaked, or the windows up and you're driving in a sauna.

(There's a tiny baby frog in my morning glory vines! So cute ... from a distance, anyway!)

Going into week three, the novelty of VPK has worn off for Z, and we are in "Why can't I stay home and watch Pokemon every day?" territory again. This would bother me more if he wasn't always excited after school to tell me what a great day he had. His work has been really good--there are a lot of "color the pictures that start with a 'b' sound" kind of worksheets, and so far he's only missed one picture on one worksheet. That annoyed him a lot. I don't really care how many he gets wrong, as long as he's doing his work, but clearly he has inherited my perfectionism. :)

School for Scott has actually been really good. He's been a lot more cheerful and enthusiastic about ... well, things in general. Getting out and interacting with other adults, using his brain, and working toward a goal he's interested in have all been a good thing, and things that have been missing from his life for a long time. It's nice to see him feeling good and basically happy. The next two years are going to be austere and probably tough, but so far it's worth it. Not bad for a plan we came up with as we made the bed one day without really thinking it through.

Things are going okay for me, too, so far. Soon I will be inundated with grading, but right now it's not bad. Torchwood finale this week, and Doctor Who has re-started. Lots of books on my shelf--thank you, interlibrary loan!--and story ideas percolating away.

Now if it would stop raining so I could maybe dry out and do the weedeating ...


Dec. 9th, 2010 09:34 am
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We didn't turn the heat on last night, and then it started raining, so it was a damp, chilly house this morning. And at around 5, we were joined in bed by a small Zweeble with icy cold feet. He stuck them on me, sighed the sigh of the perfectly content, and went back to sleep.

Cold I can handle. Cold and damp, not so much. Actually, any temperature combined with damp. I don't like damp. (Which makes living in the humidity capital of the US problematic.)

I want a nice, halfway adult looking winter coat. The last coat I bought ... well, actually, it was a gift from my dad when I was in college. And 20 year old me is not 37 year old me. For one thing, I actually have to look professional regularly. For another, the coat is 17 years old. Of course, it only gets used for about three weeks a year now, so it's well-preserved. The next coat I buy will likely last until I'm dead.

I could always check Goodwill ... recent transplants chucking their wool coats with the expectation that it never dips under 70 down here ...

Okay, I am trying to avoid cleaning the kitchen, and I have run out of yammer.
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So it looks like we won't be getting the lawn mowed this weekend, either.
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Massive thunderstorms on two or more afternoons, resulting in blinking clocks and a decimated hibiscus bush? Check!

Giant, orange, seemingly NASCAR-inspired grasshoppers eating my plants and trying to cross the road, much like turtles but I won't stop to help them? Check!

Heat index of 100, and temps of 84+ at 9am? Check!

The insidious peeping of amorous frogs, loud enough to hear over the A/C, dishwasher, and microwave? Check!

Here we go again ...
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Reading my FL is like watching the Weather Channel, but without Jim Cantore. :)

To add to the giant pile o' weather posts, I currently have wind, blue skies, and temps in the 60s. Before you get too jealous (or not, as I know [ profile] doggiesushi, at least, is like a malamute and gets all frisky in cold weather), let me add that my day has also included a tired and moody toddler. His weather report would read "Tantrums and meltdowns for the majority of the day, with occasional patches of decent behavior, followed by a severe freakout just before naptime. DO NOT VENTURE INTO THE BEDROOM DURING NAPTIME! This is the eye of the storm and conditions may deteriorate without warning!"

On the other hand, I just bundled our phone, internet, and TV. I also upgraded our TV so that we'll have a DVR and BBC America! Plus a bunch of new kids' channels, one of which I think is all the preschool Nickelodeon shows without commercials. I hope it is. The Zweeb is pretty fond of Max and Ruby*, but I hate the commercials.

So now we just wait for Scott to authorize it and the Dish dudes to install it, and I can tape stuff again! Yay!

*Speaking of Max and Ruby, I know I am not alone when I wonder where the heck their parents are--seriously, they live in a house and you never see their parents. You see their Grandmother, who lives in another house, and you see other adults, but never Max and Ruby's parents. I thought it was a little weird when they decorated the Christmas tree without parents, but yesterday it got just ridiculous because Ruby was putting Max to bed for the night--with no parents! So now I'm constructing elaborate backstories in my head about how Mom and Dad died--they're rabbits, so maybe it was hunting season--and the kids are keeping it a secret to stay out of foster care. On my more cynical days, when Ruby is being seriously bossy, I imagine she killed them and the whole show is actually a re-make of that Twilight Zone episode where the little boy sends people he doesn't like to the cornfield, only Ruby turns them into her dolls ... I know, I'm going to hell. Or the cornfield!
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So everyone is under some sort of snow warning/advisory/"we're all gonna die in the snowpocalypse!"/"no, no, it's "snowmageddon!" thing?

Well, except for us. But let me tell you, it is not a balmy day down here, either. It is definitely warmer than expected, but it's windy and looks like it's going to pour shortly. This is, seriously, the wettest winter I can remember in quite some time.

In other weather-related news, original plans for Z's Thursday play date did not work out, so now I am wracking my brains to try and think of something for two almost-three-year-olds to do on a day that's supposed to be in the 50s and raining. Oh, and that's located midway between both houses.

I wonder if there's a Build-A-Bear somewhere around here, and how expensive it is ...
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Lookit me, I'm subtropical!

Kyle, on the other hand, just has to be different and go hit Canada. Whatever, dude.
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So Ike looks to be heading out to the Gulf by way of Cuba, so well under us. We're getting some weird wind and the odd storm here and there for just long enough to spoil the park/bike rides/TV reception. Which, by and large, is not anything to complain about.

The Zweeble seems to have a stuffy nose tonight--semi-runny--that's waking him up. I had a feeling something was off with him all day. We've raised his mattress on one end, and it's my night, anyway, so we'll see how he does. There's no much you can do for a baby with a stuffy nose. I just hope it's, like, Ike's barometric pressure messing with his sinuses (like it is mine) and not a cold, because the poor little guy doesn't need that.

And in Pandemic II, I managed to kill off everyone on the planet except for the population of Madagascar. This means I didn't win, but I feel that Madagascar's gene pool is not large enough to repopulate the entire planet, and all the water was tainted, anyway, so it's only a matter of time, really. :)

I'm feeling video-gamey lately. I kinda want to break out the DS ... but I don't want to play the dogs (I have a real kid, I do not need virtual dogs) and Final Fantasy, while fun, is not what I'm looking for, either. I'm interested in Spore, mostly because of Kyle, but I'm not sure that's what I want ... it might be. I'm intrigued by the DS version of Civilization, though I've never played the other versions.

What I really want to check out, though, is Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Later this month, Lego Batman.

And now, I'm going to check on the boyo and head to bed.
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It's the storm that won't die!

Seriously, we've been getting rain and wind from this thing since Monday. The wind's not too terrible, and the rain isn't as bad for us as for other places, but today part of the street was under water. And we just got through with another rain squall.

The frogs are cheeping, cheeping ... the eternal cheep of the damnable amphibians, plotting and scheming ...
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Last night I was driving home from orientation. We were (we may still be, I haven't seen the weather report) dealing with the last dregs of Fay, and at the last light before home I was just about to drive under/into a nice, dark storm cloud.

I sat there with the sun setting orange behind a combination of puffy white and deep gray clouds to my left, and huge black-tinged-with-lighter-gray thunderheads moving slowly past in front of me, and "Beautiful Freak" on the iPod. It was gorgeous.
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But first:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] takarosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazingly, we still have power! Even more amazingly, we still have satellite TV!

Fay never got to hurricane status, so it's just a really strong tropical storm instead of a weak hurricane. It came in south of us and is moving slowly, so it's dumping a lot of rain everywhere. The winds aren't as bad as they could be, but they're still pretty strong. Apparently the worst of the weather is yet to come for us and points northward.

Still, barely worth the hurricane shutters. Though the three of us were so tired after all the prep work last night that we all slept like rocks until 8, when my mother called. (Well, two rocks and, for a couple of hours, a squirmy rock fish, but still.)

So everything is closed, and there's no way I want to drive in the mess outside, anyway, so ... I have no idea what we're going to do today. I feel like I've been going and going lately without a break, so I think I will just not do anything. Play with the kid, read, bum around. Then get back to the grind tomorrow.
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Sometime tonight, I guess, Fay will make landfall. I expect we'll lose power, so no Internet for us. If the power's off for too long, I'll head to my parents' with the baby (assuming they have power), so eventually you'll hear from me.

We're all shuttered in, ice is solidifying, water is on standby. I'm feeling careful but not too worried. More worried about the kid--baby's first storm! But he's a trooper. I think he'll be okay.

Anyway, those of you who need or want to get in touch know how. I am tired and considering firing up the Game Boy.
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So, the storm is kinda disorganized and lopsided at the moment, and as you look at the radar, it really looks like it should just cross the bottom of the state and head up the east coast. Which it, apparently, won't do. I'm trying to ignore the what if scenarios on the news and just watch the weather updates. But we've definitely got the impending doom weather going on outside.

All right, back to work.


Aug. 18th, 2008 09:03 am
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Oh, ugh.

I have training this week, dammit! I'd like to actually know how to work the computer program I need to use for work!

Plus, you know, charging the drill, putting up shutters, making ice, cowering inside. Never my favorite thing to do. Plus, now we have the Zweeble. This ought to be interesting.

But it's still early. We'll see what happens.
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The lawn has been mown, and the weeds have been eaten. I did this whilst singing selections from Jesus Christ, Superstar and the musical episode of Buffy. The JC Superstar started when I was weedeating--every time I do this, lizards and bugs and frogs jump, scamper, skitter, and otherwise run for their lives. (It's very "Man has come to the forest, Bambi, panic!") Which led to me singing, "I see blood and destruction!" And so, from there. I'm not sure how that led to Buffy, though.

Oy. It is August in Florida, which means humidity to the point of having to breathe through your mouth to get air, followed by the occasional cool, wet breeze. Of course, all the cool breezes happened when I was on the lawn mower generating my own breeze, but that's life.

I am now slightly heat-exhausted. I have to see if I can get my @#$^()^&$%%$#%I&^&%$#^!!! printer working again, and file, and grocery shop, so I'd best get hydrated and moving.

Oh, and lest we forget, I give you ... the reason I did all that yard work today, instead of in two parts.
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All right, so at least one person on my friends list is disgusted with Valentine's Day, so I will be sensitive and put this behind a cut: V-Day 2008 )

It's raining today--finally!--and supposed to get colder. For right now, it's wet *and* humid. I did have the windows open, because the wind was blowing and cool, but then the rain began and the wind was blowing it into the house. So, air conditioning again. Sorry, all you yankees, but you can laugh at me in May when it's 98 and you can have your windows open. :)

The Zweeble has, today: tried to eat the little plastic screw cover he pried off a cabinet (three times); stepped up onto the diaper box to get to a toy on a shelf he couldn't reach, so he had one foot on the box, one foot hanging off it, one hand holding onto the shelf, and one groping for the teddy bear; did the "Daddy" ASL sign; said "Mum-ma," though I'm not sure he knows that's me; eaten a bit of bread off the floor; smiled and giggled at the Valentines his grandmother and great-grandmother sent him, then chewed on them; and watched the clouds blow in from his bedroom window while I gave him a bottle.
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We have Tropical Storm Erin looking to make landfall in Texas, and Tropical Storm Dean making its way toward the Gulf, probably becoming a hurricane tomorrow or Friday.


It doesn't look like Dean will hit us, but you never know.

This is the second time they've used Erin as a storm name. Shortly after we moved here the first time, there was an Erin--I think a hurricane? Very low-level one if it was--and it dropped a lot of rain, to the point where places had to close.

So, yeah, Erin, what's up with the two storms? I think you need to do more yoga or something. :)
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Hanging out with my grandmother and the boyo. Also working on a super seekrit project for someone (I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you. Or maybe just friends-lock the post. Whatever). Finishing my laundry. Changing swing and mobile batteries. Seeing if I can't get the Zweeble to grab the linky-doos.

Monday he grabbed my fingers and stuck them in his mouth. He also chewed on a (clean) sock. This is a big deal, as he couldn't really get things into his own mouth before. It's still *way* hit or miss, but he's getting there. Yesterday, when I said his name he looked at me. I also think he was trying to roll over. Lots of exciting things happening with him, but he's still not sleeping through the night, which would be my *ultimate* thrill. :)

I will say that the one developmental milestone that I will be completely and utterly happy for him to hit will be holding his own head up. Go, neck muscles, go!

All right, off to start the day (which is, as usual lately, gray and rainy this morning).


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