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So I have this to-do list app that I really like a lot.  And it’s part of this whole, like, organizer system that you can buy piecemeal--like, I don’t need the ‘education’ module, but I got the ‘notes’ module and the ‘events’ module and I’ve used the ‘travel’ module for our last few big trips, and it was super-handy for keeping all our hotel and ticket information in one place.

Well, I downloaded their ‘health and goals’ module back in February or March, and I seriously can’t figure out how the hell this is supposed to work.  If I’m trying to track when I’ve done yoga and for how long in the past month, I can only look at it as a graph--line, plot, or bar--and they aren’t listing all the dates, even when I drop it to, say, the last week. Also, the only option for ‘month view’ they give me is the last 30 days, so, like, I can’t specify just “July.”  The list view, which would in theory do this?  Doesn’t.  It looks like it should, but it does not.

I was using this to track exercise, medications, some of the bloodwork results I want to keep an eye on (family history of thyroid disease, the Vitamin D issues, etc), and monthly word count--but if the data is difficult to read and I can’t actually go back and find what I need later, what’s the point of it?

And when I try to search these things on their help site, all I get are articles about task management and how to organize for freelancing.

So, I need a goal tracking app, apparently.

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What the bloody hell did you do, LJ?
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I work in a college library, and today has been non-stop ridiculous:

  • computers up and down--both in the power sense and the internet sense

  • printers down

  • unscheduled professors using our classrooms (which is okay, just chaotic)

  • one student assistant out

  • a roach on the third floor (we're having an ongoing bug battle this rainy season)

  • the usual sorts of mysteries from the InterLibrary Loan system

More of these issues than I'd like required me to crawl around on the floor, and I'm really glad I wore pants and not a skirt today, let me tell you.

And my wrist hurts.
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Between my total inability to deal with Twitter, my migraine pretty much every other time I go on Facebook, the total confusion that is Tumblr conversation, and my learning curve for my just-acquired DropBox account* ...

(shakes cane)

In other news, the beauty and ease of use of my iPhone is making me really want to replace the Nook with the small iPad. Which probably also goes toward proving how damn old I am.

I refuse to get on Pinterest for at least another week. REFUSE.

*I am leaving Google behind ... murky TOS, I like syncing one calendar between Scott and I; really, I just need them for the gmail.
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I'm writing this in the hope that doing so will exorcise the last remnants of my crankiness on this issue.

So, I play Echo Bazaar. And in Echo Bazaar, you choose an ambition and work toward it as you play the game. I chose the one where I'm trying to find a card game that will, if you win, grant you your heart's desire. It's taking forever; the biggest obstacle I had was gathering a bunch of antique coins (you can't buy them; you have to have them given to you). Somehow--long enough ago that I don't remember exactly how--I wound up with more of them than I needed, and whammo! I breezed through a bunch of the steps toward my ambition.

Next obstacle, I needed a patent scrutinizer. Now, I thought this was a person, so I went on my merry way, becoming a spy, romancing the gentry, fighting duels, joining the University, and seeking Knowledge Man Is Not Meant to Know. I lost my soul, got exiled for a while, probably died at least once. I also amassed quite a fortune in stuff I can sell.

Last week, I was browsing the Bazaar--the store area--and found out that a patent scrutinizer is, actually, an object you buy. Color me embarrassed. I buy it, move along two steps. Now I have three options, only one of which is open to me, and requires the deluxe patent scrutinizer.

I sell just about EVERYTHING I OWN, including some of the leftover antique coins, and buy the thing. Go back to my ambition ...


I know, right?!

If you are still reading this, feel free to laugh. It's funny. It's just a game. My desire to throw the computer off the roof is totally overreacting.

That said, I haven't been able to bring myself to play the game since.
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Oh, Orson Scott Card. Really? Really?

I have so many, many thoughts here. The first one being how sad and angry it makes me when the author of a book that made me love science fiction (that'd be Ender's Game) turns out to be a giant, rampaging homophobe (this is not new, but it makes me sad and angry over and over).

Hey, guess what? Gay people aren't evil! And while there are some things I can shrug off and be like, "Oh, well, sometimes people are jerks," this isn't one of those things. Those are actual people you're demonizing, there, Mr. Card, and (let me repeat) they aren't evil.

Then--who said Hamlet needed to be rewritten in general?!* On top of that, it looks like a badly-written, homophobic mash-up of A Thousand Acres and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Which, you know, the whole world has been waiting for ... right.

Really, I'm offended as a person and also as a lit geek.

As for the rest of my thoughts, the review I linked to above pretty much covers it.


*ETA: Not re-imagining, or playing with, or noodling round the edges of--I'm talking about re-writing--fundamentally changing, for example, how a character behaves/speaks/reacts, or how the story ends, or any number of things. From the review, it seems that Card is rewriting large portions of the actual text while also "re-imagining" it. Which is not the same thing that Tom Stoppard or Jane Smiley did, as examples.
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So let's see.

Today I got my wedding attendant's dress. It fits, but may be a bit too big in the bust. (This is not usually an issue for me, how refreshing.) The material is way lighter than I was expecting, which is good in terms of being able to wear it again down here, but will require some undergarments and a sweater, for sure, for the wedding. That said, I could actually use a fancy-schmancy cardigan/wrap sort of thing ... well, I could use an excuse to buy one, anyway. :)

I definitely want to wash and press it before trying it on again, as it's a little stiff right now and could use a good ironing (it's not wrinkled, but the pleats aren't crisp at all). And I need to find out what sort of stairs we're looking at for this loft I'm hearing about, because the black heels I have look cute with the dress, but their four-inch heels are not going to work if I have to climb stairs. (That's me personally; I'm sure other people can climb stairs in four-inch heels.)

Today I also got a phone call from someone apparently pretending to be from a shady collection agency. That's right, some scam artist was trying to snooker my by pretending to be part of a collection agency that's being sued for bad practices. Lovely. Way to go there, buddy. You're living the dream.

The Zweeble spent the day in and out of a giant bucket. It's a container we got to put his toy cars and trucks in, and it's really big. He put the toys in a clothes basket and played in the bucket all day.

Yesterday was his annual checkup, and he is healthy. He's 40lbs and 42 inches tall, which makes him only two feet shorter than I am. He also got three shots and was completely outraged at the injustice of it all. I tried to explain why we get shots, using the example of when I was in second grade and had the chicken pox (you know what makes me feel really old? The chicken pox vaccine), but all that resulted in was his telling me that once upon a time, he had rhinoceros pox.

And now I have to go and clean up while the Zweeble gets a bath. But I will leave you with three ZQOtMonth:

At the grocery store; Scott has just picked him up and put him in the cart because he ran away from us:


Scott has been playing a video game. Z climbs up into Scott's spot on the couch and grabs the controller.:

Scott: Hey, are you hijacking my game?

Z: I don't know what hijacking is. I just want to play it for a little while.

At the playground, explaining the pretend dinosaur bones on the jungle gym to a little girl:

"This is the Tyrannosaurus rex. He was the biggest living thing ever. He roamed the earth ... in a *day.* Now he is made into plastic."
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The Zweeble is now set up for pre-K, and thus my thoughts turn to 2012, when he'll be starting just plain old k. (That is, unless Judgment Day goes down tonight or the Mayan calendar kills us all next May.)

In our little corner of the world, the way it works is that the county is divided into sections. Those sections are divided into sub-sections. Now, I'm not sure what good the sub-sections do, because--okay, parents research and decide what schools in their section they would like their kid to attend. Then, during the sign-up period, they give the list of their top three (ranked by preference) to the proper authorities, and then the lists are assigned a random number and then they're assigned to schools using some sort of arcane system that I only half-understood, but that involves whether or not the kid has a sibling in the school already and how close you live to it.

This is supposed to replace the whole "school assignment based on street address" method they used to use, but since location factors in, I'm not sure how that works.

(I'm not being sarcastic--I really don't quite get what's going on there. Of course, trying to read it while a squirmy kid is asking you to please watch Ben 10, this is a good part, is not conducive to comprehension.)

Anyway, there are also all these things to consider--the system we have down here of grading schools, the whole IB thing that I don't know a whole lot about (what happened to AP? And, wait, IB elementary school?), a whole plethora of other stuff I just glanced at. Plus there's the fact the web sites are all sort of cluttered and eye-bleedingly bright, and I ended this whole preliminary investigation with a headache.

(I'm wondering if you can do elementary school tours.)

In the end, I think it would be simpler to just send him to college next year ...


Mar. 18th, 2011 12:26 am
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Dear Apple:

Hey, remember back in the day when part of the draw for your stuff was that it Just Worked? Yeah, me too. That was cool while it lasted, wasn't it?

What? Me? Oh, I'm just looking at Eudora, since Mail seems to not want to remember my email password and wants to re-download 1174 gmail messages, whether they've been deleted or not, every hour or so. (Yeah, that last one could be a gmail thing, but I'm more in a mood to blame you than I am Google right now.) No, I don't know if I'm going to download it or not yet ... I'm going to have to see how annoying your little Mail glitch--which has apparently been an issue since 2007--is before I decide. Though there's a certain hilarity to returning to Eudora after 11 or 12 years that I'm finding hard to resist ...

Oh, hush, iPhoto is still pretty cool, and even though Scrivener has a Windows version now, you're still prettier. I just think the bloom is off the rose, Apple. It's sad but true.

No love, just tolerance,

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I finally got some bras that fit.

As advised by Tiffany, I measured and used a bunch of different calculators. Of course, then I got completely confused because they were all telling me different things, but I found a website that explained sister sizing and it all made sense again.

The Women's Fashion Industry: Making You Feel Stupid (And Probably Fat) for 1,000 Years!

So the Zweeble and I went to Target. There's a side story here about his anguish that one of his Bakugon is broken, but like I want to go near that morass of pain again ... long story short, he wanted something and has been behaving at home and school, I needed something, so off we went.

I informed him that I was willing to get him his toy first, but he had to agree to be patient and not repeat "I wanna go home" over and over while I got what I was looking for. He agreed that that sounded like a deal. I prepared to hold that over his head all day.

Well, let me tell you, my son not only behaved, he actually attempted to help me pick out bras. (He also seemed to enjoy saying the word "bras" over and over, loudly.) And he chose some nice ones--seriously, they were cute--but I'm not in the market for a purple lace thing that looks like half a corset, nor do I need a red bra. I was sorely tempted by the polka dots, though.

He was even helpful in the dressing room. I've found that, much like my dad's German shepherd back in the day, the Zweeble is happiest when he has a job. So he became Guardian of the Dressing Room Number Card Thing, and he volunteered to keep the clothes hangers organized. When we approached the dressing room lady (which we did, repeatedly), he would tell her what number we needed ("We need another three. We need a four."), and then he'd run the number back to her when we emerged. She found him adorable.

He and I started running out of patience for this trying-on thing at the same time (I only got two rounds of "I want to go home," but they were phrased politely and not repeated), and luckily by then I had a handle on what size I needed and had found a decent bra.

And because he was so good, he got M&Ms. Because, seriously, this was super awesome good in a boring-ass situation. Chocolate was required.

In related news, the Superfluous Bag is actually in between the other two bags I use, but it's still a little big for every day. But whatever--it's nice and I like it and the strap is short enough that it doesn't get in my way when I am hauling the kid around. I wish it had a cell phone pocket, but that's about its only flaw.

And the iPod speakers in the kitchen are teh awesome. Best thing I've bought in ages, seriously. They have helped me enforce the family dinner at the table ("You can listen to Dr. Seuss, now sit") long enough that it's more of a habit and they're not required, they have kept my sanity intact as Z. plays on the computer and the game repeats itself over and over and over, and now the clock on the stove is accurate because we can set it by the clock radio.

So, yes. Solid purchases, all. Hoorah.
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So I got some Christmas money, and, silly me, I thought maybe I could find some clothes and some bras.


I found a sweater, a pair of shorts, and a skirt.

I returned a number of items after a giant check-out snafu at Old Navy, with the thought that I didn't like the stuff all that much, anyway, so why would I want to jump through fifteen hoops to keep it?

And I am reasonably sure that when I was measured at Victoria's Secret, I was measured incorrectly ... cut for discussion of bras ) So I returned what I could and waited a couple of days for my refund to hit my gift card.

I have no desire to shop for more clothes. I hate shopping. I think I'm going to ask for clothes money and a shopping companion for my birthday, which is probably enough time to make me forget how much I hate looking at stuff and trying it on and heading back for more. Because I do need clothes, but right now I don't care.

So that left me with money. And a bad attitude. :) Which is how I would up with a bag I really don't need, and an iPod speakers/dock/clock radio for the kitchen.

I really don't need the bag; I have the Girl Adventurer Bag and a bigger tote bag thing that I bought at Target for travel that works really well when I have to carry more stuff. I mean, I can rationalize it as the G.A.B. is a trifle too small, and the Target tote is kind of too big, for my every day needs, but that is totally ruined by the fact that I have no idea if this new bag will fall somewhere in the middle like it would need to in order for the rationalizing to work.

So, yeah, screw it: I bought a bag I don't need! AND I'M PROUD! (WELL, I'M NOT ASHAMED, ANYWAY!)

I did seriously think about the iPod speakers, though. But there are times when Z. is playing on the computer while I clean the kitchen or the living room, and music would be nice. Since our music is pretty much computer-based, now, when Z. is hogging the computer I tend to be out of luck. Being able to listen to some NPR would also be nice, because I am becoming one of those public radio hippies. And then there's this whole audiobook thing I've been hearing the kids talking about ...

I also asked Scott, and he agreed it would be a nice thing to have. He'd use it.

So I got one today--some Memorex alarm clock thing--set it up, and we spent dinner time listening to music. The sound is actually quite nice for a clock radio, and I realized that for the first time I can listen to my David Tennant Much Ado About Nothing without static! Woo-hoo!

And thus, Laura does her part to shore up the American economy. Yay. Now if I could get my head into a reading space again, we'd be set.
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I got caught up on things tonight by sacrificing sleep. As per usual.

Tomorrow the Dish dude comes out to install our new DVR. Here is how I am made of win: when Scott called to authorize the upgrade, the woman on the other end of the phone told him the labor cost would be $95 because we didn't have a warranty. When I had called to set up the upgrade, I was told the install fee would be $15. I double-checked, even.

So I'm on my way to my therapy appointment and Scott calls and tells me this, and after a long day with a demonic child ... well, I was ticked.

But I was ticked, running early, and had my Blackberry.

I pulled into a convenient parking lot, got the email from my husband with the numbers I needed, and called the dish people to ask why, exactly, I was quoted $15 and he was quoted $95? And when I was told that we didn't have the service agreement, I said, "So because six years ago when I became your customer, I was not told I would need a service agreement for upgrades, I have to pay $95 in order for someone to switch out my box?" Because, seriously, it's not like they're installing the dish on the roof. It's there already, we're just getting more stuff off it. "I would like to speak to a supervisor."

So now I was on hold, telling myself to be polite, and expecting nothing more than to lodge a really articulate complaint and hie my ass to DirecTV as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The young lady came back on the line and proceeded to tell me that, after looking at our file and seeing that we've been customers for six years with excellent payment history, and explaining all this to her supervisor, they were going to waive $80 of the installation fee so that we'd get it done for $15.

I thanked her, got her name again, and told her bluntly that she'd managed to keep me as their customer.

Because, really, folks, you don't want me to start thinking the math through, here, and adding up the cost of DVDs, Netflix, and faster internet for streaming TV off the web. Because I think that option may be cheaper, but I am lazy. You want to keep me lazy.

So, yeah, look at me with the channeling of my aggravation into productive outcomes. Now we'll see what my bill looks like in two weeks--I may need the Zweeble to be the uber-toddler again.
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Right this second, I hate everything. (No, you're not on the list, I said "thing" not "one" or "body.")

I don't think 2009 really fell apart for me until around April, so maybe 2010 will shape the hell up around then.
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Today I have:

1. let the Zweeble play in the kitchen sink (literally, he was in it) and mopped up the resulting mess

2. ordered Scott's Xmas gift, for my grandmother (she needed me to order it so we could get the discount)

3. found out, with Z's help, where all the bloody ghost ants have been coming from: they'd made a nest in the plastic covering for a Pokemon DS game. Mostly the nest was between the plastic box part and the plastic sheet holding the cover, which made for some very disturbing crunching as I took the box out of the cabinet next to the couch.

Usually, finding the nest means the end of the bugs for a while. But I'm going to get some ant bait and childproofing locks, just in case.

(You live in Florida, you get bugs. We had bugs even when were had a contract with Truly Nolen. There's no serious winter here to kill them off, just dry spells and rainy spells that send them inside. Spider season seems to be over, now it's ghost ant season.)

I'm all itchy now.

4. gotten a phone call from Scott, saying that the next time I order his Xmas gift on line, I might want to either tell him to not check our shared e-mail for a while, or use a different e-mail address. You know, like the gmail account I got specifically for this sort of thing.

[insert long, oedipal version of my favorite bad word]

On the plus side, he found this hilarious and this is the gift of which he said, "Someone's getting me X, right?" (I say X because it ought to be a surprise for somebody, yes?) So really, the story to go along with it is the real gift. That's right, [ profile] dealio, I did it on purpose to make your Chirstmas bright. Because I love you. Yup, I was an airhead for love.

a mom-rant

Nov. 23rd, 2009 12:10 pm
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The Zweeble has fallen in love with my DS. But he's 2 and not very gentle, and today we got into it over the fact that he can't just mess with it, I have to help him with it. It wasn't pretty. Time out was involved.

Anyway, we're recovering from time out, and I start wondering about a little hand-held he could have for himself. I'm not planning anything, as he's already got a boatload of toys and stuff coming for Christmas, and getting him his own kiddie laptop wasn't a giant success in keeping him away from mine, but I was turning the idea over. Thus, I went looking.

And, seriously, what is it with everything like that for toddlers/preschoolers being "educational"? I have serious doubts as to how much that sort of thing actually teaches a kid, to begin with, and then ... what, the kid can't just have fun and run a car around a track or play with a pretend dog? Apparently not--until they're seven or eight, anyway.

It's kind of like how almost every kids' show for that age group is about solving problems. Handy Manny, Imagination Movers, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse--if it's on Disney, it's a problem solving show. (PBS has that, too, to a certain extent, but I have to say that Curious George hides it a lot better.) What about just a story, rather than this connect-the-dots plot thing?

Because you learn from stories, you know. You can even learn while having fun. But you learn better when you get to just have some fun, when your entire life isn't based around work or structure or stressing out over solving a freaking problem.

(I may be the only parent on the planet trying to find a video game player with no redeeming educational value whatsoever.)
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It's one of those days when I start considering learning to make meat pies.
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Multitasking is not a good idea.

Because when I pick up the phone and say "Hello?" I do expect you to take a minute, and probably another "Hello" from me before you respond. I find it annoying, but then, I find telephone solicitors annoying, and this is one of the reasons why.

I do not, however, expect to hear you say, "Thanks, 'bye," to someone else, followed by scrabbling noises and, in response to my third, now very annoyed, "Hello," to be told "Hang on."

I'm sorry, hang on? You called me, you dumbass, and I don't know who you are! If my husband called, he could do that sort of thing--he's my husband, I know him, he gets some slack. You aren't anyone I actually want to talk to, you get no slack!

So I said, "No, I won't, you called me, and I don't know you," and I hung up.

(You're asking why I picked up in the first place, aren't you? It's because the last one of these was from Newt Gingrich's people, and I take an absurd amount of joy from telling them I'm a Democrat.)
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Just open a few windows, et voila!

The Drama Button.**

The Sad Trombone

Instant Rimshot

**also handy for re-enacting the tag from the time travel episode of Phineas and Ferb, [ profile] dealio ... "Dinosaurs--duh dah duh! Dinosaurs--duh dah duh!"
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My day thus far:

1. Swim class with the boys, then the beach. Holy cats, this town actually has a beach! Okay, it's only as long as my driveway, but it's sandy and there's water. And half the population was there this morning. Yeesh.

2. The ritual juice-and-meat male bonding. I was told, by my two-year-old son, to stay in the car while the men got the meat and juice. Zweeble ate a whole beef stick himself (quit snickering, Jason). Also squirted himself in the face with his grape juice, so he looked like he had purple chicken pox.

3. Home to shower and get myself together to take my car in for a brake check. I figured I'd take my grading and wait. Go to print out the grade sheets I made up (so I can keep track of percentages and stuff), and the paper keeps getting drawn into the machine crooked, then the printer says something is jammed.

After lots of swearing, a lint-free cloth, the instruction manual, two sets of roller cleanings, and lots of wrinkled paper, I find the problem.

Remember those fuzzy worm things with the googly eyes? They have a long bit of clear plastic thread attached to their noses, and then you hold the thing and twitch the thread and it looks like it's moving by itself? Scott got one for the Zweeble. The Zweeble thought the worm was evil and wanted it AWAY, NOW. Mommy put it in the office, on the printer.

Well, today I found it in the printer.

A pair of tweezers, a pair of pliers, and three or four fervent prayers later, the printer is fixed and working fine. Canon Pixma MP610 all-in-one, bay-bee. Survives even fuzzy worms.

I, however, am not going to the dealership today.

4. I made myself a microwave Lo Mein thing that's been in the cabinet forever--the pantry is starting to get a little bare. Two bites in, I realize that not only does it look like Klingon food**, it also tastes like Klingon food.

I take it out and pass Scott. "Cheerios it is, then!" I say, toasting him with the carton of blech.

"That bad, huh?"

"Oh, it's nasty."

"Let me try a bite!"

(This, as many of you know, is really a cornerstone of our relationship.)

He takes a bite, chews, and his facial expression goes from an eager "Let's try the pure evil, it's an adventure!" to a slightly disappointed "That's not so bad" to a slow dawning "Wait, wait ... that is bad. Really bad. Nasty and evil bad." He swallows, and then looks both disgusted and satisfied at the same time. A sight to behold, I assure you.

We both had Cheerios for lunch.

Now I have to clean up the office and get to work. Hopefully things will be uneventful from here, but one never knows.

**Lo mein in general doesn't look Klingon, just this stuff.
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The entire family chipped in to get the Zweeb a play set for the yard with swings, slide, climbing wall, steering wheel--just about everything he loves at the playground in the back yard.

Installation started yesterday and continues today. It looks good so far. I did not realize I would lose two days to this thing, though, and I actually need to go out and take care of some things for work tomorrow, so I'm hoping the guy can finish, like, now.

I have a new toy--everyone chipped in and got me a Blackberry for Christmas. Not a touch-screen, sadly--I am on the wrong cell plan for that--but a Curve. I think it's probably way more device than I need, but it has a really nice calendar feature on it, it's got the qwerty keyboard, and it syncs with the iBook. And I can get e-mail on it. Last night I had to put it down and make Scott swear he wouldn't let me touch it unless it rang, because I was feeling the obsession coming on.

The things that are bugging me? I can't make it ring more than once for a call, so I keep missing calls. I can't find things. Help is either super helpful or vague to the point of insanity.

But I'll adjust, or I'll figure it out. Now I am organized and said organization takes up less space. Speaking of which, I got a new bag for work--I got very tired of trying to jam everything into my old work bag and having it barely fit--and now I have too much space. I have to remind myself that at the end of term, when I'm lugging portfolios and text books and would really like to have my laptop with me, it will be awesome.

Oooh, the swings are up! And the slide! Only the rock wall, steering wheel, and roof left!


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